zoot suitsThe style of suits that we have now have been the norm since the origin of the suits. Though there have been small changes in the suits the original structure has remained the same. But there have been instances in history where the extreme variations of the suits did happen. We are talking about the Zoot suits and significance of this new style in the records of history. If you are a person who likes to try out new styles then you might be interested in the Zoot suits and their story. In this article we discuss the mens zoot suits and everything you need to know about the style.

The Zoot suits are not simply a variation of the suit design that came and went during these years. It has an interesting history which represents a story that is of collosal importance. zoot suits are proofs that a simple fashion can represent a bigger idea and how it can move people. The mens Zoot suits are still considered to be the symbol of radical ideas. As for the original story of the Zoot suits it all started during the 1940s and the 50s. The Mexican American youths of that time loved this flamboyant style and used it to fight against the discrimination due to racism and also for the rights. Soon the Zoot suits became a symbol of defiance and soon people who wore the style came to be seen as un-American.

zoot suits Also during the duration of the second world war there were many youth riots and this did not stop even the government banned these suits. The Zoot suits became greatly popular at that time and when the ban came into effect many youths showed their defiance by getting two or three suits and then altering them to get the zoot suit style. If you are hearing about this Zoot suit for the first time and have no idea of what it means then we are here to explain.

The Zoot suits were oversized than the usual suits and they consisted of long jackets that came with wide shoulders and broad lapels. This zoot suit jacket was paired with baggy pants that pegged at the ends of the foot. These pants were worn at the high waist and were held at place with the suspenders. The Zoot suit was often accessorized with the fedora hats or the pork pie hats. The Zoot suiters also paired with it long watch chain and also shoes that consisted of thick soles.

zoot suits The zoot suit costume also became famous with the Afro-American musicians. The youths who wore the Zoot suits went on dates with their dates frequenting the flared skirts and long coats. The zoot suits soon were noticed by the music and film industry with many of the celebrities trying out the style. There are many music videos which came out at that time which showcased the main characters wearing the Zoot suits. The ban of the Zoot suits made the style to disappear and now the original Zoot suits are hard to obtain.

There are many styles in the Zoot suits and you can try out any style. Obviously you cannot style the Zoot suits as your workwear or to any of the formal events but you can definitely rock the style for the costume events or for Halloween. If you are looking for a different style that would attract much appreciation then zoot suits mens should be your pick. For an authentic look it would be best if you consider all the details like the fit and the accessories that go with the costume before going with the particular style.

It might be hard to obtain the zoot suit styles in the market but there are many online sites that offer the authentic look of the Zoot suits. You can go through the many styles in the zoot suits online and then make your pick. But if you prefer offline shopping then you can choose to go with the zoot suits near me option. If you are looking for a simple style to start with then you should look for the ones in the dark colors. This would not attract too much attention and thus would not make you self conscious while wearing the style.

zoot suits When you need a classic and elegant style then you can choose to go with the 3 piece suit style. For this you can go with a black zoot suit and then pair it with white dress shirt and black single breasted vest. You can complete the ensemble by adding with the zoot suit outfit a pair of black leather Oxford shoes. Add with the outfit a long watch chain which you can attach to the belt buckle and then in the pant loops. These long chains usually reach below the knees of the wearer and thus you will have to go with really long chains.

Other than black suits you can also go with other block colors like navy Zoot suits and charcoal grey Zoot suits whichever suits you the best. But if you are comfortable with the style and the would not mind some curious glances thrown towards your outfit then you can try going with the light colored or bright colored Zoot suits. For example if you want a cool and elegant style you can go with the full white Zoot suits or the cream zoot suits complete with a white wool hat and white shoes. Other than this you can also style the Zoot suits as separates. For example you can choose to style the white zoot suit vintage with a white dress shirt, tan tie and a pair of black zoot suit pants. You can even add a zoot suit vest when you need a formal style. If you are bored with the plain Zoot suits and would like to try a new style then you can go with zoot suit patterns like the pinstripe zoot suits.