windowpane suitsThere are few styles in menswear that seem to go out of style only to make a dashing comeback. Windowpane suits are one such style that comes back again and again gathering a lot of fans regardless of the age. In recent times the windowpane suits are becoming a major fashion sensation and they are even widely used as separates. The windowpane suit offers you with a stylish look that also borders on the formality of the suit making it a great choice for sartorially elite men. In this article we discuss the windowpane suits and why you should have one in your wardrobe.

While there are a lot of patterns in menswear like pinstripes and plaids men mostly tend to stick with the solid styles. This might be because of the fact that they consider the patterns to be a complication which makes the suit hard to style. Also most of the patterns tend to attract a lot of attention and thus would be an unfavorable choice for the subtle dressers. But with the windowpane suits offering you with a subtle choice it may be a good choice for all types of dressers.

windowpane suitsThe windowpane suits are a versatile style since the pattern in itself is a flattering one. The name of the windowpane suits is got from the actual window panes that were used in the old times since the pattern resemble it to a great degree. The windowpane suit consists of slim lines that criss cross each other by intersecting. This creates the look of the old window panes and thus the name. The intersecting pinstripes on these windowpane suits are not like actual squares but come as elongated rectangles. This creates a nice visual effect for the viewer thus making him look more sophisticated.

Other than the aesthetic look of the windowpane suits there is also a practical reasons for the men preferring the pattern. As mentioned before the windowpane suits come with elongated rectangles which create a slimming effect for the wearer. The elongated rectangles of the suits will make the wearer look tall and slim and thus would help a great deal if you are a bulky person. On the contrary if you are a lean person then you can go with the windowpane suits that come with squares which can beef you up for a certain limit. Thus if you are a tall and lean guy you can swap your pinstripe suit with the windowpane suit since the horizontal lines in the suit will aid you with a slightly bulked up look.

windowpane suitsThe styling of the windowpane suits is also an easy job and thus it would become a great choice for the men who find it difficult to put together an ensemble every day. You can pair the classic windowpane suit with a formal dress shirt and a standard colored tie and you would be resulted with a stunning piece of outfit. The windowpane suits while being a simple choice will give the wearer an elegant look that you can style to events where you want to look dressed up.

As for styling the windowpane suits there are many ways in which you can easily coordinate an outfit. You will not have to think much since there are some techniques in which you can easily style the outfit. For a formal look that includes the tie you can choose the color of tie in the same color family of the color of the boxes on the windowpane suits. As for the color of the dress shirt you can choose to style it in the color of the lines in the windowpane suits. For example when you wear a navy windowpane suit that comes with white lines then you can choose to pair it with a white dress shirt which complements the lines and a blue polka dot tie which created a nice contrast with the white dress shirt.

windowpane suitsThere are a lot of styles in the windowpane suits and you can select the one that would suit you the best. When you need a formal look that is also to a degree subtle then you can choose to go with windowpane suits that come with dark colored intersecting lines. For example a blue suit with navy intersecting lines will not show much and would look like a solid suit when seen from a distance. These windowpane suits are the best to wear to your office use or other such formal use.

On the contrary when you don’t mind wearing a bold suit then we would recommend you to go with the windowpane suits that have the pattern apparent on them even when seen from a distance. For example a charcoal grey suit with white intersecting lines is going to be a bold look and you can style this suit for the semi formal and the casual events.

Most of the time the windowpane suits are bold patterned suits and thus you will have to note some points when you opt for styling the garment. It is a good choice if you let the windowpane suit to be the main piece of your ensemble and choose the combining garments in a way so that it complements the windowpane suit.

windowpane suitsAs for the selection of the shirt to pair with the windowpane suit it is best to go with the white shirt when you need a standard look. Other than this it is recommended for you to choose the bright or light colored shirt which will highlight the windowpane look of the suit. For a formal look you can choose the white dress shirt or the pastel ones like the light blue dress shirt or the pale pink dress shirt and these choice will emphasize the look of the suit. But when you need to create a stronger effect then we would recommend you to choose brighter colored shirts like the green dress shirts or the red dress shirts.

Other than these solid dress shirt choices you can also go with the printed dress shirts when you want a quirky look. But when you are matching the patterned suit with the patterned combining garments you should make sure that the two garments do not clash with each other since it will create an undesirable look. For a formal look go with the small prints on the shirts like the polka dot dress shirt or the Paisley dress shirt but when you need a casual look then you can go with the larger patterns like the plaid shirt or checkered shirt. The color of the printed shirt that you choose should match or complement the color of your windowpane suit. For example if you are going with the forest green suit then you can style it with the light green print shirt and if you are going with the black and white windowpane suit then you can style it with the black and white print shirt.

windowpane suitsThe full windowpane suit is a bold look since the trousers with the matching jacket offers you with a eye catching look. It is best to reserve this full windowpane suit look for the formal affairs and in other occasions where you want to look dressed up. The 3 piece suit is a great look for the groom attire since it will make the man stand out among the crowd on his special day. Then vested windowpane suit look demands more attention and is a great choice when you need an unique look.

But if you consider the full windowpane suit look to be overwhelming then you can choose to use the suit as separates. The windowpane suit jacket is one of the most versatile garments that you can have in your wardrobe. The broken suit look will reduce the intensity of the look to a great deal and thus in turn will give you a relatively subtle garment. When you want to style the windowpane suit jacket to your office then you can style it with dark colored pants and shirt since it will tone down the look of the pattern. The bold fashion of the windowpane suit can turn eyes and if you want to avoid this in your office then you should pair it with dark and solid dress shirts which will give your outfit a more formal vibe. For example you can style the Navy blue windowpane suit with a navy dress shirt and black dress pants. You can complete the look with a pair of formal dress shoes like the black leather oxford shoes. If you for with the dark brown windowpane suit jacket then you can pair it with a white dress shirt and dark brown dress pants. This type of subdued ensemble can also be a good choice for the formal events or the ones that you will have to attend right after you finish the office hours. As for the tie to pair with this outfit it is best to avoid printed or bold colored ones when you need a subtle look. Go with a standard colored solid tie that will complement the windowpane suit you are pairing it with. For example when you go with a dark green windowpane suit you can pair it with a white dress shirt and dark green or brown tie.

windowpane suitsAs for casual styling of the windowpane suit you will have many more choices than the formal ones since the windowpane suits normally offer you with a dressy look. For a subtle yet sophisticated look you can lose the jacket and instead go with the vest and trousers look of the windowpane suit. When you go with the black suit look you can style the black windowpane suit vest with a white dress shirt and a red solid tie. You can go with the windowpane dress pants or a solid dress pants style. The windowpane vest look will give you the option of trying out the patterned suit look without stepping out too much off the boundary.

Other than this you can also style the windowpane suit jacket with jeans or loose chinos. It is best to avoid too casual ones like the ripped jeans and go with the classic options. The color of the jeans should match the color of the windowpane suit jacket. For example if you for with the powder blue windowpane suit jacket then you can pair it with light blue jeans.

The fabric from which the windowpane suit is made also affects a great deal the look of the suit and also the comfort that it offers. Wool suits are the ones that are most preferred when you need a formal look that you can wear to the office or other formal events. For special occasions you can go with the tweed suits. But if you want a summer wear then it would be best to choose the lightweight styles like the cotton suits or linen suits. The linen windowpane suits will wrinkle easily but will give you a lived in look and thus are most recommended for casual use. While for casual use you can try out the brighter and lighter colors of the Windowpane suits like the white suits or the tan windowpane suits. When you want a cheaper style then you can try out the synthetic ones like the polyester windowpane suits and the rayon windowpane suits.

The fit of the bold windowpane suits are another important thing to note. Slim fit suits are the best choice when you need a formal and fitting look. You can go with the double breasted windowpane suits when you need a sophisticated look. The classic fit suits and the modern fit suits are the ones that are recommended when you need a more comfortable fit when compared with the slim fit and skinny fit suits.