wide legged pants slacksWe all love our skinny jeans but studies have proven that the repeated use of these can change the way we walk and cause pressure at the joints. For a long time we have been rocking the skinny jeans and the slim fit trousers and now is the time to shake things up a little. In recent times wide legged pants are considered to be one of the rising fashion. It has been repeatedly making an appearance in the runways and the fashion designers have been trying to introduce this style in the mainstream. In this article we discuss wide legged pants slacks and some of the best ways in which you can style the garment.

Wide legged pants slacks might seem like a new style given that we have been sticking with the skinny and slim pants for quite a long time but in reality the idea has been in menswear since the 1920s. At that time the university students took the fashion to a new level by frequenting pants that had hems of upto 40 inches. Other than this some of the famous personalities like Frank Sinatra and David Bowie also lover the wide legged pants slacks style. At that time too wide legged pants were considered to be a fashion statement. After some time wide legged pants went out of style but fashion being cyclical it has come again and this time strong. High end fashion labels and designers have been promoting the wide legged pants fashion and with the consciousness towards the health on the rise it is not long before that wide legged pants are going to occupy a major space in our wardrobes.

Now if you are a person who is ready to try out the style then there are a few things that we would like you to note. Wide legged slacks are super comfortable and make you wear the garment throughout the day without feeling the constant need to peel it off your skin. They also can be used for both formal and casual styles. So what makes the men hesitate to leave out their skinny pants and go with the wide legged ones? It is mainly because of the fact that we are used to the skinny style and most do not have an idea on how to style the wide legged pants. And we are here to help you on this aspect thus providing with best possible ways to style the wide legged pants slacks.

If you are starting out with the wide legged slacks then it would be best for you to start with casual styling. This way you would not feel self conscious about the style the whole time especially for persons who are used to the skinny pants style. Go for a mensregularfitpants since they give out a relaxed look and also are easier to style with the casual garments. For starters it would be best to stick with the classic block colors like black, navy or grey.

wide legged pants slacksYou can easily style this wide legged slacks with a well fitting crew neck t-shirt for the look to work. Most of these casual wide legged pants come with pleats and higher waist. If you want to highlight these features of your wide legged pants then you should tuck in the t-shirt or the shirt you wear with it. You can complete the look by adding with it a pair of white canvas low top sneakers.

If you have become comfortable with the wide legged pants slacks style and want to take the styling game a notch higher then you can go with the smart casual styling of the garment. Most of the events and the organisations that had strict dress codes have now relaxed the style and thus you can easily incorporate the mens wide legged pants in your smart casual outfit. For a simple yet confident style you can choose to go with the 2 piece wide slacks mens outfit. For this you can style the wide legged pants with a tonal shirt, a standard colored blazer, and a tie. You can complete this outfit by adding with the outfit a pair of black leather loafers.

For an awesomewinter outfit you can choose to style the 2 button suit with a turtleneck and a pair of wide legged slacks pants. You can enhance the outfit by adding with it a pair of leather loafers and an overcoat. For a more formal looking outfit you can choose to style the single pleated wide pants with deconstructed blazer, a crisp shirt and a pair of well polished formal shoes. While going with this type of wide legged pants outfits it would be better to choose the shorter ones rather than the ones that puddle. You can style these short mens sharkskin wide slacks with a slim fit shirt and a casual blazer.

Most of the time the wide legged pants slacks are recommended for the casual and smart casual use. But when you want to make it work for the formal garments then you can try out the 3 piece suit outfit. The extra garment makes the look more sophisticated when compared to the usual 2 piece suits look.

Other than this if you are feeling bored with the usual styles and want to try something new with the wide legged pants slacks then you can try patterned ones or the fashion wide legged pants slacks. For example pinstripe wide slacks paired with appropriate combining garments can work even for the formal events. But if you want a more casual and fun look then you can try going with the mens Zoot pinstripe suit or the mensGangster slacks. Though these might not work for regular events you can try styling them for fun ones like Halloween and costume events.Mens Zoot slacks have a balloon type style that cuffs the wide legs of the pants at the end and this was a famous style in the mid 1900s