velvet suitsVelvet is such a wonderful shinny fabric that only looks classy if it is of good quality. Sticking to a pure velvet dress gives you a pretty much perfect outlook. When compared to velvet made from synthetic fabrics like polyester and nylon, the natural fabric enriches your look even more. Moreover, the fabric velvet is chosen usually for special occasions. Introducing a piece of velvet adds a glam touch to any outfit. The fabric velvet also works very well with classic wardrobe staples. There are several ways to style your velvet wardrobe. But if you are unfamiliar with velvet suits, then it is best to pair them with non-trendy, classic pieces like opaque tights, denim, and basic cotton dress shirts. Just try out these pieces together if you are hesitant. While the classic black velvet suit mens outfits are always a safe bet. They will play their role perfectly at all places. There are tons of velvet pieces available in beautiful jewel tones like emerald green and royal blue. These tones can make such a stylish impact on all skin types. Since the fabric velvet is visually heavy, so trying it with more delicate fabrics makes a balanced look. The pairing of a velvet blazer suit with a stylish belt would be appropriate for class or an outing. Teaming the mens velvet blazer suit with a clean, crisp white shirt and some classic black jeans really rock the event. To add a pop of height to your look, choose a pair of black shoes. For stylish mens, wearing real velvet suits, woven from silk or cotton, is the only right choice. Velvet is a luxurious fabric, everyone can have a royal look in this velvet suits outfit. Velvet suits look best when you choose one smart and perfect, tailored suit to wear with contrasting fabrics. Go with a velvet suit jacket, or a matching jacket and waistcoat, to complement your formal dress pants.

velvet suitsAll less formal events go well with a leather suit. But this velvet suit jacket makes a great alternative to a leather jacket. The mens velvet blazer suit plays a melodic rock performance without adding any metal or unnecessary accessories. For a dressed down look, you can wear the mens velvet suit jacket with a plain t-shirt, simple silk scarf, dark trousers, and a pair of Chelsea boots. Velvet suits also work well at casual events. Teaming the boy's velvet suit and a denim dress shirt gives you a shabby chic outfit every time. For a more formal look, team the business suit with a roll-neck sweater for a jazzy, shirtless look. Wearing velvet trousers has some general rules. Choose a slim and straight-leg cut for velvet trousers for a superb look. Opting for skinny-fit boys' velvet suit trousers gives you too glam rock. For a stylish look, avoid wearing oversized pants or velvet suits. The velvet trousers should be slim fit to attain awesome apparel. Whenever wearing the mens velvet suit go with a modern fit or slim fit for a slim look, but not as tight as skinny jeans. When it comes to color choice, stick to the black plain velvet suit; this will always give the classic look, but it is also worth considering other colors too. Opting for a dark and plain velvet sit coat is the best choice ever. Shades like purple, navy blue, or even bottle green suits in velvet give you a bright and rich look. If you are not ready to wear a velvet jacket or trousers, then it is fine to consider some velvet accessories instead. Adding a stylish velvet bow tie or pocket square to the mix is a great way to attain smart apparel. For an outdoor look, consider wearing a velvet suit coat that helps to elevates your look to something very special.

velvet suitsThe velvet with black is such a popular style and that adds a suave touch of elegance to your outline. Mens suit coat with a black collar is chosen for a classic look. Sticking to a velvet collar coat is also the finest choice for a fashion look. Adding a velvet bow tie to the mix might have been part of the fashion. You can also lapels on your suits for a successful standard look. The velvet printed suit with lapels works well on formal occasions. If you are dress up for any black tie events, you can wear a velvet suit coat with a velvet bow tie. Adding a pocket square to the existing look also works well. Wearing a tie and pocket square adds a little bit of elegance to your style which could set you apart from everyone else. Teaming the mens plain black crushed velvet suit is good to see at an evening event, it will give your look a very sophisticated lift. Round off this look with a pair of velvet loafers or slippers. Opting for a pair of velvet shoes or loafers can be combined with anything from casual faded jeans to a formal double-breasted suit. Sticking to a 2 piece velvet suit gives you a fabulous catchy style whether it is a formal, casual, or less formal event. Wearing a pair of velvet shoes with a velvet jacket or trousers might look louche in the most appealing sort of way. Before paying for your velvet suits, just make sure they are made from cotton or silk. Just avoid choosing synthetic velvets that use polyester or nylon which feels hot when worn in the summer. Dress up the mens silk suit with a crisp dress shirt or a roll-neck sweater to achieve a distinguished look. For a casual look, team it with a denim shirt and Chelsea boots. If you wish to wear full velvet, choose the mens velvet suits with straight cut trousers are best. To add a luxe feel to your look, add velvet accessories if you are not okay with a full velvet suit jacket. To keep your look elegant, avoid folding it and avoid getting it wet.