We all know that collectively as men two button suits is preferred more than the one button suit or the three button suits. Every showroom you visit has the two button suits on the front row and it is easier to get them. So what makes the two button suits better than the other styles? The visual effect is more appealing and it suits most men regardless of the body type. Unless you are too tall or too short you must have a lot of two button suits in your wardrobe especially if you are a working man. There are different ways in which you can style the suit but in this article we want to focus on a particular look which is the two button suits with pleated pants.

What is so special about two button suits?
two button suits Before going into the look we would like to emphasize on why the two button suits are the natural and most preferred choice. The lower button stance of the two button suits is the reason why they remain to be the classic choice of most Americans. The vertical placement of the two button suit jacket's top button creates a deep cut which in turn gives the wearer a flattering effect. Also because of this button stance the 2 button suits also come with longer lapels which also makes the wearer look taller and slimmer. Thus if you are a person who is slightly on the heftier side then you should go with the two button suits since they can work their slimming magic on you.

The men's suits two button can work for any events starting from being as a workwearto a casual event. But most men tend to go with the usual pairing of the two button suits with the flat front pants and even the chinos. The pleated pants have been long forgotten and even considered to be an old style by most young people. But in recent times the mens two button pleated pants aremaking a comeback and we have been spotting it everywhere.

Mens pleated pants with two button suits
two button suits Though the suit jacket attracts the most attention in an outfit the trousers play a major role in how your outfit works out. Thus it is important that you put some effort into selecting the right type of trousers for your suiting outfit. But if you are a person who suits up often then you will need to have more than one or two set of suits in your wardrobe. In that case we would like you think about having different styles of trousers in your wardrobe collection.

Why try pleated pants?
The fashion world has given its nod for the pleated pants and they have been making constant appearances on the runways and fashion shows. While some consider the pleated pants to as the grandfather styles they are now creeping back into style and surprisingly more among the younger generation.

If you are new to the pleated style then we are here to explain. Pleated pants are just pants with folds. These pleated pants come with tiny tuck of the fabric on the bottom portion of the trouser's waistband. Thus the pleated pants do not fall flat like the flat fronted pants instead have wider area near the thighs.

There are different types of pleated pants like the ones with forward pleats, reverse pleats and the modern pleats. It is best to know more about these styles before you choose the one that would suit your taste. After you choose the right style of the pleated pants there are different ways in which you can style the pleated pants and one among them is the two button suits with pleated pants.

How to dress two button suits with pleated pants?
two button suits If you are choosing the pants to be worn with the two button suits then it is best for you to go with the formal pleated pants. Here are some ideas on how to style the two button suits with pleated pants for different events.

The first place we would like you to consider going with the two button suits is for your work. This is because of the fact that the we toil through the day and we deserve to go with the comfortable clothing. The pleated trousers will offer you that comfort because of the pleats. Here are some workwear ideas that you can try with the two button suits with pleated pants.

two button suits For a simple and classic look you can choose to go with styling the navy single breasted 2 button suit jacket with a white dress shirt and a pair of black pleated pants. To effortlessly match the look of the ensemble add with the outfit a pair of black leather oxford shoes. While this is a common ensemble that is spotted in workplaces these two button suit styles can easily blend in.

But if you want to differ from this usual circle and try a varied look then try going with the colored suits. For a subtle yet differing look style the brown double breasted two button suit coat with a white dress shirt and a pair of brown pleated pants. If you want to tone down the look to a near casual look then you can go with a pair of black leather tassel loafers. If you are attending an important meeting then you would want a more formal look and in this case you can go with two button suit with vest.

Usually wool two button suits and cotton two button suits are preferred but when you want a cheaper style then you can go with synthetic choices like polyester two button suits or the two button rayon suits. Other than the fabric you should also note the fit of the 2 button two piece suits before purchasing it. For a fitting look you can go with Italiantwo button suits or you can choose any off the rack options depending on your body type.