two button suitsWhen choosing a suit there a few details that we tend to note carefully. Be it the color of the suit or the type of lapels in it all these details mostly focus on the outward appearance of the garment. But while these obvious factors that influence the look of the suit there are few things that are small but have a great influence in the look of your overall outfit. For example the number of buttons on the suit jacket or the number of vents are some of these details that make or break the look. In this article we talk aboutthe two button suits and some of the best ways in which you can style the garment.

The buttons on the suit jacket might seem like a small detail but it greatly influences the look of the suit. If you think that there is no big difference between the two button suits and three button suits then you are wrong. Apart from the look there is also change in the way that the garment now fits your body and thus it is a detail that should be chosen with care. You should consider your body type and your requirement before making the pick.

two button suitsThe mens two button suits are considered to be the most preferred choices and is also the default button stance since it has been the international standard for over decades. Thus if you are choosing your first suit then it is recommended for you to go with the single breasted 2 button suit since it would work for almost all people and events. The visual effect that the two button suits mens creates is another reason why it works out. Though it might vary with the maker the two button suits often come with the lower button stance thus creating a deep V neck. This deep neck makes the upper torso of the wearer look longer and thus making the wearer look taller on the whole. This look is created since the lower button stance instantly calls for longer lapels which creates a slimmer effect for the viewer.

Thus if you are a short or a medium height person who wants to work the slimming and heightening magic of these details then you should definitely go with the 2 button suits. But if you are on the taller side then you should go with the suits with more buttons on the jacket like the 3 button suits or the 4 button suits.

two button suitsThe two button suits as mentioned before is the first choice of most men and thus you can make the look work for any types of events. Usually you would notice people going with the two button suit styles for the standard events like the ones related to work but you can also choose to style it for the weekend parties and such. All you have to make sure is that the garment looks flattering on you and fits you perfectly.

As for styling the two button suits you should always leave the last button open since it facilitates easy movement while walking or moving. You should always keep the first button fastened unless you are sitting down. While choosing the men’s suits two buttons there are a few things that we would like you to note.

Starting with the fabric of the two button suits make sure to consider the event and the prevalent season at which it is happening. For example when you want a standard and formal look you should go with the wool two button suits or the cotton two button suits. If you want a more casual choice that you can wear for the summer and spring events then we recommend you to go with the linen two button suits. For the special occasions try going with the silk suits or the velvet suits. If you want a cheaper choice you should go with the synthetic choices like the polyester suits or the rayon suits.

two button suitsAs for the color of the two button suits for the first choice you can go with the classic choices like the black two button suits or the navy two button suits. These button two piece suits would give you the perfect standardised look that would work for almost any events. But if you are bored with the usual choices then you should try your hand with the two button suit pattern. Depending on the event you can choose the style. For example when looking for workwear we recommend you to go with the two button striped suit but if for special occasions you can try going with the Paisley suit with vest.

The three piece suit style gains you more attention than the two piece ones when you style it right. The extra layer which is the vest can provide you with warmth but also adds to the sophistication of the outfit. If you want a break from the usual two piece suit style then you can choose to go with the two button suit with vest but reserve the look for special occasions like weddings or important ones like board meetings. You can also choose to style the garments as separates when you want a different look. The two button suit jacket is the easiest to style when it comes to separates.

If you are bored with the usual navy suit look then you can choose to shake it up a little by choosing to style the navy Italian two button suit jacket with a white dress shirt, black print tie and a pair of black dress pants. You can complete the look by adding with it a pair of black leather Oxford shoes. While this is a standard look you can also try different styles with the same garment like pairing it with the light colored combining garments or a pair of jeans for a casual look.