three button suitsButtons on a suit are details we don’t mind much attention to but believe us you need to start doing it. We all know that 2 button suits are much more popular than the three button suits and thus are more easily available. Thus most people do not see the variation in the look offered by the difference in the number of suit buttons. But the number of buttons on the suit influence the look to a great degree and there are terms like button stance and such that you will have to know. Here we talk about three button suits and why you should consider getting one for yourself.

If you do not have a three button suit in your wardrobe or never even seen one in real life we will not judge you. The three button suits have become extremely rare to come by with only a few shops having the style. The two button suits are greatly dominating the menswear at the moment but this is not a thing that we are excited of. Though we admit that two button suits is like that one person who is friends with everyone we do not want to see people going with the same type of suit again and again. Thus we would be happy to explain about the three button suits and hope that it will come back in style again.

History of three button suitsthree button suits

The men’s suits three button have not always been this laid back style among menswear. In fact the three button suits greatly dominated the fashion industry in the 20th century but to be seen nowhere now. Though three button suits are often classified as classic there are very few people who try the look for themselves. During the 20th century the men went with thicker styles of the suits to guard themselves from the cold. Thus the warmer choices like the wool suits and tweed suits were greatly popular. Even today when you visit the rare store or online shop which sells three button suits you will find that the style is more classic than the two button suits with considerably thicker fabrics. But there are also styles of the lighter suits like linen suit and seersucker suit available in the market for summer use.

Which is a perfect three button suit?

three button suitsSince the two button wave has been going on for quite some time now and getting the three button style is rare it might not come as a surprise when most men would think that there is simply an extra button with the three button suits. While the concept is essentially that, the consequences and details aren’t that simple. The three button suits mens give a different type of look and fit a person differently when compared with the two button suits. Thus we compile here some of the things that sets apart the three button suits from the others.

The length of the three button suit jacket is considerably more when compared to the two button or single button suits. It is normal to reason that the shortening of this length has made the last button to vanish but that is not the case. Even in the 20th century there were shorter suit jackets that still retained all the three buttons. Thus if you aren’t a fan of the longer suit jackets you can still go with the three button suits but choose the shorter one. But if you are a person who is more on the taller side the shorter suit jackets might feel uncomfortable. In that case the slightly longer three button suits jackets would be a great choice. Other than this you can also try the three button vested suit for a more formal look. The three button suit vest will give the wearer more fitting look thus making the style more sophisticated.

three button suitsWe have mentioned the term button stance at the start of this article and now it is time to explain. For people who are new to the suiting world a button stance is the distance at which the topmost button of the suit jacket is placed relative to the neck of the wearer. The button stance is higher in the modern day suits and thus the two button suits are considered to be the better pick. With best three button suits the button stance is lower and this is a good look for the tall people. This is because of the fact that the lower button stance creates a balance between the lower and upper half body of the tall men giving them a flattering look. The higher button stance creates a deep V neck which will create an illusion of longer upper body thus making the man look taller.

Other than this the three button suit men also come with more chest allowance and waist suppression. If you are a person who is on the taller side but is also lean then three button suit coat is the best style. Instead of sticking with the two button suits add one or two three button suits to your collection and make it diverse.

When it comes to styling of the three button suits we have already mentioned that they are more formal and classic than the two button suits. For a formal dinner event you can go with the black suits since it gives you a classic and sophisticated look. But if you are looking for a style that you can wear to your office then you can go with the formal ones like the three button navy suit and charcoal grey three button suits. As for the summer suits go with the lighter colors like beige three button suits and such. Whichever style you go with make sure to leave the last button of the three button suits open since it provides more freedom of movement for the wearer.