tartan suitIf you think of traditional English garments tartan suits is not very behind the list. Tartan suits are an ideal choice when you want to get by your winter and autumn days. If you are a person who stacks suits in your wardrobe to get through the week and need a break from the usual suit styles then tartan suits are a good pick for you. Tartan suits can be styled in a smart and dapper way – all you have to do is to know some details on getting it right and the rest will come to you.

For the newbies of the suiting world you might be wondering on what we were talking about. Tartan is a type of checked pattern and the suits that come with this pattern are called tartan suits. The basic pattern of tartan consists of the checks which is made from the horizontal and vertical lines Criss crossing each other. But other than this the little squares can also come in multiple colors or have overchecks incorporated in it. From this you would understand that the tartan suits come in different types and your job is to find the one that would suit your need perfectly.

Before going into the styling lessons of the tartan suits it would be fun to get to know the history behind this pattern and how it has survived the fashion changes throughout these years. Tartan pattern is believed to have Scottish origin and it’s usage is traced back to almost third century CE. This pattern is believed to be simple check pattern which is alternatingly dark and light. These original tartan garments were made from natural wool but now you can get tartan suits made of any material.

The Scottish clans used the different tartans for their identity and when the rise of these clans against the British rose tartans were banned from usage. This rule was in effect for almost 40 years after which it was repealed. Since then tartan pattern has been greatly accepted in England and all through the world. Now tartan is one of the very popular pattern in both menswear and womenswear.

When to wear tartan?

As mentioned before the mens tartan suits are better suited for the autumn and winter events even though they are bold patterns. As for the events for which you can wear the tartan suits, they have a business casual status and thus can be worn for the inconsequential office days. Some types of tartans like the black watch tartans have a history in black tie events ever since the 20th century but are not very common.

How to wear tartan?

If you are trying out the tartan style for the first time then there are a lot of chances to feel hesitant or intimidated when it comes to tartan suits. In that case it would be best for you to start slow by going with the basic styles first.

Tartan scarf is a great way to introduce the pattern into your outfit and get used to it. After this you can move on to the tartan ties, tartan shirts and then the tartan suits. Tartan suits mens is indeed a bold style but when you style it in the right way you can wear it comfortably.

Tartan suits

We have already mentioned that there are different styles in the tartan suits and each pattern would offer a different kind of look. For example the black watch and gingham pattern is considered to be more subtle and standard when compared to the Madras pattern and such. Thus go through the different tartan suits online and then make your pick.

As for the styling we will list you some ideas which might give you the motivation to try out the tartan suits for yourself.

Blue tartan suits

Let us start with the beloved color of men which is blue. Even if there are more than enough blue suits in our wardrobe we never say no to the color and thus we would like to start with the blue suit.For a formal and GQ worthy look you can style the royal blue 3 piece suit with a white dress shirt and black tie. When you complete this look with a pair of black leather derby shoes this will be one of the styles that would even pass as the tartan wedding suit attire.

For a more stylish and laid back look you can style the navy mens plaid suit with a teal dress shirt and give the outfit a much more casual vibe by adding with it a pair of grey canvas low top sneakers. Usually the tartan suits would fair well with the darker colors but if you want the patterns to be more visible then you should try lighter colored mens linen suit.

Charcoal grey and black tartan suits

For a formal event you are attending if there is a creative black tie dress code mentioned then you can choose to go with the black tartan tuxedo suit choice. You can simply style the black mens tartan dinner suit with a white tuxedo shirt, black bow tie and then a pair of black leather Oxford shoes.

But if the event is a little more casual like prom then you can style the charcoal grey mens tartan prom suit with a white dress shirt but leave out the tie. To further enhance the casual look of the outfit adding beige canvas tassel loafers would be a good choice. For a classier choice that would turn heads your side you can style the mens tweed suit with a white dress shirt, white mens tartan suit vest and then a black tie. If you are not feeling like going full tartan that day then you can go with the lesser choices like themens tartan suit coat and such.