super 150s wool suitWe obviously know that wool suits are the most obvious choice when it comes to formal suits. When we start with a new job then we would go shopping for the wool suits. This would be an easy job for the experienced people but not so much for the amateurs who are just stepping into the world of formal dressing. Most of the people do not know or do not care about analysing the quality of the wool suits. But there is an easy way to find the quality of the suits and it is the super wool tag. Today we will talk in detail about this and also explain more about the wool suits.

You might have already heard about the super 130 and super 150s wool suits if you are acquainted with the purchasing. While you might have fixed on one style because of a friend’s or relative’s suggestion there is less chance for a person to actually know what the super in these suits mean. Knowing this will make you choose the style better and with more awareness. Knowing the details always helps especially with an essential garment like suits.

super 150s wool suitComing back to the topic, the super in the wool suits refers to the quality of the cloth. Before we go into the details we would like you to know more about the history of the wool’s super number since it is an interesting story. This started in the 18th century when the wool production became one of the most promising industry. When it became a global industry maintaining its quality also became a prime need. Thus the spinners needed an universal method to qualify the quality and fineness of the wool. This should be a method that every vendor’s and weavers would understand. They first resorted to counting the number of hanks – which is the number of heavy duty yarn spools that can be spun from one pound of wool. This is indeed an exhausting method and thus during this time the quality of the wool remained between 30 to 100. But during the mid 20th century this changed when refined weaving technology came into the scene. Fineness jumped a great deal from the 100 cap and this was when the measure of quality got the name super added to it. It is rumored that even super 250s wool suits might soon enter the market.

You can think the super number in the suits as the measure of quality of the fabric that is used in the making of the particular suit. The word super in the suit wool super 150 or such styles refer to the pureness of the wool used in the making of the said wool suits. The number on these suits for example the number 150 in the super 150s wool suits refer to the thickness of the wool fibers.

super 150s wool suitIn modern times usually people go between super 100s to 150s wool suit outfits. The lesser quality suits are mostly unheard of. But there are higher grades of the wool suits other than 150 available in the market but they come in a higher price range. This would make you come to the understanding that higher the super number better is the quality of the suit. But only when you get to know the details you will get to find the right suit that will complete your needs.

Men’s 150s wool suits are indeed finer when compared to the lower grades and also come with a higher price. 150s wool suit outfits are the ones that was preferred by Pierce Brosnan while he starred in Thomas Crown Affair. Of course the super 150s wool suits would provide you with an elegant look but you will have to keep in mind that the fit is the most important thing that you should consider. Given the fineness of the suit they would drape along the body of the wearer well. Thus if you choose to go with the 150s wool suit coat or any of the 150s wool suit outfit then we would suggest you to choose to go with the tailored fit. This would provide for a dashing look for the wearer. But when the fit is sloppy even the super 180s and super 200s wool suits might not save you.

super 150s wool suitMore the super number finer is the suit. Finer wool suits would mean that the suit is light and comfortable to wear. While this is a welcome scene for suit lovers you should also know that the fineness reduces the durability of the suit. Most people opt to go with the men’s wool suit jacket and blazer owing to their durability since we tend to use it on a daily basis. But when you choose to go with the wool suits of the higher super number then you are losing the incredible quality of wool suits to stay sturdy throughout the year. Also when you go with the wool suits with the higher super number they become close to the linen suits since the increased fineness makes the suits wrinkle and crease easily. Thus if you are thinking of styling the suit for office use then we would suggest you to refrain from going with the super 150s wool suits or the higher numbers. Instead choose super 100s wool suits since they will last you longer.

On the other hand if you are purchasing the suits for the special occasions like weddings and such then you can choose to go with the 150s wool suit jackets and 150s wool suit blazers. For your wedding 150s wool dinner suit might be a better choice since it will make you look incredible. But you should keep in mind that the maintenance for the suits is important when you choose these suits. There are varieties of these suits present like 150s wool suit patterns and if you are interested you can go through the styles of 150s wool suits online to make your choice.