suit with sweaterFor a person who suits up on a daily basis selecting the formal outfit might be a hard job. You will have to make do with the limited styles of your wardrobe and try creating variations with it. Add with it the winter and you are squandering now to get an outfit that is both stylish and warm. In that case we would recommend you to consider going with suit with sweater outfits. These are the perfect winter outfits and they can make you look the best for work but you can also style it for casual events. If you are intrigued read further to know the options available for you and how you can style the suit with sweater outfits.

The suit with sweater look is the most basic and also the most stylish look that you can go with for the winter. And given the various options available you can try out different looks of the suit with sweater outfits. This look is appropriate to be worn as workwear and thus you don’t have to worry too much about your daily styling. If you are already convinced about trying out this style then here are some tips that might help you find the best one for you.

You already have the suits in your wardrobe and you might already know a lot about selecting of the suits. Thus we do not want to go in detail about the suits but make sure that you go with the slightly heavier ones. For example the wool suits would do better when paired with the sweater and offer you protection against the cold. If you consider the wool suits to be too basic and love details on your garments then you can go with the tweed suits with sweater outfit. But if you are selecting the outfit for a special occasion then go with the more luxurious choices like cashmere suits with sweaters and such.

After you have your suit you will have to select the sweater that you are going to pair with it. There are various types of sweater available and you can choose the right one by checking out your options first. Again the fabric of the sweaters matters a lot especially since it is a winter wear. Depending on the intensity of winter at the place you live in and the reason for you purchasing the sweater we can recommend the best fabric for you.

Wool sweater with suits is the most popular and preferred option by most men. If you want your look to be subtle and of regular budget then wool sweaters are your choice. Wool is a durable material and thus would be perfect for work garments. Here are some ideas of styling the formal suit with sweater which can be used as reference while picking out your Monday outfit.

For a perfectly classy look you can style the sweater with navy suit. The navy blue suit when paired with a white dress shirt, black tie and beige crew neck sweater would give you a timeless and smart look that can get you through the day. Aid the look with a pair of well polished black leather oxford shoes. For a neat and refined look you can go with the charcoal suit with sweater look. Style the charcoal grey suit with a grey crew neck sweater, white dress shirt, black tie and white pocket square. When it doubt about completing any of your formal outfit styles go with the most basic option of footwear which is black leather oxford shoes.

The crew neck sweater with suit look is the most popular style among men who stick with the formal side of the styling. But if you want to get the 3 piece suit type look then we will recommend you to go with the suit with sweater vest look. For this instead of the crew neck sweater go with the V neck sweater and pair it with suits. Unlike the crew neck sweaters, V neck sweaters would allow more of your dress shirts and tie to show. For a cool and stylish look you can style the tan suit with a brown V neck sweater, beige dress shirt and navy blue tie. To perfectly finish off the look try pairing with the outfit navy blue tassel loafers or beige loafers.

If you don’t need sweaters to wear with your work outfits but looking for a style that would impress the viewers at an event then get ready to spend a little more. Cashmere suit is a great style to try out for these special occasions. Cashmere is softer but costlier than wool. Also it can wear out real fast and thus make sure to maintain it properly. As for outfit recommendation black suit with sweater is a good one. You can think about styling a black velvet suit with a white dress shirt and cream cashmere sweater for a formal event. To add more style to your outfit go with velvet black loafers. Or you can try the contrasting look of black sweater with suit which is light colored. For example a pastel colored suit paired with a black sweater or a navy blue one would be a good choice.

If you are going with a smart casual look then you can choose to leave out the dress shirt and just style the suit with the sweater or turtleneck alone. Suit with button sweater look would need the dress shirt but for a turtleneck suit or a crew neck sweater you can do without the dress shirt. For a casual yet stylish look you can style the sweater with suit jacket and jeans. Or you can try going with the suit coat with sweater look. If you want any style inspiration then you can refer John wick neck sweater or suit costume neck sweater styles