shawl lapel suits The lapels on the suit jacket or the tuxedo jacket is one of the details that gets instantly noted by the viewers. There are different styles in the suit lapels and you can choose the one which would be the best choice for you. To choose the right style you will have to first know all the styles available and the type of look that each one offers to your outfit. Thus in this article we will do just that and also explain why you should have shawl lapel suits in your wardrobe.

As mentioned before there are various styles of the lapels on the suits and tuxedos. The major 3 include the peak lapels, notch lapels and the shawl lapels. Each have an unique look and are considered appropriate for various occasions. Starting with the peak lapels it is considered to be the most formal style available in the market. If you are getting the suit for a formal occasion be it a work event or dinner event you should choose to go with the peak lapels. The tuxedos usually come with the peak lapels and they are also considered to be the most appropriate. If you are looking for a standard style that would make your outfit look classy and impeccable then you should go with the peak lapel suits or tuxedos.

shawl lapel suits The next style of the lapels that we are going to discuss is the notch lapels. The notch lapel is the most casual of the three styles and is also the most preferred. Most of the suits come with notch lapels but they are not preferred for the tuxedos. But if you are getting a business suit that you can wear for your work then the notch lapel suits are your best pick.

Shawl lapels are considered ambiguous since you cannot easily classify them as fully formal or casual. While the shawl lapels are more formal than the notch lapel suits they are still casual when compared to the peak lapel suits. The shawl lapel suits or tuxedos give out a dressier and flashier look when compared to the peak lapels or the notch lapels. If you are looking for a garment that you can wear to the special occasions like the weddings or such. The shawl lapel tuxedos or grooms men suits will be sure to attract some attention on you and thus they are the best choice if you are looking for a groom attire.

shawl lapel suits If you are new to the shawl lapels type then we are here to explain. These types of shawl lapels come without the separate collars like that of peak or notch instead having a continuous strip of fabric that runs from lapel to collar to lapel. These shawl lapels have uniform width and tapers when nearing the button closure. These types of lapels are usually seen on the tuxedos and the dinner jackets since they are considered to be the dressier styles. These shawl lapels on the tuxedos or the dinner jackets usually come faced with grosgrain or satin and this material provides a slight contrast from the rest of the dinner jacket.

The shawl lapel tuxedo or the shawl lapel blazer usually also have the other attributes of the formal dinner jacket. They mostly come with the deep front closure because of the single button closure and ventless tail. If you want a simple and elegant style you can choose to go with these black shawl lapel dinner jacket but if you want your look to stand out you can try going with the contrasting collar of these shawl lapel tuxedos. In the contrasting collar styles the dinner jacket can be of any color but the shawl lapel comes in black. For example the burgundy shawl lapel tuxedo mens with a black collar would give you a flashier style when compared to the single color style.

shawl lapel suits Depending on the event you are attending you can choose the right style of the shawl lapel garments. If you are dressing for a black tie event it is obvious that you should go with the shawl lapel velvet tuxedo or such formal styles. But if the event involved is more on the casual side then you can try going with the shawl lapel blazer or the shawl lapel jacket. If you are looking for a simple and classy style then we would recommend you to go with the shawl lapel wool blazer but if you want to get the garment for the special occasions then try going with the luxurious styles like the silk shawl lapel blazers or the velvet shawl lapel blazers since they offer a better look for these events.

Other than the tuxedos you can also choose to go with the shawl lapel suits. For example if you are the groom for a formal wedding but not great fan of the tuxedos then you can choose to go with the shawl lapel suits. Depending on the event you can choose the color of the suits. If it is a strictly formal event go with the classic ones like the black suits or the navy suits. But in recent times the brighter colors are being preferred by most people. For example you can try out the burgundy shawl lapel suits or the emerald green suits. Go with the contrasting collar shawl lapel suits when you want the added effect.

Another garment where the shawl lapels are often used is the overcoats. Usually the overcoats come with the oversized collars but in recent times the shawl lapel overcoats are trending. These coats offer a slim look and thus are greatly preferred by the younger generation. If you are looking for a cool and stylish look that you can wear in almost all seasons then you should go with the shawl lapel coats. If you are bored with the usual plain styles then you should try going with shawl lapel pattern coats like the shawl lapel plaid coats or the check coats.