sharkskin suitsIf you have watched James Bond Spectre then you cannot have missed the blue suit that is provided to Daniel Craig. On the first glance it looks like your regular navy blue suit but when bond wears it and when it catches the light you can see a special gleam about the suit that is not possible with the usual wool or cotton suits. This is the magic that the sharkskin suits provide and we are here to endorse that.

For people who are new to the topic we will be clear from the start since it is very easy to get confused with the name. Sharkskin suits have nothing to do with the shark or the skin of it. Sharkskin suits are simply made of a different kind of weave called the pick and pick twill weave. The sharkskin suits can be made from different fabrics but the most common one would be wool. The specific type of weave employed for the making of the sharkskin suits give it a shimmering wrinkle free look which resembles that of the shark’s skin and hence the name.

sharkskin suitsEvery year there will be influx of invitations for events that will need you to try something other than your business suits. For the subtle dressers this might be a nightmare since most might not be comfortable with the bright colored suits and such. Sharkskin suits can be a savior at times like these and this is why we would urge you to add one to your wardrobe collection. For example the blue sharkskin suit that Daniel Craig wore in spectre was designed by Tom Ford and it perfectly gives out the shiny special look to the suit even without the presence of mohair in it. Given that the sharkskin suit was provided to him we can excuse the slightly askew fit of the suit but other than that the look is perfect.

Another thing that you might have noted about the shiny suits is that the shade seems to change with the progression of the scene. This is not because of the change of the suits instead the sharkskin weave in itself has this inherent nature. When this shiny fabric catches the light it reflects some and thus the shade can look different according to the lighting in the particular area. You can see this on the blue sharkskin suit when it looks bright under natural light and comparatively subdued under the artificial light.

sharkskin suitsBlack suits and tuxedos are the most formal style available for men when it comes to the black tie occasions and such. But did you know that once in the past the midnight blue tuxedos exceeded the black tuxedos in popularity? This was because of the fact that some considered the black suits to be boring and it also did not help when the black suits looked dull and old under natural light. Midnight blue tuxedos on the other hand would offer a perfect and stylish look both for morning and evening events.

Though the black tuxedos have regained their place the fact that they do not look too appealing under natural light still stands. We cannot afford to go with new black suits everytime an event turns up and instead we recommend you to try the black suits. The sheen offered by the material fills in for the subtle and slightly dull look of the black color. When you go with the black or charcoal gray sharkskin suityou can wear them for events that happen both in day and evening.

sharkskin suitsThis special sheen of the men’s sharkskin suits while it makes them perfect for the social occasions might not be suitable for anything that relates to work. Business suits are best to be avoided to be styled as workwear but this does not mean you cannot style them for the work dinner situations. Stick with the darker shades like navy blue and black since they are easier to style. Usually we don’t recommend going with mens sharkskin suit vintage for work but it might work in some situations like if you are working in the fashion industry and such. Thus consider the nature of your work and the dress codes involved for the look to be perfect.

As for the styling of the sharkskin suits you need not treat it any different than the usual suits. You just have to proceed with the usual styling but it would be best if you reserve them for the special occasions where you want to look dressed up. Here are some ideas on how best to style the mens sharkskin suits.Starting with the formal look if you want a standard look you can style the 2 button suit with a white dress shirt along with a blue and gray tie. Keep the look basic queries by adding with the sharkskin suit outfit a pair of black leather oxford shoes.

But if it is more of a important meeting where you want to intimidate the hell out of the ones present then you should go with 3 piece suit.Or if you want to look perfect and stylish then you should try double breasted suits since they tend to offer a fitting and more CEO type vibe when compared with the usual single breasted sharkskin suits. According to the event decide on the best men’s suit sharkskin outfit.

The fit of the suit matters a lot especially since there will be some curious glances to your side and you will need to deliver the look perfectly. Go with the suit fit that would complement your body type the best. For example if you are a tall and lean person you will benefit the most with the slim fit suits. For a more comfortable choice think classic fit sharkskin suits. If you still think you cannot pull off this sharkskin suits then start slow with the sharkskin suit jackets