shadow striped suitsIf you haven’t already heard about shadow striped suits then now is the best time for it.Patterns might be the spicing you need when it comes your relationship with suits. Patterned suits are now becoming the hot trend and it would be best to diversify your wardrobe with one or two of these picks. Usually men would go with the obvious choices like pinstripe suits or the hard-core ones with the plaid suits. But if you want a subtler choice then we would like you to try the mens shadow striped suits.

For people who are wondering about what we are talking about, don’t worry. We are here to explain. You might have already gathered from the above introduction that the shadow stripe is a kind of pattern and it is lesser known than the pinstripes which are probably the most popular among all the patterns in menswear. If you are a fan of pinstripes then you probably are a subtle dresser. The pinstriped suits tend to look solid from a distance and if this is the main aspect you love about it then striped suit would be like a treat for you.

shadow striped suitsThe shadow striped suits often come with vertical stripes and are thin in the making. But these shadow striped mens suit come with the lighter or smaller stripes on one or both sides and this is the thing that distinguishes shadow striped suits from the pinstripe or chalk stripe suits. When you go with the classic shadow stripe suit then the design usually comes with shadow stripes in a color which is just a variation of the main stripe color. But if you love a modern look and do not care much about the subtlety then you can go with the contemporary choices like the shadow striped suits that come with stripes of different colors.

The shadow stripes in the suit or the shirt is usually created by twisting the yarns in the opposite direction of the main stripes making the look visible only in a certain light and this is the reason why they are called as shadow stripes. Thus if you want a intriguing look that will definitely rope in the onlookers then you should definitely give shadow striped suit mens a try.

If you are new to patterns then you might be at a loss on how to style the shadow striped suits and what it might entail. The shadow striped suits are not much different from the pinstripe suits and thus you need not worry much about the details of the styling. Still if you want some advices on how to make the look then here are some.

Try the most formal look

shadow striped suitsAs mentioned before shadow striped suit is a classic choice and thus would be a perfect pick for the formal events given that it is styled right. The shadow striped suits are more subtle than the pinstripe suits and the fact that pinstripe suits are welcome at any office setting tells enough. If you are bored with your plain suits and want to try something new for a change then we would recommend you to go with the standard shadow striped suits.

For a formal and never failing look you can choose to style the navy shadow stripe suit with a white dress shirt and navy tie would be a great choice. It wouldn’t hurt to add some accessories to take the look further and thus add on a white pocket square and a silver watch. As for the footwear since you are going with navy blue color there wouldn’t be a better choice than the black oxford leather shoes.

When choosing the formal style in the shadow striped suits stick with the darker colors like navy and charcoal grey. This way the shadow stripes are subtle and would give you a solid look. You can style these dark colored striped suit for any events starting from your office to a date night.

Don’t be afraid to merge

While the classic look would never go out of order it still would make you look uptight. You might have known that the full pinstripe suit especially the three piece ones tend to make a person look like a banker. If you are looking to avoid these types of assumptions then you can break down the shadow striped suit look and use it as separates. The mens striped suit jacket would be the easiest for you to style but now the shadow striped suit pants also are becoming widely popular.

shadow striped suitsHere are some examples on how to make this modern styling of the shadow striped suit work. Imagine you are dressing for an uneventful office day and would like to comfortable in what you wear. We would recommend you to style the business suit jacket with a white crew neck t-shirt, navy crew neck sweater and a pair of navy dress pants. Since it is not exactly a formal attire we would recommend you to bring out the brown suede derby shoes to give a badass vibe.

Shadow striped suits can do casual

Another one of the greatest advantage with the shadow striped suits is that they are also versatile. You don’t have to designate the shadow striped suits in your wardrobe to a specific event and then forget about it until the said event arrives. Instead you can try different striped suit costume looks with it often so that you get used to the look.

The same 3 button suit that you use for your office setting can work for also the parties and all it takes is the right styling. But there are also different styles available in the market - casual and fun ones like Zoot suits or the most formal ones like double breasted suits. The outfit that you select determines the look and thus take some time to pick the right one.