satin suitWhen choosing the garments the fabric involved is the hot topic since it influences a lot of factors. The fabric of the garment keeps the person decides the comfort of the wearer and also the look of the garment on the whole. Thus when getting the suit or any garment make sure to pay some attention to your need. There are very few suiting fabrics and most times men tend to go with the obvious choices like wool suits and cotton suits. But for some events like the parties and weddings it will be best to go with a slightly different look than your usual ones. In this article we discuss the satin suits and all that you need to know about the garment before you get the style for yourself.

When it comes to satin suits or any satin garments for that matter men tend to hesitate since most consider it to be women’s fashion. This is because of the fact that the garment is flashy in nature and men tend to run the other way when encountered with something even slightly flashy. But in recent times the satin garments have been greatly trending even in menswear and thus if you thinking jumping into this style bandwagon then this article is just for you.

satin suitFor people who are new to this style we are obliged to explain. Satin is a fabric that is made from the synthetic fibers and is believed to had it’s origin in the 12th century. Satin is characterized by the soft and lustrous side on one side and the duller look on the other side. The glossy surface of the fabric makes it best for styling the satin suits for the special occasions when you want the eyes to be tuned on you. Originally the satin fabric was made from the silk fibers but nowadays satin is made from polyester and rayon which are made into long filaments.

The shiny soft nature of the satin suits would provide with the perfect drape. Mens satin suits despite their fragile look are durable in nature and stronger than most of the plain weave fabrics. The satin dress suits also does not wrinkle easily and thus they can be used for the special occasions. This makes the mens satin wedding suits and satin prom suits preferred by most men. Depending on your need you can select the best satin suits that will make your look work.

satin suitSince the satin suits are made from the synthetic fibers they do not breathe well and thus make sure to keep this in mind while styling the garment. Satin suits are soft and slippery thus making it hard to work with the garment. Thus the perfectly fitting satin suits might be slightly on the expensive side. The threads on the satin suits can also get caught easily thus making it snag easily. Make sure to consider all these details before you purchase the satin suits.

The mens satin suits are available in different types and you can choose the one that suits your need. For example if you need a formal garment that you can wear for an evening event it might be a good choice to go with a single breasted satin suit. The double breasted design of the satin suits are considered to be more formal but less versatile than the single breasted satin suits. If you already have enough single breasted suits in your wardrobe and looking for a change in style then the double breasted suits would be a good idea.

satin suitThe details on the satin suits are also important to note. A peak lapel suit paired with a dress shirt and a standard colored tie might be a great choice for formal events where you need to look dressed up. For a more casual look you can go with the notch lapel suits since these casual satin suits are considered to be less formal than the peak lapel ones. The shawl lapel suits might be a great choice for weddings since they look dressier than the above two styles.

The number of buttons on the suit also influences the look of the suit to a great degree. You might find the 2 button suits to be the popular recommendation since they give an optimum look for men of almost all body types. If you are a short person then we would recommend you to go with the single button satin suits since they give a deeper V front for the wearer thus making the wearer look taller. If you are a tall person then you can go with the 3 button satin suits which comes with a high neck and this balances out the look of the wearer.

Suits are usually a common look when it comes to corporate atmospheres. But the satin suits cannot be worn to your office and are best reserved for the special occasions which do not have a definite dress code. If you are a person who would like a distinct look then we would recommend you to go with the 3 piece satin dress suits since there aren’t many men who brave this elegant look. The vested satin suits will provide you with a rich look which can be a great choice for people looking for mens satin wedding suits. These dressy satin suits help maintain a formal look even when you decide to lose the jacket as the day progresses. The 2 piece satin suits are more common than the 3 piece suits and will give you a standard look.

As for the color to go with classic colors of satin suits like Navy satin suits and black satin suits when you need a grounded look. If you are hesitant about the satin pant suit set look then you can choose to go with the separates of styling the mens satin suit jacket or the satin blazer suit with standard combining garments.