rhinestone suitCowboy styles be it the boots or the fringe jackets have a great fan following among men even among the subtle dressers. Rhinestone suits are one among these styles that get admired on a regular basis but most of these people will never move past that and try it for themselves. Mens rhinestone suits are indeed blingy and thus capture attention with their presence but it is not like we want you to wear them to your office. For the casual events outside of work you have the freedom to try different styles and rhinestone suits is one among them.

Before we go into the details of the styling and choosing it would be interesting to know the history behind these suits. This hip style of the rhinestone suits must be attributed to the Ukrainian Jew named Nudie Cohn. Though most might not know the man we would all be acquainted with the popular Nudie suits that was rocked by our beloved stars like Gram Parson and Elvis Presley. Nudie’s suits became popular in the time after the second world war since this was the time that people recovered from the losses and did not hesitate to celebrate and flaunt their wealth. Thus the gaudy and wild rhinestone suits of Nudie was greatly appreciated and all the big stars at that time like John Wayne, Cher and Bob Dylan were customers of this man. Even today Nudie’s rhinestone suits and other wild styles are widely popular and are considered a classic among rodeo styles. All trademark for Nudie’s styles are now held by his granddaughter Jamie Lee and is reportedly planning a comeback.

rhinestone suitThough decades have passed since the rhinestone suits were considered to be a solid trend it still continue to attract the bold dressers. The rhinestone suits seem to pop out often in the spring and pre fall runways of the top brands and the celebrities are also quite taken with the style. Thus we can safely say that the mens rhinestone suits might come back in trend and thus it will be better to know more about the suit itself and the styling. If you are a person looking for a Halloween outfit or a cowboy costume for a party then rhinestone suits must be the top picks on your list.

Here are some of the celebrity rhinestone suits that we think might interest you and may even inspire you to get one for yourself.

Post Malone’s pink suit

There is no way for a person who watched Grammy awards 2019 to miss out on the pink diamond suit that Post Malone rocked. The rhinestone 2 piece suit was one of the best outfits and gathered a lot of admirers. He paired the pink rhinestone pants suit with a white crew neck t-shirt and then a silver thick chain. A pair of matching pink rhinestone wholecut shoes was used to complete the look along with pink belt.

The rhinestone suits are a rare style now and thus most people commented that only he can pull off this suit. But there is a long list of the people who greatly pulled off this rhinestone suit style before and thus the point here is you don’t have to have tattoos all over your face to pull off the rhinestone suit style. The style is actually easy to wear since the suit itself will be the main garment of your outfit and you can choose the simple combining garments to finish off the look.

Elvis Presley gold Lamè suit

During the 50s and 60s the western suits had a great fan following and all the great stars were the customers of Nudie’s suits. There are a lot of images that turn up in our minds when we put rhinestone suits and Elvis Presley in one sentence but one cannot simply ignore the Gold Lamè suit. The $10000 suit was created for his album 50000 Elvis fans can’t be wrong. It is said that the theme of the album and consequently the gold rhinestone suit men was aimed at showcasing that the western entertainer can also make big in the industry and can be extraordinary. Thus the rhinestone suit set was the definition of extravaganza with the gold rhinestones and the embroideries.

rhinestone suitOther than this if you are a Elvis Presley fan then you will definitely know about the rhinestone leisure suits aka the jumpsuits that he rocked on stages. Even today after almost half a century after the rock and roll superstar’s death his jumpsuit tops millions in the auctions. Even if you cannot spend millions on the outfits you can definitely check out our vintage rhinestone suits that resemble the look to a great degree. These are also cheap rhinestone suits that can make you look good without burning your pockets.

Now that you know about the rhinestone suit styles we again want to show that the it is not a past style and it can definitely work for you even today. Coming back to Post Malone you might have known about the orangish red suit that he paired with a simple black roll neck and black wholecut shoes. The man never repeats the suits that he once wore and this type of flex is greatly in par with the rhinestone suit style.

When talking about modern style torchbearers we can never leave out Harry Styles. The man has been constantly pushing boundaries and rhinestone suits also never stopped him. Though the suits that he wore never really used rhinestones literally the cut and the fitting of some of these suits would easily pass as Nudie’s work. Thus you don’t have to have real rhinestones in your suits to rock this cowboy suit style but the essence of the style is what really matters. We recommend you to go all out with the gold or silver rhinestone suitsbut if you are still shy then go with the darker picks like black suits.