ralph lauren mens suitsWhen it comes to suits every man would have the innate desire to own atleast a single set of designer suit. The designer suits are highly priced when compared to the usual ones but they justify the price by providing the best quality in terms of both material and design which makes it easily stand out among the usual suits. This is the major reason why people are still ready to spend a fortune on a designer suit. There are a lot of brands for suits but in this article we discuss the Ralph Lauren mens suits and how it became to be one of the most preferred of the designer suits.

Even if you are a person who is not too much into designer clothing you would have known about Ralph Lauren as Rachel Greene's workplace. Also Ralph Lauren is one of the clothing brands that has managed to gain a worldwide publicity. The brand has been in the fashion industry for a long time but it has evolved all through these years so that they can match the changing requirements. This has maintained the brand to be a huge hit among all men regardless of the age or the profession they are in.

The man behind the brand is not a raging teenager but an experienced old man. Ralph Lauren was born in 1939 in the Bronx, NYC to immigrant parents from belarus. From his early age he discovered that he was interested in fashion. He attended business school and enlisted for two years right after college. When he left military on 1964 he met his wife at an eye doctors office. They married and got on to have three children.

ralph lauren mens suitsAs for his career Ralph Lauren worked in Brooks Brothers for few years and then went on to work for. Beau Brummell who was a tie maker. This is where his career started to make a turn into designing. Ralph Lauren convinced the manager at beau Brummell to let him create his own line of ties. The ties that Ralph Lauren designed were handmade from classic materials and as for the cut the ties were designed to be wide. This was a major bolt from the blue in the tie world since the ties of that time were made from synthetic materials and was also mass produced. The ties were also cut to be narrow and trim. But the new style of Ralph Lauren ties soon caught on and the man made about 500000 dollars in his first year.

After this Ralph Lauren extended his innovative designing to make his own clothes. His custom tailored clothes would perfectly mimic the look of the traditional English design even though he was not a professional at designing. Following his performance in the ties division Ralph Lauren was handed the responsibility for the department of tailored suits and shirts the following year.

Ralph Lauren was a lover of sports and this greatly reflected in his clothing designs. Even at that time the Ralph Lauren mens suits that he designed was noted to merge the perfect tailoring of the European suit styles with the comfortness of the American sportswear. By the 1970s Ralph Lauren became a coveted name in the fashion industry. The tie line he first introduced was named polo and this name carried along with the iconic polo logo for the polo shirt that he introduced in 1972. Before that he expanded his horizon to womenswear in 1971.

By 1974 Ralph Lauren had entered Hollywood designing making suits for the prominent stars. In that year the male cast of The Great Gatsby was dressed by Ralph Lauren for the film which got critical appreciation. The double breasted pink Ralph Lauren mens suit that the character Jay Gatsby wore in the film especially gathered a lot of attention making his name reach furthermore. The movie succeeded and this started a gatsby look trend which made the Ralph Laurens 30s design to be on spotlight. The Ralph Lauren fame continued from then and he even expanded his brand to make the men cologne and the accessories. Whichever be the product you can see that thought has been put into it sincerely and the genius method of combining new with old on the right proportions have done wonders for the brand all through these years.

ralph lauren mens suits Even today Ralph Lauren mens suits are well known for mixing the traditional suiting design with the modern work attire making it a double treat for men who love to dress up even on a regular day. Apart from his clothing brand and design Ralph Lauren himself dresses impeccably. There are a lot of style lessons that you can learn from the man himself. Here are some points that we think will help you dress perfectly when it comes to suits.

Ralph Lauren mens suits have the functionality making them one of the best options for any type of event. There are a lot of styles in the Ralph Lauren mens suits but when it comes to the ones Ralph Lauren himself prefers it is always the two piece Ralph Lauren mens suits. From the start Ralph Lauren was not afraid to dress in his own way even if the trend at that time was different. For example Ralph Lauren was the major reason for the revival of the 30s style since the classic Ralph Lauren mens suits with the modern twist was designed by him. The double breasted Ralph Lauren mens suits were considered to be an out of place addition at that time in the fashion market but the man was bold enough to make it work. Other than this the wide ties that are paired with the suits was also a nod to the classic styles of that time. Even today the most modern Ralph Lauren mens suits that you see will have a touch of classic look in it making it the signature look of these designer suits. One of the most famous labels of the Ralph Lauren line is the purple label. Through the years the purple label Ralph Lauren mens suits have managed to gain the attention of the people who live suits.

The consistent success of the Ralph Lauren mens suits might to some degree depend on the innovative designs of the brand but the perfect quality of the Ralph Lauren mens suits is another important thing that caters to the popularity of the suits. The fabric of the Ralph Lauren mens suits are of high quality making it a great choice for people who like to go with the formal and elegant style. The Ralph Lauren mens suits come in all types of fabric and you can choose the style that would suit your need the best.

ralph lauren mens suitsWool Ralph Lauren mens suits are the ones that are most recommended for the men who are looking for a formal style that you can wear to your office or any other formal event. The usual wool Ralph Lauren mens suits would provide you with a simple and elegant look but when you want to go further and try something unique then we would recommend you to choose the patterned Ralph Lauren mens suits like the windowpane suits or the plaid suits. These patterned Ralph Lauren mens suits would give you a perfect English gentlemanly vibe which would be the signature look of the Ralph Lauren label. Other than this you can also go with the pinstripe Ralph Lauren mens suits or the chalk stripe Ralph Lauren mens suits which would give you a formal and elegant look.

The wool suits also come in variations and you can choose the one that would suit you the best. For example when you need a formal look that you can wear to your office go with the flannel Ralph Lauren mens suits but when you need a little more casual look then you can go with the distinct look that the worsted wool Ralph Lauren mens suits offer because of the texture on it. The wool Ralph Lauren mens suits are soft in nature because of the high quality and also have great insulation properties which makes the garment suitable for both the winter and fall seasons.

But when it comes to summer use the wool suits might be suffocating to wear in the heat and this the lightweight Ralph Lauren mens suits would be the best pick for the hotter days. For getting a formal look go with the cotton suits. These suits might not drape as well as the wool Ralph Lauren mens suits but will give you a formal look in a cheaper price when compared with the wool suits. Also the cotton Ralph Lauren mens suits will be of natural fabric which will be the best choice for the people with sensitive skin.

Linen suits are also a great pick for summer or spring but their use is restricted to the semi formal and casual events like beach weddings and summer parties. This is because of the fact that the linen suits have a rough texture which will make the fabric crease easily and the fabric only softens with use. Make sure you go with the linen Ralph Lauren mens suits when you are getting the suit for casual use like for weddings or travel.

ralph lauren mens suitsAs for the special occasions you can choose to go with the luxurious styles like the silk Ralph Lauren mens suits and velvet Ralph Lauren mens suits. These luxurious Ralph Lauren mens suits will differ a great deal since these suits come with a inherent sheen about them when compared to the other above mentioned fabrics. These Ralph Lauren mens suits are best to be reserved for the special occasions that happen once or twice in a year since these suits will be sure to turn heads.

When you are on a restricting budget and do not want to spend a fortune even if it is on the designer Ralph Lauren mens suits then choose to go with the synthetic materials like the polyester suits or the rayon suits. These synthetic Ralph Lauren mens suits are rare since they are cheaper and hence you will have to compromise on the look and the qualities of the suit when compared to the natural fabric Ralph Lauren mens suits.

As for the details on the Ralph Lauren mens suits you will have to focus on these so that the look of the suit is perfect. The single breasted Ralph Lauren mens suits are considered to be the most preferred style since it is easy to style them with different garments to achieve different looks. Double breasted suits are considered to be more elegant and formal and this is a one that Ralph Lauren himself prefers the most. The single breasted Ralph Lauren mens suits are the best choice when you are getting your first since you can play around with the styling of the suit whether be it formal or casual.

The peak lapel suits are the best when you need a elegant look that is best for formal events but when you want to go with a little more casual style which is best to use as a formal wear you can go with the notch lapel suits. If you are getting the garment for the special occasions like weddings or awarded events then you can go with the shawl lapel suits.

The fit of the Ralph Lauren mens suit is one of the important things that is the characteristic of these designer suits. The designer suits come with fitting styles and all the fits are available for different body types. Choose the one that would fit your body type the most ans flatter your shape. Slim fit suits and skinny fit suits are the best choices for the tall and lean men while the modern fit suits will be best when you are looking for a versatile style. Classic fit suits are best for men who want a comfortable fit.