polyester suitsWhen it comes to suits or any clothing there are many factors that influence its look. To start with some it may be the color, the fit or the details on the suit. But one of the factors that affect both the look and the performance of it is the fabric from which the suits are made from. The quality and also the cost of the suit you are buying is influenced by the material of the suit by a great deal. Thus you will have to spend some quality time on getting the fabric of the suit right so that you get the perfect garment that suits your taste and need. In this article we discuss the polyester suits and everything that you will need to know about the garment before choosing it for yourself.

When it comes to suits most of the men prefer to go with the wool suits for winter and Cotton suits for summer since it is the most popular choice. There are also other choices in natural fabrics like the cashmere suits and the linen suits but the thing that is common with them all is that they can be pricey. The natural fabric suits have a lot of advantages but would not help much when you are on a tight budget. If you are a person who is on a job that requires you to wear suits everyday or you are a student recently out of college then the price of the natural fabric suits might look to be a little pocket draining. In that case you can opt to go with the synthetic ones like the polyester suits.

polyester suitsPolyester suits are man made fabric suits that is created with dibasic acids. The idea for the base material polyethylene terephthalate was first got in 1941 and was patented. The polyester suits are made from a resin that is extracted from the above mentioned base material. The polyester found its way into the clothing industry and gained a lot of popularity in the 1970s.

As for the making of the polyester suits these synthetic fibers are obtained by heating the plastic which is then forced through spinnerets which produces the fibers. These polyester fibers are then stretched a great deal, combined with yarn which is then weaved or knitter into polyester fabrics. This process involves a lot of chemical processes thus making the polyester suits have different properties than the natural fabric suits.

As mentioned before the polyester fabric came into existence in the mid 1930s when W.H Carothers found that a new fabric can be created when carboxyl acid and alcohol is mixed. This invention was shelved since the Carothers who was a Dupont employee found nylon which is also one of the famous fabrics even today. By the end of the 1930s two British scientists picked the experiment of polyester fabric and by 1941 the first polyester fabric called Terylene was formed. The patent right was got by dupont from the pair of scientists in 1946.

When the polyester suits came into the clothing market it was advertised to be a miracle fabric. Unlike the wool suits or the cotton suits polyester suits were created from chemical processes and it was marketed with that as a tag. Other major points that helped the polyester suits to become popular is the durability and their durability. When the polyester suits were sold to the American public in 1951 it was advertised that the fabric can be used for about 70 days without the need for ironing or care of the fabric. This made it an instant success more so with the women who were the primary homemakers. The polyester suits and other polyester garments remained to be in the peak of Popularity till the 1960s.

polyester suitsThe polyester suits were also low in cost when compared to the natural fabric suits. This combined with their convenience made them a favorite among both men and women. But in the end of the 1960s the college kids felt the polyester suits and garments to be uncomfortable when compared to natural fabric suits. This opinion fastly grew giving the polyester suits a negative image. By 1970s the polyester fabric saw its end in the clothing industry.

But in the 1980s the polyester fabric again came into use when big names of that time like Calvin Klein and Oscar de la renta started producing polyester garments. What changed here is the fact that they produced polyester blended garments which opened new doors for the fabric in the clothing industry. With the technology growing on a rapid pace the polyester suits and the polyester blended suits improved in the quality and once again became a popular fabric in both formal and casual clothing.

Nowadays which is several decades later after the invention of the polyester fabric arguments and difference of opinion still remains about the usage of the synthetic materials like the polyester fabric. You will have to decide for yourself whether you want to try the fabric or stick with the natural fabric garments. Thus it is an important thing to know the properties of the polyester suits in detail before you spend your money on it.

polyester suitsThe first thing in which the polyester suits score a great deal is the price. If you are a person who would require a lot of suits in your wardrobe but do not have the budget to spend on the natural fabric suite then you can go with the choice of polyester suits. Also the polyester suits have a great durability which makes the garment to last longer. The strong fibers of the polyester suits hold on for a long time and thus you will not need to worry too much about wearing the suit down easily. To match the durability of the polyester suits you should go with a good quality wool suit which might cost you more.

Other than this the polyester suits also has good performance when it comes to wrinkling or shrinking. When you go with the wool suits or the cotton suits you will have to take extra care for maintaining the garment. The wool suits might shrink and lose their shape easily when they are not cleaned or maintained properly. The polyester suits also undergo discoloration and some shiny spots occur in the most used spots like the elbows but they still deliver much for the lower price you spend on it.

Polyester suits also have decent breathability properties and can be a good choice for the summer and spring seasons. Also the polyester suits tend to absorb the moisture and dry out quickly which makes it a favorite for summer. This combination of good moisture wicking characteristic paired with the strong fibers is a great choice for the athletes. The polyester suits are also light in weight which means that they do not drape well as the wool fabric does. Thus you will have to spend some time on finding the right fit that will complement your body type.

The polyester suits have a lot of advantages and is a great cheaper alternative to the natural fabric suits. But the polyester suits do not provide the wearer with the same comfort as the natural fabric suits. The wool suits have a soft feel while the polyester suits have a heavy and bulky look which can also be itchy. The wool suits easily drape well because of its soft nature while the polyester suits will be stiff. This is one of the reason why the polyester suits are mostly not recommended for heavyset men.

polyester suitsPolyester blend suits are a good choice when you need a comfortable garment at a much lower price than the natural fabric suits. Cotton suits and wool suits are considered to be the best choices. When the polyester is blended with the natural fabric it gains some of the positive properties of natural fabrics like the soft nature and the breathability. This makes the polyester blend suits a better choice than the pure polyester suits. There is also the option of going with the polyester rayon suits with rayon being a half synthetic and natural fabric.

As for the styling of the polyester suits there are a lot of details that you will have to consider to get a perfect look. The cheap polyester suits are easily recognisable and thus when you go with the synthetic fabric choice make sure that you go with the best polyester suits. If possible always go with the polyester blend suits but make sure that the look of the suit is impeccable so as to compensate the lower quality of the material.

The color of the polyester suit that you purchase matters a lot since it is one of the factors that catches the eyes of the people on first glance. The color of the polyester suits that you choose should depend on your need. For example when you want a formal suit that you can wear to your office then you might want to go with the classic colored suits. For casual purposes you can go with the lighter and brighter styles of the polyester suits.

Here are some styling ideas for the polyester suits that we think might help you when you decide to get one for yourself. For a simple and formal look you can choose to style the Navy polyester suit with a white dress shirt and Navy tie. The polyester suits though not as breathable as the natural fabrics are good picks when you work in a air conditioned place or a job that for not require much of physical labor. For a neat look you can style the black suit with a white dress shirt and dark brown tie. You can complete the outfit with a pair of dark brown leather tassel loafers. For a winter style you can add a black overcoat to the outfit since polyester do not offer much resistance against the cold.

polyester suitsFor a smart casual choice you can style the charcoal grey polyester suit with a white dress shirt and forgo the tie option. For a little more dressy look you can go with the double breasted suit with a black turtleneck. You can complete the look with a pair of black leather oxford shoes. But when you need a versatile style then it might be a better choice to go with the single breasted polyester suits since they are easier to dress up and down compared with the double breasted style.

For casual picks you can go with a beige suit or a grey wool turtleneck suits. You can add a little flair to the simple outfit by adding with it a pair of dark green velvet loafers. For a modern summer look you can go with a light blue suit paired with a white crew neck T-shirt. You can complete the look by adding with the outfit a pair of black suede driving shoes.

Other than the plain styles you can also try the patterned ones when you want something new. Navy pinstripe polyester suit paired with a blue chambray dress shirt and Navy tie is a classic and refined look which you can complete with a pair of black leather loafers. Other than this you can also try the windowpane suits or the plaid polyester suits. When you want a textured style then you can go with the herringbone suits or the houndstooth suits.

As mentioned before polyester suits do not drape well because of their lightweight nature. Thus make sure that you go with the proper fit of the suit for it to look perfect. Skinny fit suits and slim fit suits are the best when you are a tall and lean person. Modern fit polyester suits are the most versatile choice of fit you can get. Classic fit polyester suits are the best for men who prefer comfortable fits.