polka dot suitsIn menswear, there are very few patterns that are accepted and worn comfortably. Most would stay safe with the plain suits but when we want to try something new then these patterned suits are the best. While choosing these patterned suits most would aim to go to with the subtler styles like the pinstripe suits and such. If you are a person who loves the subtle styles then you should definitely try the polka dot suits.

Polka dot is one of the most classic pattern and the fact that it has endured all the changes in the fashion world. The pattern is greatly versatile and you can choose to style it differently for various events. If you are interested with the pattern then you can read further to know the details and properly style it. Before we go into the styling details of the polka dot suits it would be best exciting to know more about the history involved.

The classic pattern when it started out did not receive much love as much as it gets now. In fact the polka dot garments were considered to be a taboo since it was usually connected with the skin diseases like plague and bubonic. And it did not help that these diseases did not have cures and people were dying from it. But this all shifted in the 18th century and soon the polka dot suits became more popular. If you are a person who is even slightly interested in the suiting history then you would have definitely heard about Beau Brummel. It is rumoured that the classic menswear godfather himself frequented polka dot patterns in his accessories like scarves and such.

Firing the 19th century the polka dot pattern was at the height of the popularity and people were at a full craze about the pattern. The polka dot pattern was initially simply known as the dotted pattern but when the polka dance became popular the pattern was named such to ride on this popularity wave. Mostly the polka dot pattern was noted on the scarves and small accessories and also in women’s clothing. But with time the polka dots also were spotted on the blazers, shirts and such. Some of the popular characters like Duke of Windsor and Winston Churchill also had a love for the polka dot accessories.

Considerations while getting polka dot suits

If we have convinced you to try out the polka dot suits then it is also our job to help you pick out the best one. Be it a simple accessory or a full blown polka dot suits there are a few things that we will have you to note.

There are different versions of the polka dots and thus there is a great chance that you will find something that will suit you whichever type of dresser you are. For example if you love the patterns that kind of play hide and seek with the garment then you might have to go with the pin dot suits. These dots come in sizes that are the smallest and thus the pattern is not much apparent. When you go with these polka dot suit designs then you can even style them as your workwear. Find a standard colored suit like the grey suit or navy polka dot suit and you will be resulted with the most versatile style in your wardrobe.

But when you need a suit in which the pattern is apparent to see for the viewers then you can choose to go with polka dot suits that has the dots in larger sizes. These average sized polka dots do not merge in like the pin dots and thus would give you a more stylish and experimental look. As for the larger dots most people avoid it especially when it comes to the larger styles like the suits and blazers. The large polka dot suits will be better off for the costume parties and Halloween events rather than to be used as formalwear.

The color of the mens polka dot suitsplay an important role in the look of the outfit. For a formal and classic look that you can go with the darker color of the polka dot suits like the black polka dot suit dress or the charcoal grey polka dot 2 piece suits.These would be easier to style and can work for the any events be it formal or casual. But if you want a casual style then you can choose to go to with the lighter or brighter colors of the polka dot suits. White polka dot suits and tan polka dot suits are some of our recommendations for the summer and spring events.

There is also the option of going with the polka dot pinstripe suits in which the dots come in the pinstripe fashion. If you want to stand out from the rest then these are your best options. The Zoot suits are our recommendation for the people who are looking for a cool fashion suit that will get you through the costume parties and such events. When going with these fun and casual choices make sure to put in some effort to find the right style and color of the combining garments to pair with the polka dot suit outfits.

Some people might not be ready to try the whole polka dot suit styles. In that case you can start with the separates. Here are some ideas on how you can start with introducing the polka dot pattern into your outfit choices. Open with a simple style like pairing the grey polka dot suit jacket with a light blue dress shirt and black dress pants. Other than this you can also try the polka dot suit vest or the polka dot suit pants for the different look. Polka Dot blazer suitwould be a perfect addition for a stylish wardrobe.