plaid 3 piece suitAre you a person who prides himself for having a envy worthy wardrobe? Whether the answer be yes or no we would like you to consider adding a plaid 3 piece suitto your collection if you already don’t have one. This would be a great decision since plaid pattern is popularly trending at the moment. Even though plaid is not a new style it has been in and out of style all these years. Here we discuss some points that will give you an idea on how to make the plaid suit style work for you.

First off all the thing you should know is that not all plaids are created equal. There are numerous styles of plaid 3 piece suits and it is on your hands to make the best pick. Basically plaid means the checkered pattern which is created by the intercrossing of the horizontal and vertical lines but there are variations in this style. Each of these plaid 3 piece suits offer a different kind of look and thus make sure to go through the plaid 3 piece suits online to make your best pick.

Before we go into the details you might be wondering why we have been emphasizing on the mens 3 piece suits instead of the more versatile ones like the 2 piece suits. This is because of the fact that with plaid 3 piece suits there will more styling options for you. For example you can style the 3 piece suit as a 2 piece suit if you are not feeling like including a vest that day. Or you can lose the plaid suit jacket and go with the vest with trousers look. Alsomost people’s first choice will be the 2 piece suits and when you choose the three piece suit style you are making an effort to stand out from the rest of the crowd.

Because of the availability of different plaid suit styles you can wear the suit to almost any event. Just focus on getting the right plaid style and then you will be good to go. For example if you are thinking of using the 3 piece suit for your meeting day at office then it is best to stick with subtle since you don’t want your colleagues to pay more attention to your outfit than what you are saying on the meeting.

Windowpane for subtlety

plaid 3 piece suitWindowpane is in our opinion the most subtle of all the plaids and can work for the office atmospheres. These get their name because of the shape of the squares which are more of a rectangle and they resemble the old style of the window panes. Windowpane plaid 3 piece suits are the best style for the people who are chromatically challenged and you can simply throw it on with the standard combining garments to make the look work. Also the slightly elongated squares create a slimming effect for the wearer and thus making this checkered plaid suit 3 piece the best choice for the short and stout men.

For a simple yet sharp look you can style the brown windowpane suit with a white dress shirt and dark brown tie. The lines of the windowpane squares are best to be thin and slightly noticeable instead of going with the thicker ones. Dark brown leather Oxford shoes would be a perfect way to complete the outfit. For a classy and stylish getup that can turn heads you can style the charcoal grey pinstripe plaid 3 piece suit with a white dress shirt and brown tie. Adding dark brown leather driving shoes will help you balance out the look of this plaid 3 piece suit outfit.

Step up your game with Glen plaid

plaid 3 piece suitGlen plaid suits come with smaller squares which are more apparent. Thus the glen plaid suits are recommended for people who want to try the bolder styles in the mix. For a dapper and cool look that instantly attracts eyes of the viewer you can style the 3 piece gray plaid suit with a white and black polka dot dress shirt. Do not think too much about the footwear and just go with the flow by selecting black leather derby shoes.

For a winter plaid suit style we recommend one of our favorite dark colored outfit. Style the charcoal suit without the vest with a black turtleneck and then throw on a charcoal gray double breasted overcoat to brave the cold. Black socks with black leather derby shoes will be perfect choices to get through the chilly day while looking dapper.

Buffalo plaid – Casual

The larger patterns with the darker and brighter colors are the best pick for people looking for an outfit that they can wear to the casual events. Red suit is the most popular choice when it comes to buffalo plaid suits. Usually these suits come with the blend of black and red but sometimes other colors are also present. Red plaid suit is not a usual choice for men and thus stick with the darker choices like Burgundy and wine red.

For a more casual and comfortable choice you can go with the styling the blue suit with a simple black crew neck t-shirt and leave the look at that. But to add some style to the casual outfit go with the black leather tassel loafers.

The thing with the patterned suits like the plaid 3 piece suits is that they inevitably gain some attention towards your side. Thus spend more time to get the details right like the fit of the suit. Slimfit suit would be a great look if you have a flattering figure but if you value comfort more then go with classicfit suits.