With the Peaky Blinders renewed for its 6th season we get ready to wait for another one of our favorite series. While there are a lot of shows worth watching especially with the pandemic confining us in our homes it is rare to find one which wants us to dress up just like the characters. Peaky Blinders ever since the release of its first season in 2013 gained a lot of attention for many aspects. Apart from the nail biting storyline and the amazing acting the wardrobe choices of the characters were also greatly talked about. If you are a fashion lover and not watched the peaky blinders then you should do it asap since it is going to be a treat. In this article we discuss the peaky blinders suit style for people who love to dress up.

Black Peaky Blinders Custom Suits Costume designer Stephanie Collie was greatly appreciated for her work in peaky blinders and the details involved are carefully chosen. If you are a person who loves wearing suits and would like to try new outfits with it then peaky blinders suits are the best choices for you. Also the mens peaky blinders suit has become a popular fashion and thus you will not be alone in this venture. The advantage with the peaky blinders suit is that you can easily style them as a Halloween costume since it has many unique details but it can also work as a dailywear when you tone down the details. Thus the peaky blinders style suit will always be a versatile option that you work in many ways.

When choosing the peaky blinders mens suits there are a few details that we would like you to note. These are small details that look insignificant when viewed individually but when accumulated would give you the perfect outfit. Thus go through these carefully and pick out the style that gives you an authentic look.

The peaky blinders suit and the costumes are based on the 1920s style which was an important time for mens fashion. Till that time men were used to the flashy Victorian styles but with the end of the decade they were transitioning towards a more modern look. The suits were also influenced by the change and this muted style is the basis of the peaky blinders suits. Although a century has passed since then most of the major style elements of the 1920s still continue to be popular in today's world. You can easily style them without gaining much of a second glance and this is one of the reasons why 1920s suit peaky blindersstyle is a great choice for costume events or even to modify as your dailywear.

When it comes to the men's peaky blinders suits you would notice that most of the characters have a uniform code of dress which they follow with the suits. Tommy Shelby the main character along with his brothers is often spotted wearing a dark colored three piece suit along with a detachable collar shirt and a heavy overcoat. This is the basis of the peaky blinders suits and thus they are easy to obtain. When you add with this a pair of Oxford laced boots and newspaper cap then you are ready to rock the peaky blinders suit style. But if you are a person who is into details and does everything perfectly then it is best for you to learn more about the suit costume in the series and even the individual characters fashion choices. This will help you focus on a certain look and reproduce it perfectly for the costume event.

If you do not compromise with anything and that includes your fashion then you are most suited for Tommy Shelby's style of the peaky blinders suits. This character was brilliantly brought to life on screen by Cillian Murphy and the costume choices was also on point. Though he sticks with the peaky blinders suit uniform there are some elements that distinguishes his style for the others. For going with Thomas Shelby's fashion you can choose to style the 3 piece suits with a detachable collar shirt and a knit tie. One thing with the peaky blinders suit costume is that you can see the style evolving through the seasons.

At the start Tommy Shelby is seen wearing tweed three piece suits along with shirts and no neckwear. But with time you can spot him wearing wool suits along with neckwear and sometimes even stripes. Go through the styles and then choose the best one which suits your taste. Other than this you can also note that he is only one who wears overcoat with black velvet half collar.

Dark Navy Peak Lapel Peaky Blinders Suits Custom The overcoats in the peaky blinders suit costume is an important part. Most of these overcoats are thick and long. While the reason for the thick overcoats and thick suit fabrics is because of the poor heating system at that time the long overcoats were also used to create the swooshing effect that is important for the gangster films. Thus if you have that dramatic spark in you then go with the long overcoats to pair with the peaky blinders suits.

As for the color choose the muted ones since all through the film the characters never stray out of the classic color choices. Black peaky blinders suit and charcoal grey peaky blinders suits are the ones that are most recommended. This is the same for the overcoats and this is a great choice since darker the color of the garment more versatile it is. If you are hesitant about trying the whole look then start with the peaky blinders suit jacketsince it is easier to style.

While picking out the peaky blinders costume go with the high quality ones. You can go with peaky blinders suit brand ones and if you want to buy it offline then it is best to go with the peaky blinders near me option.