patterned suits When we mention patterns on suits most men would limit their imaginations to pinstripes and maybe even plaids. But in reality there is a plethora of patterned suit styles available but there aren’t enough men to try it all out. We usually watch the celebrities rocking the patterned suits on the red carpets, praise or criticize about it but never think of adding one to your wardrobe collection. But we are always telling to everyone who would listen to push the boundaries and try the new styles even we can.

Patterns are considered to be bold and eye catching and this is the reason that most men will tell when asked about avoiding these mens patterned suits. But for anyone who cares to notice that the fashion world and preference of the people are shifting a great deal. While we stick with the navy suits for the weekdays you have the liberty to choose a different style for the weekends or the occasions like parties and such. Whether you be a subtle dresser who is trying out the patterned suits for the first time or a seasoned pattern rocker it will be exciting for you to learn more about the topic.

Formal suit patterns
We have mentioned earlier that there are different patterns available and thus you can take your time to go through the styles and then make your choice. For example if you are a subtle dresser then go with the pinstripe patterned suits. People who are looking for the suits with business suit patterns will obviously go with the pinstripe suits since the thin lines usually blend in with the garment and do not show much. Pinstripe is one of the most classic suit patterns that are much popular than the other patterns. Thus we would recommend the starters to go with the pinstripe formal patterned suits since it is the easiest to style.

Casual suit patterns
But if you are feeling bolder and want a step up from the pinstripe styles then you can go with the checkered patterned suit jackets. Again there are a lot of styles in the checks starting from the plaids to the tartans and it does not take a professional opinion to find the one that will look good on you. When you choose the darker colors of these checker suits then it would be easier for you to style them for the semi formal events but if you aren’t buying it for formal use then go mad with the colors. Instead of the navy blue that everyone chooses try a slightly brighter shade of the blue checkered mens dress suit patterns. If you are new to the checkered style then you can get a plaid coat and get used to the pattern. For an absolutely awe worthy outfit we would recommend a blue and pink 3 piece suit that you can pair with a white dress shirt and then a pair of black leather loafers.

Special occasions outfit
While most people reserve wearing of the suits for the work and work related events there are few more events that demand us to show up in suits. For example weddings and dinner parties are some of the special occasions that we are talking about.

patterned suits These are the events where we meet most of our acquaintances starting from the families to the friends and thus it is important to look great for these events. The first step to easily pulling off the patterned suits mens look is to know where to wear these suits rather than how to wear the suits. The reality is that patterned suits are not very common and thus would attract too much attention on your outfit. Thus the outfit that you choose should earn you some respectful and maybe even envious looks rather than to serve as a distraction. For this it is best for you to reserve these suits for the informal weddings and parties rather than the church weddings and work related events.

For example if you are the groom you can definitely go with these suits like a sharkskin suit pattern without any doubt since it is your day and you deserve all the attention. But it would not be right if you go dressed in the boldly patterned suits when you are merely a guest. In the case of the dinner parties and make sure that there aren’t any strict dress codes and then go with any mens patterned suits of your choice.

If you want real life examples of these patterned suits then we have a lot of celebrities who have rocked these styles. Here are some of our favorites and can finally convince you to add the patterned suits to your wardrobe. We will start off with a blast since we like to do it all in extremes. The first suit style that we are making an example out of is the one that harry styles wore for a fansign event. The double breasted suit pattern was not the one that captured the interest of all since it was Paisley and not very rare but it was the color. The watermelon singer came dressed in a shiny purple Paisley suit which he paired with a white dress shirt and then completed it with a bronze colored square toe boots.

The next style that you should look is the one that harry styles (by now you should have figured out that we are great fans of the style king) wore in the 2015 American Music Awards. The white and black floral pattern suit jacket and matching pants was called as the ugliest Gucci suit every seen by a Twitter user but the man managed to pull off the look even when his band members were all dressed in the conventional black and grey suits. While these are some of the examples of the celebrity patterned suits these are not recommendations for you unless you plan on going on a red carpet or a costume party.