paisley and gray suitSuits have been argued to be boring for a long time now and the predictions about its demise has been happening ever since we remember. But it has managed to brave all the odds and occupy a solid place in any man’s wardrobe and thus we can safely say that it is going nowhere in the near future too. But we will have to admit that the suits have been adapting to the changing needs of the men and new brands pop up every now and then which manage to make even the most sceptical person wear suits. One such brand that has been gaining fast attention is the Paisley and gray suits and we would like you to know more about the brand and try it for yourself.

Before we go into the styles of the mens Paisley and gray suit it would be best to know the origin of the brand and what inspired the makers to get the idea. Usually a good business idea is said to have born out of minds that think alike but Paisley and gray suit brand is different in this aspect. The idea behind the brand lies behind two brothers who are very different in their tastes and requirements. One person is a consultant who has to travel often and has suits in his suitcase while the other one is a lawyer who most times live in a suit.

Paisley and gray suits operates behind the basic principle of making the men own garments that showcase their personality and not go with the same choices all the time. It is definitely important to find our own style that would be compatible with our lifestyles and personalities and try reflecting it in our suit choices. Paisley and graymens suits are designed in New York and very design aim at making the man look bold and confident in his choice of suits. There are many details that make the Paisley and gray suits stand out from the rest of the styles and we will try to explain some that will possibly convince you to add a paisley &gray suit to your suit collection..


The first thing is the individuality that is offered by the Paisley and gray suits. Be it bold colors, patterns or chic fit. You name it and you got it. The Paisley and gray suits are a must have if your wardrobe looks like it needs an update with the monotone of the grey suits and the navy suits. Paisley and gray red suit would be a nice dash of colorbut with the mention of a bright color like red most men start to panic. But always remember that you have a variable called shade and thus depending on your need you can choose the shade. For example go with the Burgundy or wine red suit when you need a formal and subtle choice but you can go all out with bright red suits when you need a casual choice.

Even with the usual choices like black suits there will be variations. For example you can choose black suits that come with coordinated pocket trims, colored interior piping and contrast buttons that will make even the basic look special. Thus even when you are choosing a formal suit that you can wear comfortably for your work we would recommend you to go with the Paisley and gray dress suit.


Paisley and gray understands every man’s struggle to make the separates work. Thus most of the Paisley and graymens suits come with the flexible design of being designed with the other garments thus giving you more options with the same piece. Many items of the Paisley and gray suits can be mixed and matched to your will and thus you don’t have to worry about looking the same through the week even if your work requires you to turn up in suits daily.

You can have real fun while styling Paisley and gray suit outfits and these raised options also means spending less on the new suits. Just learn to coordinate the garments and you will find new uses and styles with the paisley and gray suits. For example you can easily style the paisley and gray suit jacket with another set of combining garments and it can look as good as the original outfit.

Chic fit

One detail that has constantly changed or moreover adapted over the years with the suits is the fit of it. Depending on the need of the person like whether he puts the style or comfort over each other the preferred fit of the suit might vary.

Paisley and gray suits realise the importance of this small yet imperative detail and out more effort into delivering the best. The fit of the suit can greatly vary the type of the look that the suit outfit offers and thus they have different options for different needs. Along with the beautiful details most of the suits come with a chic fit that makes the look special. Paisley and gray slimfit suit is the best choice for lean person but if you love the oversized style that is trending greatly at the moment you can try the classic fit Paisley and gray suits.


Paisley and gray believe in inclusion for suits and you can spot it clearly in the designs. Whether you are a businessman or a street performer you will find a style of Paisley and gray suit mens that will be impressive to you. Paisley and gray suits are fresh and quirky with their designs and thus making it a definite favorite for the modern dressers. But this does not mean that you will not find anything of your liking if you are a conventional dresser. Thus without taking into account the type of dresser you are go check out the Paisley and gray suits online for purchasing or try Paisley and gray suits rental first.