nehru suits The mens suits design that we have now has been the same for over centuries since its origin since there aren’t any major changes in the basic skeleton of the design. While we are used to this style and it works successfully for most occasions there might be some events for which we would want to try out a new style. If you are a fashion forward person who is looking for a break from the usual suit design then we would recommend you to try going with the Nehru suits. If you are hearing about this particular style for the first time then read the article further to know more about the style and how best to style it.

The Nehru suit is quite popular in the southeast Asian countries since it had its origin in India. It is named after Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru who was the first prime minister of India since he frequented the style often. The feature that makes the Nehru suit distinct from the usual suit styles is its collar. The usual suits come with the lapels but the Nehru suits have a short round stand up collar that cannot be turned down and does not have a lapel. This collar is usually referred to as mandarin collar and this Nehru suit is the perfect combination of Indian traditional style and British tailoring. The Nehru suits are quite popular in India and they are adorned with many details since it is usually used as a festive attire for the special occasions like weddings and such. Though the style is not much prevalent in the western countries they are slowly becoming popular among the younger generation.

nehru suits The mensnehru suit jacket is not very different from the usual suit jacket except the lapel or the lack thereof. Other than this the Nehru suits also come in different variations like the single vent or the double vents. The Nehru suit jacket also comes with matching trousers but can be worn with the odd trousers. You can choose to style it with the dress shirt and make it work for the special occasions.

When choosing the Nehru suits there are a few things that we would like you to note. The first thing is the fabric of the Nehru mens suits since it influences the comfort with which you wear the suit. Usually the nehru suits are available in almost all fabrics but originally they were made from either cotton or tweed. But depending on the weather at your region you can choose to go with the best fabric for the Nehru suits. For example if you live in a place which is chilly for most time then you can choose to go with the wool suits or tweed suits. But the Nehru suits are considered to be more casual than the usual suits and thus they are best suited for the summer occasions like weddings and parties. For these events you can go with the lightweight and breathable styles like the cotton Nehru collar suits or the linen Nehru suit mens.

nehru suits But if you are following the Indian example and choosing to style them for the special occasions like weddings and such then we would recommend you to go with the luxurious choices like the silk suits or the Nehru suit velvet. Depending on the nature of the wedding you can choose the best style for you. For example if you are the groom you may try groomsmen suits then you can also go with velvet Nehru wedding suits since it will certainly turn the attention towards your outfit on your special day. There are different styles in the Nehru suits and you can choose the one that best suits your taste.

Though the Nehru suits are not much popular with most people they slowly climbing the popularity ladder. If you are looking for a break from the usual styles then start with styling it for the casual events and then progress on to the formal ones. If you are still hesitant about trying out the style then you can start with the granddad shirt for the summer and then try the Nehru suit vest. You can simply style this Nehru suit vest with a dress shirt and a pair of chinos. This mens Nehru suit outfit would make you get used to the style and then help you rock the Nehru suit with confidence.

nehru suits Other than the mandarin collar suit you can also try styling the Nehru suit jacket as separates. The original style that Nehru himself wore was long with it reaching his knees but most of the styles that are present now are much shorter. The Nehru suit blazer is a versatile piece of garment and can be used for both formal and casual styles. For a simple and classy look you can choose to style the navy blue Nehru suit with a white dress shirt but make sure to leave out the tie option. The look of the matching Nehru suit would give you a proper look which can work for the most formal events too.

But if you are looking for a more casual or stylish look you can choose to go with styling the Nehru suit jacket with a pair of odd dress pants or jeans. For a cool off duty look you can choose to style the brown Nehru suit jacket with a light blue dress shirt and a pair of navy blue jeans. Other than this you can also choose to style the olive green Nehru suit jacket with a white dress shirt and a pair of navy blue chinos. Go through the Nehru suits sale that are available in the online sites and then make your pick. The nature of the event you are attending has the most leverage about the style of Nehru suits you choose and thus it would be best to take some time to consider the details.