The color blue is the new black. Wearing the navy blue suit for men is a versatile option and fit for both summer and winter. The navy blue suit is suitable for corporate events. The navy blue suit for men can be worn with almost anything. Donbt know what to wear with the mens navy blue suit? You can either wear more blue, or you will pick some random shades and mess things up. For a dress shirt, you can go with either a crisp white dress shirt or a lighter shade of pink or blue. These shades with navy blue can create a little contrast and helps to pop. When it comes to ties, you have many different options. While, the safest options are black, navy, red, burgundy, and greens that can be incorporated too. This will be the finest choice if you are looking to add some pops of color to your outfit. When it comes to shoes, you can choose either a pair of black and brown shoes. And for shoe styles, you can pick either lace-ups or loafers are also fine. If you find your navy blue suit is well fitted, then feel free to wear a polo dress shirt and a pair of some sneakers with it. This outfit will make a nice change during the summer. In the winter, the navy blue wool suit gives a perfect look. You can wear this navy blue wool suit for cool dinner events.

mens james bons dark navy wool blend If you donbt want to wear a pure wool suits, you can go with a blended navy suit. The navy wool blend suit is also the finest choice during the winter climate conditions. The navy wool suit can also be worn in the autumn. Opt for good quality fabric and try to avoid rubbish shiny fabric. You can choose a navy wool suit for different occasions. The suits made from cotton and linen are better for hotter months while the wool and cashmere are more appropriate for cold climates. But avoid going for synthetic fabric like polyester. And practically all color dress shirts will complement a navy blue suit. You can choose either a white, light blue suit, pink, or black to match with your navy blue suit. Adding polka dots with small subtle stripes is also a good choice.

When it comes to blue, the color white pairs absolutely well. The pairing of mens navy wool suit and white dress shirt is always a winning combination. This gives you a classic look and takes only the least amount of effort for a man. Make sure the dress shirt is well fitted and paired with clean trousers and accessories. If you are wearing a shirt with a large collar, then you can go without a tie. The pairing of a navy blue suit and blue dress shirt also gives an interesting look. This ensemble keeps the tones cool and complementary and allows the wearer to have some fun with your pocket square. Opting for cufflinks is good for more formal events. If it is an evening event, you can go in a dark blue dress shirt.

The pink shirt and a navy suit wool are more suited to the daring gentleman; this makes for a bold statement. The pairing of a navy blue suit and a bright pink dress shirt might look too much, so it is fine to go with a light color dress shirt. Adding a purple or blue tie to the equation gives you an elegant look. Adding a pink color pocket square is really pop up get-up. For an evening occasion, picking the mens navy blue wool suit and a black dress shirt is a great option. For a cocktail party, the navy wool suit mens outfit gives a rocking feel. The 3 piece suits works best with dark grey or black dress shirts.

One Button Navy Peak Lapel Mens Slim Fit Wool Suit The 3 piece navy wool suit combined with navy and darker tones also look fine in some cases. If you want your dress shirt to shout, then make sure the navy wool suit is plain. If you want your classic navy wool suit to loud, then opt for less amount patterns and bright colors or patterns on your neck tie. Airing the classic navy wool suit with a light blue dress shirt in the winter makes you look cool. For a simple yet casual look, wear the navy wool check suit. Team the mens navy wool check suit with a t-shirt and a pair of shorts or chinos for smart and casual apparel. Adding a blue texture tie to the mix is a good option. Wearing a navy herringbone wool suit for men and a red color tie is for the sake of simplicity. You can also go with a brown, salmon, and coral tie. Matching the mens slim fit suit with a red color neck tie also gives a good look.

Going with pink, coral, brown, or burgundy makes you look sharp and elegant. The pairing of a navy suit vest wool with a black-tie can offer a creative look. This will also give you a classic look at the cocktail party. The navy suit vest wool and a grey tie combination is the best pair that can be worn with a heavily textured type of tie. The neck tie with a textured pattern subtly draws attention to your entire look without the need for stripes or bold hues. When it comes to footwear, there are only two options to choose from, one is black and the other one is brown. Completing a look with a pair of brown shoes adds a touch of interest to your look. Sticking to the mens dark or navy wool pinstripe suit and trying to pair it with a dark brown or black shoe is better. Introducing a pair of brogues, monk straps, oxford, or loafers will be the styles of the best choice. Do experiment with some different styling methods for a pop up look.