mens white linen suitLinen is synonymous with summer and we can sprint to the lighter garments to escape the heat. Though we have one or two linen suits in your wardrobe we can bet a great amount that none of those are white. White linen suitis a great choice to add to your wardrobe collection and do not panic when you hear the word white with the suit. If you are a person who likes your movies then you might know some great Hollywood movies with actors rocking the white suits. Thus know that it is not an impossible feat and with some knowledge and confidence you can definitely pull the look off.

Linen is a lightweight summer material that comes from the flax plant fibers. Linen was usually used for the inner garments and thus you can see that it is referred to as lining oftentimes. It is the best choice for warm-weather fabric but not used as much as it is worth for tailoring. There are many qualities of linen that makes it a good fabric for tailoring and we are here to promote it. For example though linen is a lightweight fabric it has a lesser thread count that makes it cooler than cotton. Also linen is 30% stronger than cotton and thus you don’t have to think too much about using it for regular purposes.

mens white linen suitMost people avoid white linen suits since they consider it to be too flashy and thus hard to pull off. But some have reasons that are even against linen on the whole. For example linen tends to wrinkle fast and thus people who like a pristine look would find it hard to deal with. But know that the white linen suit that is high quality though creases elegantly and thus are the best choice for the confident dressers. If you are still not convinced then do not hesitate to go with the blended linen suits with wool and silk.

Choosing a mens white linen suit will never go to waste since there are various ways in which you can make the look work. Though white suits on the first look might look too intimidating when you look at the details you will know that it is a normal suit that can be styled as per your wish. Whether you are more of a classic dressing type person or one who likes modern dressing white linen suits mens can provide it all for you.

Styling a white linen suit

After torch bearing for white linen suits we will not leave you to fend for yourself with the styling. We have come across some pretty awesome styling of both the all white linen suits and white linen suit separates and we will share it with you so that you get an idea of what can be achieved.

Formal look

mens white linen suitThough white is a light color it can be incredibly formal when it needs to be. Think of the white tie events where the white tuxedos are the best choices and there is nothing more formal than that. Thus the event you are attending determines the look of the white linen suit that you are going to style. For example if you are attending a cocktail event or a dinner event that is happening in summer or spring then 3 piece suit is a good look.

Other than this the vested white linen suit is also a good choice for the summer weddings. This is indeed a bold choice and thus we would not recommend you to go with the all white linen suit if you are simply a guest. Instead white linen wedding suit styles are the best for the groom since it is important for you to stand out for your special day. You can go basic with a white linen groomsmen suit and then pair it with a white dress shirt, black tie and a black pocket square. But if you want to include some color to the outfit then go with the 2 piece white linen suit and then swap the white dress shirt with a light blue or pale pink one. For a incredibly sophisticated look you can add with the garment a pair of black leather oxford shoes but if you want a more modern and dapper look then you should go with the black leather loafers look.

Smart casual look

mens white linen suitBut if you think that the formal all white linen suit look is too much work for you then you can try with the casual styling of the white linen dress suit. There are a lot of ways in which you can make this look work both with the formal and casual combining garments. For example you can go with the formal styling of the summer suit with the light blue dress shirt but simply leave out the tie in the detail. Match the look with a pair of dark brown leather tassel loafers.

But if you want to turn casual then lose the dress shirt and go with a black crew neck t-shirt. A casual white linen suit paired with a dark colored crew neck t-shirt along with black and white low top sneakers would be a cool look for the summer parties and such events. But if you want to turn heads with your style and don’t mind trying new styles then you can style the white linen suit jacket with a white crew neck t-shirt and then a pair of white linen dress shorts. Adding beige suede loafers to the look would be a convincing choice to complete the outfit.

White linen suit separates

White linen suit jacket is our first recommendation to be used as the separates. But if you are still feeling hard to choose then you can go with styling a light gray suit jacket with a white dress shirt, black tie and pair of slim fit suit pants.