mens red suitsWhen it comes to suits most of us stick to the basics like charcoal suits and navy suits. This is because of the fact that the colored suits are considered to be bold statements and also hard to pull off. But in recent times the mens fashion world has progressed a great deal and men are becoming more open to styles that they mostly avoided before. As a result we are seeing a lot more colored suits even the brighter ones. In this article we discuss the mens red suits and some of the best ways in which you can style them.

Red being a bright color will definitely make you stand out from the crowd of usual dressers but when you know to style them right you can achieve a whole lot with the garment. For example you can blend right in with a group of conventional dressers or you can draw all the eyes towards you. Also red is a color that pairs well with most colors though it might seem to be. Thus you can use the mens red suits to style them with the existing garments in your wardrobe.

mens red suitsThe first thing to do while selecting the mens red suits is to fix on a shade that will serve your purpose in the best way. When talking about red suits or any red garments most people forget the fact that there are a lot of shades present and conveniently talk only about the bright red. But there are shades of red which can work for different occasions depending on the nature and also for all types of dressers. For example if you are a person who sticks to classic styles the most and rarely try out new styles then it would benefit for you to go with the darker shades of red suits like the burgundy suits and wine red suits. These deep shades will give out a subtle look which can help you blend right in for the formal and semi formal events. But if you are looking for garments that will help you make a statement on the first glance then go with the brighter shades of mens red suits. Ruby red suits and blood red suits are some of the recommendations but are mostly spotted on the runways and red carpets than on a casual Monday. The darker shades of mens red suits are more versatile and gives you more choices in the styling department when compared with the bright red ones. When choosing the shade of the mens red suits do it wisely since it is the most important factor that makes or breaks the look.

When it comes to styling of mens red suits some men might hesitate since it is a rare style and thus have little idea on how to pull it off. In that case here we give you some styling tips which will help you figure out the type of look you are aiming for. For a formal look that you can even style for a office day it is best for you to go with deep shades like burgundy red suits. For example you can achieve a classic and elegant look by styling the red dress suit men's with a white dress shirt and a black tie. To finish off the look on perfect sense add with the outfit a pair of black leather Oxford shoes. For a more stylish yet classic look you can go with the double breasted red men suit outfit of pairing the suit with a white dress shirt and paisley multi colored tie. You can complete the look by adding with the outfit a white pocket square and a pair of black leather derby shoes.

mens red suitsFor a more formal type look when you are attending a event like formal dinners and such you can go with styling the mens red dinner suit with appropriate combining garments. You can easily style the mens for weddings using the grooms men suits when you are the groom. It will help you be the main attraction on your special day without getting lost in the sea of suits. Prom is another event where styling the mens red suits would be a great choice. The proms nowadays have become more casual and allows the children to dress according to their personality instead of abiding by strict dress codes. In that case you can choose to style the red men prom suit with a white dress shirt and leave out the tie option to get a smart look. You can complete the outfit by adding with it a pair of black leather tassel loafers. For a more casual and stylish look you can style the prom suit red men with a white crew neck T-shirt and complete the look by adding with it a pair of white leather derby shoes.

If you are still hesitant about trying out the mens red suits then you can the formal events and to start by styling them for the semi formal and casual events. When you get used to this look then you can style them for the formal events. Other than this you can also choose to style them as separates with subtle combining garments. This will give out a grounded look which will make you get used to the red suits style.

For example when you need a clean and stylish look you can choose to style the mens slim fit suit jacket with a white dress shirt and burgundy print tie. You can complete the look by adding with the outfit a pair of brown leather Oxford shoes. For a effortlessly stylish and casual look you can style the mens red suit blazer with a white crew neck tshirt and a pair of navy jeans. For a classic and dapper look you can choose to style the velvet suit mens with a black silk dress shirt and then complete it with a pair of black leather tassel loafers.