jean denim suitsSuits have become one of the staple pieces of the men's wardrobe and for a long time the suits were considered to be formal garments. But in recent times with the fashion world adapting to the needs of the people the suits have been worn to the more casual settings too. The material from which the suits are made plays a major role in the look of the suit and thus the wool suits are preferred to the formal settings. But for other uses the casual suits are now being used. In this article we discuss about the Jean denim suits and some points on why you should consider getting one for yourself.

The Jean denim is not a new material in mens fashion and have been used widely in the casual styles. The Jean denim has become a wardrobe staple for most people especially who prefer stylish casuals. The jean denim were first used as a casual wear that you wear on weekends while doing the chores. But when big brands like wrangler and Lee jumped into the Jean denim style with the original denim producer who is levi the Jean denim became even more popular in the 20th century.

jean denim suitsThe Jean denim has been in use from the 19th century which came into style because of the civil War. This was because of the fact that the Jean denims were issued for the labourers who worked in the farms and in the mines since they were comfortable styles which gave the wearer's flexibility and stretch to work in the fields. The Jean denims were first used for the trousers and they were durable and withstood wear and tear when compared to the other styles. But the Jean denims soon entered the Hollywood and their frequent appearances in the wild West films made them a popular style option.

Levi is the one who is attributed the origin of the Jean denim since when a tailor from nevada came to levi Strauss he wanted to include rivet on the Jean denim trousers that he bought with him. Then levi got the idea and both the tailor and levi patented the riveting pants in 1873. Even today levi is the one of the most popular brands when it comes to jean denim suits or any other concerned to denims. Since then the Jean denims became a major casual style among the men.

When it comes to Jean denim suits though they may be popular in recent times the origin of it was not a pretty one. When they started out the Jean denim suits did not start off with a good note and the story ended as a short one. But they made a comeback in 2015 when Ralph Lauren introduced the Jean denim suits in his spring summer collection. Most of the conventional dressers might be skeptical with the Jean denim suits but the younger generation has had a good reaction to the Jean denim suits.

jean denim suitsThe Jean denim suits are also popularly known as the Canadian tuxedo and some of the prominent celebrities have tried out the styles in different occasions. While the denim on denim look might be a risky one to pull off there is nothing too hard when you know to style them right. As for the history of the Jean denim suits it has said to have originated in the mid 20th century. The original of the Jean denim suits traces back to the incident in Vancouver Canada involving an American singer called bingcrosby. It is said that the singer was pretty attached to the city of Vancouver and often visited it. In the 1950s when he was in the peak of his career he wanted to check into a hotel but he was denied access reasoning that he was underdressed and at that time he was wearing denim on denim outfit. The mistake was soon realized and he was granted access but the incident became an issue nonetheless.

The incident reached the ears of Levi Strauss and he took advantage of the situation to further popularize the brand. In response to the hotel incident he designed a custom made pink tuxedo that was fully made of denim and gifted it to Crosby. While the material of the Jean denim suit was made of the same material that was used go the Levi's classic jeans but the Jean denim suit jacket carried a leather patch on the inner side which read notice to all hotel men : a perfectly appropriate fabric and anyone wearing it should be granted access to even the finest hotels in the world. This style of the crosby jean denim suits had a limited run of about 200 units in the spring summer 2014 collection.

jean denim suitsThough this style of Jean denim suit or the Canadian tuxedo started out as a humorous attempt the fashion solidified through the years. This made the denim to be viewed as a fashion wear rather than a simple workwear. Soon the pop music world caught on the denim on denim look and this further popularised the look. For example you can refer to the mugshot of elvis Presley from 1956 where he posed wearing a denim shirt and jeans. Thus the denim on denim style soon became the iconic bad boy look of that time. Soon the Jean denim suit look also popularised and was greatly favored by the celebrities of that time making it an unisex look.

But the celebrities too the denim on denim look seriously and there were also some great fails with the style. But the Jean denim suit style has thrived all through these years and even now they are preferred by the fashion designers often making the appearance in the runways and sometimes in the red carpets. There are different styles of Jean denim suits that are available in the market and you can choose the one that would best suit your taste.

Coming back to the 2015 spring summer collection of ralph Lauren suits were introduced in the collection and this caused major stir in the fashion world. If you are a person who loves unique styles then you would love to try out the ralph lauren Jean denim suit styles. These Jean denim suits were designed by playing with the style of the leisure suit in the 1970s. The Jean denim suits that were introduced in the 2015 luxury purple label collection was created by combining two major fashion styles which are the dark denim and navy suit. This style of the Jean denim suits gives you the best middle of the road look between the dressy and casual styles of the fashion world.

jean denim suitsThe 3 piece Jean denim suit is a richer and more refined version of the bing Crosby's canadian tuxedo style and it is the perfect style between the play clothes and the work clothes. The navy blue Jean denim suit style was done in the perfect way and would be a perfect style for a well rounded wardrobe of the sartorially elite men. While the Jean denim is widely viewed as a casual style in menswear ralph Lauren combines it with the work staple which is the navy suit and produces you a new style which is also relevant to the usual settings.

Though the fashion world is still not as accepting to style the Jean denim suits to your office you can start out with styling these for the casual events or the semi formal events where you want to look different on all aspects. The reactions that the Jean denim suits garnered were mixed. While the conservative men were opposed to the idea of styling the suit in denims most of the younger generation viewed the style with curiosity. On the whole we can accept the fact that the Jean denim suits are indeed a bold style and would not be suitable for the faint of hearts. Thus if you have a adventurous spirit and do not mind curious glances thrown your way then you can try out the Jean denim suits.

The color of the Jean denim suits is one of the most important factors that you will have to note about the style. When it comes to vested Jean denim suits introduced by ralph Lauren he wanted a formal style and thus opted to go with the obvious style of the dark blue Jean denim suits which gives a usual look which can be best for the starters of the Jean denim suits. Thus when you need a formal style then it would be best for you to stick with the navy blue Jean denim suits or the charcoal gray Jean denim suits. Since it is a formal style and you are choosing to go with the subtle choice then make sure that both the jacket and the trousers are of the same shades. Only when you style the Jean denim suits as separates you can choose to style them in different shades since it gives out a casual style.

jean denim suitsWhile the blue suits are the usual choices nowadays men are also starting to try out the other colored ones. Depending on the look that you need you can choose the style of the Jean denim suits that you need. For formal use stick with the dark wash Jean denim suits like the grey suits and black suits but when you need a casual style then you can choose to go with the light colored or bright colored ones. For example if you are attending a casual wedding like a summer one then you can choose to go with the mens teal jean denim suits and light blue suits or light Jean denim suits.

Another important factor that you will have to note about the ralph Lauren Jean denim suits is the fit of the garment. When going with the Jean denim suits make sure that you go with the well fitting ones that will accentuate your body type. You can choose to go with the custom made Jean denim suits but the price involved might be too high especially because denim is a hard wearing style. There are different fits of the Jean denim suits and you can choose the one that would suit you. The Ralph Lauren denim Jean suits mostly were great fitting and you can choose to go with the same. Skinny fit suits and slim fit suits are the ones that are most preferred for the slim and tall men. But when you need a more versatile style then you can choose to go with the modern fit suits since it borders both on formal and casual style. When you need a roomier style then we would recommend you to go with classic fit suits or the big and tall Jean denim suits.

As for styling the Jean denim suits you can choose to adopt different ways but it should depend on the nature of the event that you are attending. For example if you are attending a formal event that has lenient dress codes then you can choose to go with the Ralph Lauren type of styling the Jean denim suit like a standard style. Go with pairing the three piece Jean denim suit with a dress shirt and a tie. If you do not like the vest option then opt to go with the 2 piece Jean denim suits.

Peak lapel suits would be a great look but since it is originally a casual style it would be better for you to go with the notch lapel suits. If you are looking for a dressy style like the mens denim wedding suit then you can choose to go with the shawl lapel styles too. You can style the mens denim suit in casual styles like pairing it with open necked shirt or a simple tshirt.