ivory suitsIf you are a conservational dresser then a white or ivory suit might not be on the top of your shopping list. People who are new to the ivory shade might need some explanation. Ivory belongs to the off white category and it is often considered to be an alternative for the people who do not like the white style. Ivory color resembles the material ivory which is usually made from the tusks and teeth of the animals. If you are one among the people who consider white to be a bright shade (technically it isn’t a color) then you should consider going with the mens ivory suits. Here in this article we will discuss more about the ivory suits thus giving you a chance to know it better.

If you are acquainted with ivory then you would already know that it is a warmer shade when compared to pure white and it has a calming effect. This is one of the reasons why ivory seems to be the first choice for people painting their houses. The Ivory garments have a slight tint of yellow in them and thus pair well with most colors where white might be too contrasting. For example brown does not look great when paired with white and thus it is usually recommended for you to go with ivory dress shirts instead of white dress shirts to be paired with brown suits. Thus ivory can be more easily styled when compared to the white garments making it better to consider ivory suits to be added to your suit collection.

ivory suitsSince mens ivory suit is a light colored suit it is best to be worn for the Summer and spring events. It would be a great style to be worn for the special occasions like weddings and parties. It would give a dressed up look for the event since the light colored suit like ivory suit in itself is eye catching. Also you can style the light colored suits with the brighter garments which are mostly avoided for the winter and fall seasons.

As for the combinations here are some of the color suggestions for the combining garments that would pair with the ivory color suits. As mentioned before ivory has a tint of yellow in it. Yellow usually pairs well with blue and thus ivory suits also looks great when paired with the blue combining garments. Other than this you can also choose to go with the other colors that are related to yellow like brown and orange. If you are convinced about trying out this style then here are some tips which we think might help you get through the styling.

With the above mentioned color combinations here are some of the best ivory suit outfits that we have seen. Going through these outfits might help you gain an idea of styling the garments for different events. Be it formal or casual events with the right type of styling you can make the look work for these events.

Ivory and blue

This is one of the easiest style combinations that you can make work since blue is one of the colors that we are all comfortable with. If you are thinking of trying out the ivory suit mens then we would suggest you to choose blue combining garments. There are different shades in blue and you can choose the one that would help you make the best choice.

Depending on the event you are attending you can choose the right shade of blue. For example if it is a formal event then it would be a better choice to go with the light blue dress shirts. Light blue dress shirt would deliver a standard look for the event. For a formal event you can choose to style the ivory cotton suit with a light blue dress shirt, polka dot navy tie and a navy pocket square. To finish off the look you can add with the outfit a pair of black leather loafers.

For a smart casual look that can get you through the casual summer events you can choose to style the linen ivory outfit suits with a light blue mandarin collar shirt and navy print pocket square. A pair of navy suede loafers would make the outfit truly shine. On the other hand if you like to go with a contrasting look then we would suggest you to go with the dark colored combining garments. For a stylish and contemporary look you can pair the ivory suit set with a navy blue dress shirt, grey pocket square and a charcoal tie. You can effortlessly bring down the look to a relaxed style you can add with it a pair of dark brown suede loafers.

Ivory and brown

The earthen shade works well with ivory and grounds your outfit. Finding the right shade for the right event can make it work. The contrast between the dark combining garment like brown shirt and light colored suit like ivory suit would make the outfit more dressy and stylish. For a contemporary must try ensemble you can choose to style the slimfit suit with a dark brown dress shirt and then amp up the coolness of the outfit you can add with it a pair of dark brown leather loafers.

For a more casual look you can leave out the dress shirt and choose to style the brown crew neck t-shirt with the ivory mens suit.When you want to take a classic route then you can choose black leather double monks for the footwear department. For a more formal look you can choose to style the double breasted suit with a white dress shirt and a dark brown printed tie. Choose a stylish pair of dark brown leather loafers to complete the look. This would be a great look for people looking for ivory wedding suits.You can also choose to go with the same for the ivory groomsmen suits.