houndstooth suits For people who are new to the suiting world houndstooth suits might sound like a violent style that the hunters wear to the outdoor escapades. You are not exactly wrong since the pattern that is traditionally used on tweed fabrics that were historically used for the outdoor activities like hunting, golfing and such. But in modern times the houndstooth suits have become a popular style in menswear.

If you are wondering what houndstooth actually is then it is a pattern that consists of checks. Sometimes these also come with overcheck which compliments the larger pattern at the same time. Houndstooth mens suits can be distinguished from the usual checkered style by the presence of the jagged edges. This pattern resembles the back teeth of the dog and thus the name. Usually the mens houndstooth suits come in traditional muted tones of darker shades.

houndstooth suits For houndstooth tweed suit look you can go with the dark colors like black and brown and also the larger scales of the patterns. If you are a vintage look styling person then you can go with the dark colors of the houndstooth checker suits.But if you are more of a modern style person then you can go with the larger checks of the houndstooth mens suits in the lighter and flashier shades. Houndstooth pattern is not only popular with the suits but nowadays you can find it everywhere starting from the t-shirts to the beddings.

Classic houndstooth suits are available in different color combinations but this is not an everyday style. Some men might find it intimidating since it is a busy pattern and thus might be tricky while styling it. Also make sure to choose the combining garments carefully with details like textures, patterns and colors.

There are different ways in which you can style the mens houndstooth suits. When you have decided on the right fabric and color for the houndstooth suits try to focus on the other details. These might include the event that you are dressing for and also whether the look would be appropriate for it. As mentioned before houndstooth pattern suit is not exactly a subtle look and thus would be sure to turn some curious heads. Make sure you are ready to handle this but if you are a person who enjoys it then it will be a sweet treat.

Houndstooth suits – Your autumn choice
houndstooth suitsAutumn is a season of change and how better to include a new pattern to your wardrobe. Houndstooth suit pattern gives the garment a subdued look which would be perfect for autumn and winter events. Also the houndstooth suits are a little too casual in their making and thus would not be a ideal choice to be used as a workwear or such. Thus when you are starting with the houndstooth suit mens choose to wear it for the semi formal and casual events.

When styling the houndstooth suits remember that the suit should be the main part of your outfit. The shirt and the accessories that you choose to add with the houndstooth suit outfit should complement the look of the suit. Usually we would recommend you to go with plain shirts since this offers a balance with the patterned suit but you can also choose to go with the striped shirts. Apart from this you can add the tie and a pocket square. The plaid suit is still a vintage style and thus would be perfect to finish off with the black Chelsea boots.

For cool styling of the houndstooth suit
houndstooth suits As for the first look you can opt for a houndstooth 3 piece suit. A formal look would encapsulate styling the brown houndstooth suit with a blue dress shirt and a dark brown polka dot tie. The contrast of the brown with blue would give you a nice and playful look. To complement the look of the outfit you can pair with the above mentioned outfit dark brown leather Chelsea boots.

Other than this you can also use the 3 piece houndstooth suits as separates. If you are intending to use pattern but in a minimal degree then you should try going with styling the houndstooth suit jacket or the mens houndstooth suit vest.These separate styles when paired with appropriate combining garments would offer you a different kind of look thus making you utilize the garment to the fullest degree.

If your wardrobe is full of your business suits and you want an elegant choice that would give you a stylish and cool look then you can choose to go with the double breasted suits. The double breasted suits are different from the usual single breasted styles since it is thicker and more fitting. If you are looking for a suit that you can wear for the semi formal dinner events then double-breasted houndstooth plaid suit would be a great choice.

Little changes can make the outfit look completely different. Adding some color to the houndstooth suit outfit would give it a new look. For a simple and subtle look you can go with styling the 2 piece houndstooth suit with a white dress shirt and a purple tie. You can add with this a blue pocket square and then a pair of navy blue leather oxford shoes.

If you are still not ready for the whole houndstooth suit look then you can choose to go with the houndstooth mens suit jacket.There will be a lot more options when you style the suit jacket as separates and thus go wild. The houndstooth blazer is a popular choice for the highly sartorially elite class of the men. Depending on the event you can make the right pick of styling. If you want to retain the formal look then you can choose to style the houndstooth suit jacket with a dress shirt and a pair of plain dress pants and for a smart casual look try chinos or jeans.