glitter suitsTo some people’s horror glitter suits are trending for quite some time in menswear. We can already sense the conventional dressers rolling their eyes at the trend and want everyone to go back to the usual navy blue suits but it is time that fashion breaks barriers. Glitter and womenswear has always been acquainted and thus it is not a new thing to note a celebrity clad in a glitter dress but a glitter suit is something that tends to demand attention.

When we talk about glitter suits there are a lot of varieties that we bring under the same topic. You don’t have to only think about the actual glitters on the suits but think also about the suits that have a subtle sheen about them. By this we want to emphasize again that there are styles for everyone whether be you a subtle dresser or an extravagant one. Just put some effort into research, go through the glitter suits online and then pick out the one that will be best for you.

When it comes to glitter in womenswear there are awesome examples on how to carry the look and make it work. Almost all of our favorite celebrities have slayed the glitter dress look atleast once. Some among the most notable ones include Beyonce, Gigi hadid, Kylie Jenner and many more. When the award season comes you will note that the fashion is back at full force. But for a long time when the women were pushing the creative territory with these outfits, men passively stuck with the black tuxedos. But with time the lines have been blurring and now we see the efforts being taken to try out different looks.

Here are some of the ideas for styling the mens glitter suitsand also the evolution of the creativeness in mens fashion outfits. The traditional black tuxedo look has evolved a great deal and if you are a person who closely watches the fashion quotient in the award events and fashion shows then you might have also noted the shift. Men are now being more open and bolder in trying out new styles instead of restricting themselves to the very few ones that men usually have in their closet.

LaKeith Stanfield

For an example you can take a look at the modified black tuxedo attire worn by LaKeith Stanfield. The man turned up in a modified black jumpsuit and paired it with a wide lapel white dress shirt for the 93rd academy awards.


But there were also people who pushed the limits of the formal dressing world in a different sense. For example we will take the attire of Odom who was nominated for “one night in Miami” in 2021 oscars. He wore a gold glitter 2 piece suit paired with a gold dress shirt and a gold tie. But the actual surprise with the double breasted suit is that the whole of the suit was subtly plated with real gold. The man grounded this shiny look by adding with the outfit a pair of black leather formal shoes.

Colman Domingo

Colman Domingo was called an absolute day of sunshine by Popsugar since he looked absolutely stunning while wearing a pink Versace glitter suit mens. The pink glitter suit jacket was paired with a matching pink dress shirt and a then a pair of matching pink glitter pant suits. This pink glitter suit outfit was completed by adding a pair of black leather formal shoes.


The young “Call me by your name” star is considered to be one of the most promising fashion enthusiasts of this generation. For 2019 Golden Globes Award show the actor turned up in a mens black suit that was equal parts classy and stylish. The glitter 1 piece suit was fully black but he added a glitter embroidered bib on to the black dress shirt.

Jonathan Van Ness

Jonathan Van Ness is the queer eye star and a hair stylist. He showed up to the ref carpet of the 2018 creative arts Emmys wearing a black top along with a sheer black suit dress gown. Though this is not a conventional look and might not be accepted by all it is an important improvement in the fashion world like the black tux dress worn by Billy porter.

There are many more celebrities who have rocked the glitter suits style over the years and you can take inspiration from these outfits. Glitter suit mens is not a very rare style and thus you can start incorporating it into your casual garments. Most people who find the style aesthetically pleasing would only need a slight push to try out the style for themselves. Since the glitter suits are widely trending and are considered to be cool it is the best time to try out the style.

If you are a person who are contemplating on trying out the glitter suit stylesthen we are here to make it easy for you. If you are a simple dresser and venturing out into the shiny world for the first time then there is a chance of you getting intimidated with the glitter suits. Thus we would recommend you to go with the styling of the glitter suit jacket mens or the glitter blazer suit first and then progress on to the full style.

The glitter suit blazers and the glitter suit jackets are easier to style when compared to the full suit. Go with the darker colors like black glitter suit jackets or the navy blue glitter suit jackets in the start since they give you a subtle and sophisticated look. Keep these garments the main pieces of your outfit and the others slightly subdued. Once you are used to the look then you can go with the sequin suits and plaid suits which tend to grab more attention than the simpler ones and is best for the casual events.