gatsby suit styleIf you are a person who is looking for a great style for the Halloween or the costume party then we would recommend you to try the gatsby suit style. The gatsby suit style is the best choice for men who like to be dressed up perfectly even if it is a Halloween event or a costume event. If you are looking for a guide to this styling of gatsby suits then read further since in this article we provide you with all the possible details involved in dressing in Gatsby suit style.

If you are in dark about the topic we are discussing then you first need to go watch the classic 2013 movie which is called the great gatsby. It has leonardo DiCaprio starring in the main role and the movie in itself is a visual treat. Apart from the impeccable cast the costumes in the movie adds to the beautiful storytelling of the movie. The movie is based on the novel by Scott Fitzgerald and in the novel the main character is defined as a clotheshorse. It even mentions that the main character Jay gatsby has collection of shirts that is piled like bricks in stacks a dozen high. This details define the wealth of the character and his love for the clothing. Leonardo DiCaprio plays the character of Jay gatsby to perfection but other than this you will have to note that the other characters are also dressed perfectly for their character.

The movie is set in the 1930s and the garments to an extent follows the major trends of that period. The gatsby suit style had a great look that many of the youngsters at the time of the film was inspired to follow the vintage look. If you are a person who is much into vintage clothing then the film would be a inspiring watch for you. When you are more into the vintage films then you can go with the earlier adaptations of the novel one of which came in 1974 and other in 2000.

The gatsby suit styles are different in all the three adaptations and you can choose the one that would suit your taste. When the novel first came out in the spring of 1925 it became an instant hit even at that time. When the first adaptation of the novel came out the directors realised the importance of the costume for the movie and thus the legendary costume designer edith head was casted for the movie. After the success of the movie it took another quarter of a century before the story was again adapted into a movie. This time the 2000 adaptation was restricted by the small budget thus making the film underwhelming on many aspects. But the third time became one of the best adaptations of the movie successfully delivering a grand look by pulling in star cast like Leonardo DiCaprio, Tobey maguire and many others. This adaptation was surprisingly a great hit given that it is almost a century after which the story was written.

gatsby suit styleAs for the gatsby suit style all through these three adaptations all the characters had the best styling. Given that the story is set in the late spring of the year 1922 the gatsby suit style has a great scope. Even in the book Fitzgerald had gone to great lengths to describe the gatsby suit style in details thus making the readers understand the importance of the costumes in the story. But the description only describes the fabric and sometimes the color but the author does not obsess over the other details. The movies has done a great job in recreating the gatsby suit style to the best possible degree. If you are interested about knowing the gatsby suit styles in all the three movies read the article further. The gatsby suit styles in all the three movies have some similarities on the whole and this makes them relevant.

For example the brown suit style is one of the most prominent ones that appear in all the three movies. The details involved with the brown suits only change to a small degree making the look unique for all the movies. The brown gatsby suit style is considered to be the least flashy of all the suits that Jay gatsby is seen wearing in the films. In the book jay gatsby is described to wear the brown suit when he is meeting with nick Carraway to lunch and then go on to ask for a reunion with his former lover daisy.

In the 1920s the brown suits were mostly reseved for the country side and it was new for anyone to wear the brown suits for the city even if it is a simple weekend meeting. But Fitzgerald breaks the rules ( may be by mistake or by willful ignorance of the so mentioned rules which he seems to love all through the book) by making his main character wear the brown suit for a lunch that happens in the midtown Manhattan.

In the first adaptation of the movie Robert Redford who plays the role of Jay gatsby seems to be stray away from the depictions of the brown suit in the book. Also he wears the brown gatsby suits in different adaptations. Robert Redford gatsby suit style consists of the single breasted brown suit jacket which is paired with double breasted vest that comes with wide lapels and pleated trousers. This brown gatsby suit style is the first prominent casual suit style that gets to have a good screen time when compared with the other suits.

gatsby suit styleThis Redford chocolate brown gatsby suit style might be considered to be less summer appropriate when compared with the other adaptations of the brown gatsby suit style. This wool suit style comes with muted gray blue chalk stripes on it. As for the details of this two button suit style the brown suit jacket comes with notch lapels and the suit jacket is left open to get the vest the required attention. The double breasted vest comes with six on three button stance and the vest also comes with peak lapels. The vintage look of the gatsby suit style is enhanced by the gold pocket chain that extends along the torso. The suit trousers of this brown gatsby suit style comes with double reverse pleats and the waistband of the trousers is high enough to conceal behind the vest and at the bottom they come with turn ups. As for the footwear the brown gatsby suit style is completed with a pair of dark brown and white spectator wingtip derby shoes.

As for the details of the gatsby suit style the brown suit is paired with the pale ecru cotton shirt that comes with a large white contrast collar. For the flashy look that is ideal for the gatsby style the single cuffs on the dress shirt is fastened with gold cuff links which are embellished with the green stones on it. The gatsby suit style is completed with a dark brown silk long tie which comes with patterns that consists of tan geometric squares and floral shaped circles. The gatsby suit style is completed with the cream Fedora hat which comes with a matching brown pleated ribbon.

As for the brown suit adaptation of the 2000 gatsby movie the suit featured here was made to be a little more summer appropriate than the redfords brown suit. Tony Stephen gatsby suit style comes with a single breasted suit jacket and a single breasted vest which comes with six buttons on it. The three button suit style looks like a authentic menswear fashion of the 1920s. The trousers of this gatsby suit style is flat fronted and comes with turn ups in the bottom. He completes the look with a pair of dark brown formal shoes. This single breasted gatsby suit style is paired with a cream cotton shirt. As for the details of the shirt it comes with a semi spread collar, buttoning cuffs at the sleeves and front placket. The tie is made of silk and comes in cream and dark brown block stripes.

The leonardo DiCaprio gatsby suit style goes all out by adopting the caramel colored version of the brown suit which is best imitation of the description on the book. This windowpane suit style comes with a subtle look in the light blue color. The peak lapel gatsby suit style is the slight nod to the raging trend for the particular trend at that time. The three button single breasted gatsby suit style is added with a single breasted five button vest and the jacket is worn sometimes open and sometimes fully buttoned.

gatsby suit styleThis gatsby suit style is paired with a light blue dress shirt that coordinates with the light blue windowpane check on the suit. The salmon silk tie which comes with the criss crossing stripes is pinned to the collar with a barbell style pin. The cuff links that is worn with the gatsby suit style is green like that of Redfords but is in enamel. As for the accessories a tan silk pocket square is added to the welted pocket of the suit jacket and then a natty straw boater and vintage styled sunglasses.

The next common gatsby suit style that is seen all through the three adaptations is the white suit. The white suit style is described to be worn on the scene in which gatsby meets his former lover daisy. The white suit is a fitting look since the character wants to show off his success and to get this look he goes with the white suit look complete with underpinnings of silver and gold. For the first adaptation edith head decided to go against the whole white suit look for Alan ladd and instead opting to dress the character with a dark double breasted jacket which is paired with the white flannel trousers. As for the accessories the white gatsby suit style is paired with spectator wingtip shoes and a striped tie.

As for the redford white gatsby suit style the cut of the suit is almost the same as the brown suits. The linen suit style completes its purpose by easily standing out among the rest. The three piece suit style gets all the attention that it deserves by going with a single breasted notch lapel suit jacket which is paired with the double breasted vest and pleated white trousers. But again the all white gatsby suit style is ignored and the white suit is instead paired with the metallic blue dress shirt and a gold silk tie. The shirt also comes with French cuffs which are fastened with golden cuff links. He matches the shirt look by adding a metallic gray blue pocket square to the welted breast pocket of the suit jacket. As for the footwear the gatsby suit style is added with a pair of plain white oxfords.

The Toby Stephens white gatsby suit style is considered to be the most accurate depiction of the white suit. He goes for the 3 piece gatsby suit style and he pairs it with the light blue cotton dress shirt which mirrors the description of the silver shirt described by Fitzgerald. As for the leonardo DiCaprio gatsby suit style it is more of a creative approach to the white gatsby suit style described in the book. The single button 3 button white gatsby suit style comes with slim peak lapels which is paired with flat fronted trousers. The white gatsby suit style is paired with a tobacco brown herringbone vest and a metallic gray silk shirt.

The fit of the gatsby suit style is the one that matters the most since it greatly influences the look. Go with slim fit suit style and classic fit suit style depending on the body type. Go with the one that would most flatter your body type.