extra long suitUsually when we talk about stereotypes in the fashion industry the unavailability of the larger sizes seems to the major topic. But there is one more thing that men suffer with – unavailability of the extra long suits that fit the tall men. The reason why this issue doesn’t get addressed often is because of the fact that the really tall men – the ones above 6 feet are rare and thus most of them get suits without much problem. But there are people who are exceptionally tall and struggle for them is real. Thus we are here to talk more about the extra long suits mens and some of the style tips that might make the tall men look better in suits.

While choosing suits for the tall men there are a few things that you can alter to up your fashion game. Getting these small details right might matter a lot in making your outfit a success. But before going into these tips we would like you to know more about the extra long suits. Mens extra long suits are the ones that are an ideal pick for the tall men who are not comfortable with the usual fit of the suits. There are a few tweaks in the extra long suits that are made to make the wearer comfortable and stylish in the garment.

extra long suitThe first problem that tall men encounter is the length of the jackets. While the design of the suits have remained more or less the same since it’s origin the length of the suit jacket is one of the details that often gets altered. Currently we are going with the optimum length of the suit jackets that is just enough to cover the backside of the wearer. But when a tall person who is on the leaner side goes with the right fit of the suit there might be problems with the inadequacy in the length of the suit jacket. In this case extra long mens suits might help you get through with the right fit and also length.

The next problem is the length of the suit jacket sleeves. This is a more common problem than the one with the length of the suit jacket since most tall people have long limbs. The ideal length of the suit jacket is that it should be ½ or 1 inch less than the sleeves of the dress shirt. If the suit jacket you are buying does not satisfy this criteria or if you are finding the jacket to be tight near your shoulders then it is time to go with the extra long suits. In case if you are on the bulkier side then it would help for you to go with big & tall mens suit. The sleeves of these suits are bigger and thus accommodating the wearer with perfection. Along with this the extra long suit pants also come with necessary provisions to properly fit the tall wearer.

Now that we have covered major characteristics of the extra long suits here are some of the tips that might help you choose a better looking outfit.

1. Think layers

Most men think of layers only when winter is around the corner or if they are feeling particularly chilly. But if you are a person who is tall and also on the thinner side then you should consider adding layers all the time. This is because of the fact that the extra layers add a new dimension to the outfit making it more interesting.

extra long suitIt doesn’t have to be too fancy – adding a vest or a sweater with your suit jacket would do the job. But while you are going with the vests whether be it the suit vest or the odd vest make sure that it is well fitted. We would suggest you to consider going with extra long suit vests since there is still the problem of the length being too short. Another advantage with the layers is that add points of interest to your outfit so that the viewer is not too focused on your height.

2. Try going custom

We already know that it costs a fortune and for some it is simply impossible to go with the custom made suits. But we are suggesting you to have atleast one suit that is custom tailored for your body type. That way you can style the suit for the special occasions.

extra long suitEven though there are various options with off the rack suits it is still almost impossible to get a fit like the custom made ones especially with the taller guys.Thus if you are getting the suit to wear to your first day of work or choosing you wedding suit we would suggest you to choose a custom made mens 2 button suit or the blue wedding suit that would fit you perfectly.

3. Always go with suit jackets and blazers

Outfits without layers like suit jackets and blazers might make the viewer focus too much on your height and thus it is always recommended for you to go with either the suit jackets or the blazers. If you are a person who is on the taller and leaner side then with the inclusion of the big & tall size blazersextra long suit jackets you will be able to accentuate your body type and create a broadened look for your shoulders. Thus when the situation permits never skip these jackets and blazers.

4. Adding a belt helps

While being tall has its perks sometimes you might wish to shed those extra inches. When you are styling the big and tall mens outfits it would be a better choice to add a belt since it creates a clean look for your outfit while breaking up the appearance instead of looking like a long line. This is also one of the reasons why the tall people are recommended to go with suit separates or styling their outfits with blazers and large mens sport coats.