cotton suitsThe fabrics of the suits or any garments for that matter is one of the most important things that you will have to note while purchasing it. There are very few suiting fabrics and each have their unique characteristics and benefits. While wool is one of the most popular fabrics when it comes to suits it’s lightweight counterpart cotton suits are also equally popular among men. Especially when the summer comes and temperatures start to elevate we all scramble to the cotton suits to make our workday bearable. In this article we discuss the mens cotton suits and all that you need to know about them before you get one for yourself.

The cotton has been in suiting industry for a long time now and so much so that it is even called the fabric of our lives. In fact humans have utilized the cotton for clothing for over 5000+ years. As for the cotton suits khaki suits were the first time enter the market due to the British armed forces in the 1800s. After the second world war the cotton fabric became even more popular in the suiting industry.

cotton suitsCotton is made from the fibers of the cotton plant and thus is a natural fabric which makes it most comfortable to wear. Cotton suits are light in weight and thus can offer you a comfortable wear during the hot days of summer. Since it is made of natural fabric the men’s cotton suits tend to be breathable and thus you will not sweat much even under scorching temperatures. But due to the lightweight nature of the cotton suits they might not have the drape that is offered by the wool suits. Thus when you choose to go with the cotton mens suits it would be best for you to go with the perfect fit. Cotton slim fit suits are the ones that are most recommended when you want a slender and sleek look.

As for the cost involved with the cotton suits you might not need to worry much since cotton suits are available at a reasonable cost. The accessibility of the cotton fabric is easy and thus aiding to the low cost of the suits. Other than this you can also choose to go with the cotton blend suits with wool or synthetic materials like polyester and rayon. For a dressier look you can choose to go with blends of cotton with luxurious fabrics. Cotton silk suits would be best for special occasions and can also give you a better drape. Depending on the type of look that you need and the budget involved you can choose the details involved with the cotton suits.

cotton suitsCotton suits will be the most versatile addition to your wardrobe since they offer a standard look which will be appropriate for any events. For example if you are feeling stuffy with your formal wool suits then you can go with the cotton suits which can keep you cool through the office day. Other than this the cotton suits will also look appropriate for the casual summer events like the beach parties and such. All you have to do is to know which look with combining garments will work the best for the event you are attending.

The cotton suit colors are another thing that you will have to note while purchasing. The cotton suits recommended for summer use are mostly of lighter colors. These are casual cotton suits that would give out a laid back and stylish look that matches with the look of the season. But if you are getting the cotton suits for formal use like to wear as workwear then you can choose to stick with the basics like navy cotton suits and charcoal grey cotton suits. These will give out a classic and standard look that will never look out of place in any occasions.

cotton suitsBut if you want to capture the essence of the cotton suits and wouldn’t mind a break from your regular looks then here are some light colored summer suits that we would like to recommend for you. For a long time when it comes to cotton suits men immediately imagined the khaki suits but fashion industry has come a long way and with it the mindset of people. Cotton suits have grown to a degree where the celebrities like Ryan Gosling easily rock the style on the red carpets. Thus this summer venture beyond the khaki cotton suits and try some new colors.

The first recommendation is on the safer side since there should be a cotton dress suit that can save you on the special occasions. Although instead of the usual navy suits you can go with the light blue suits which would give you a breezy and laid back look instead of the uptight navy suits look. You can easily style them for the summer weddings and other formal gatherings since blue is a color that would blend in right away.

If you are feeling bolder and would like to experiment more then you can choose to go with the pink tuxedo or light pink cotton suits. Most times men would avoid going with the pink suits but the color looks great when styled for the summer weddings and parties with all the natural light pouring in. If you are still not convinced about going with full pink suit then you can go with separates. A pink cotton suit jacket mens paired with a white dress shirt and a pair of black dress pants would give out a easy to put together but stylish look.

White cotton suits would be the ultimate choice for the sartorially elite men since most tend to avoid these suits considering it hard to pull off. You can go with a mellower look by choosing the beige suits and cream suits. Go through the cotton suit designs like cotton silk suits online and casual cotton suits online and choose the best style for you.