check suitChecks are one of the most preferred patterns in clothing industry. Checks are an important pattern since there are very few patterns that have gained the approval in menswear and checks are on the top of the list. Starting from the shirts the checks have reached now all the way to the suits. There are different styles in checks and you can select the one which works for you the best. In this article we discuss the check suits and all that you need to know about the style before trying it out for yourself.

Checks are patterns that consists of repeating squares and rectangles printed on the fabric to create the desired look. The check pattern has been in use for a long time and thus there are a lot of variations in the pattern which gives an unique look. It will be best for you to get to know the styles available in check suits and then choose your pick. If you are used to solid suits and are hesitant about trying out the check suits then you can start with the check ties and check shirts and then progress on to the check suits with time.

If you are trying out the men’s check suits style for the first time it is better to start with the simplest. Box check suits or graph check suits whichever name you know them by consists of evenly spaced grids that resemble the squares in graph paper. These check patterns are most prevalent on the shirts but can also be noted on the suits. This uncomplicated pattern will help you style the suit without much hassle thus making it best for the beginners. The boxes on these check suits are mostly quarter an inch and these small squares give the suit a formal look. As the size of the squares increase so does the casual look of the check suit.

check suitThe next style of the mens check suits that we recommend you to check out is the windowpane suits. These suits have larger squares which are close to rectangles and resemble the old style of the divided window panes. The windowpane check suits can be worn to formal events and even as a regular workwear. In recent times the windowpane check suits have come back in style and are trending at the moment. The slightly elongated squares would create an optical illusion which gives the wearer a subtle sense of added height.

Gingham check suits resemble the graph check suits but come with thicker lines. These gingham check suits come in single color with a white background. Blue gingham check suits are the most popular choice but there are also other choices available. The checks in these suits give out a darker look which makes the garment look richer and more sophisticated. These are formal check suits which you can style to your office or any other formal events.

Gun Club check suit comes with a check pattern that is believed to has its origin in the Scottish Highlands and then was adopted by the America gun Club in 1874. Originally the gun club check suits come with black, green, rust and gold colored squares which indicate their origin from the highlands but nowadays they are available mostly in two colors which is brown and blue. This is more of a country style pattern and thus are mostly found in checks blazer suit and mens check suit jackets instead of the full check suits. It is best to style these check suit mens for semi formal and casual events.

check suitTartan is considered to be the most complex pattern when it comes to checks since it consists of several intersecting lines of varying thickness also in a variety of colors. But the plaid check pattern has been popular in menswear for a long time and is even considered to be an everyday wear. There are a lot of versions of the tartan suits and it is best for you to go through the styles to pick the one which would work for you.

As for styling the check suits here are some ideas which would help when you get one of these styles for yourself. For a formal and dressed up look you can choose to style the charcoal 3 piece check suit with a white dress shirt and a real striped tie. To finish off the look add with the outfit a pair of black leather oxford shoes. For an everyday look you can choose to go with the grey check pattern suit with a white dress shirt, violet print tie and a white pocket square. To compete the look perfectly you can add with the outfit a pair of black leather Oxford shoes.

Now when you choose to go with the smart casual look leave out the ties from the check suit outfits and try to add a little more casualness to the outfit. For example when you need a trendy but easy look which can turn heads then you can choose to style the mens black suit with a pink dress shirt and white pocket square. To finish off the look you can add with the outfit a pair of dark brown leather tassel loafers.

If you are dressing for a wedding that is more on the casual side then you can go with the check suit design of pairing the navy 2 piece suit check with a white crew neck tshirt and a burgundy pocket square. To give the outfit a refined touch you can add with it a pair of Burgundy leather tassel loafers. For a contrasting type of look you can style the light blue check print suit with a black crew neck tshirt and a black pocket square. To finish off the look in perfect sense you can add with it a pair of black leather loafers. Other than this you can also style the check suit jacket and pants as separates.