charcoal gray pinstripe suitsIf you are a person who is obliged to wear formals due to work then you might already own the basics of the suits like the navy suits and the gray suits. But when you really love the formal wear then you would definitely want to widen your inventory rather than restricting it to the usual solid suits. Patterned suits are now becoming a major sensation with the young generation starting to prefer it because of the stylish look it offers. In this article we discuss the charcoal gray pinstripe suits and some of the best ways in which you can style them.

Most men tend to be hesitant when it comes to pinstripe suits or any patterned suit in general since they consider the garment to be hard to pull off and some to be attention grabbing. But the pinstripe suits are the most subtle patterned garments that you will find in the market. Also when you start with the pinstriped garments it would be best to start out slow with the classic colors like charcoal gray pinstripe suits so that you will get used to the style before progressing on to the bold styles.

The pinstripes is one of the oldest known patterns known to fashion and it is surprising how it has stuck on till date even with the constant changes in the requirements of the people. Though the charcoal gray pinstripe suits have been in and out of style they never became outdated and this is a great feat for the subtle pattern. Before we go into the details let us know the history on how the pinstripe suits came into being one of the prominent patterns in menswear.

charcoal gray pinstripe suitsThough the pinstripes were first popularly used in the uniforms of the prisoners and to indicate the delinquents the first known use of the pinstripes on suits or any other formal garment usually goes back to the British. The origin story is not clear but the roots of the pinstripes bring used on formal garments for the civilians traces back to either the bankers or the sportsmen. Most claim that the pinstripe suits especially the pinstripe pants were greatly used by the bankers as a uniform. The pinstripes on the uniforms were even different in sized and space between depending on the bank that the particular employee work for. But some claim that the pinstripes were first used in the 19th century when the sporting world used it on the formal menswear for example the boating uniforms that came with stripes ok them.

Whichever the true origin of the pinstripes this pattern became popular in America only by the 1920s and 30s. But this time it was not adopted by the socially elite bankers but on the contrary by the gangsters and delinquents. Soon the pinstripe suits also became famous among the jazz musicians and people who likes to dress flashy. Thus the pinstripe suits obviously found it’s way into Hollywood and the movie stars were soon in love with the pattern. Some prominent stars like Cary Grant and Clark Gable wore the pinstripe suits in their movies and daily use making it reach the public in a good way. It is even said that the pinstripe suit that clark gable wore in gone with the wind was the Inspiration for the extravagant design of the zoot suits. This was the time when the prohibition era ended and the bad reputation of the pinstripes vanished since it became more mainstream.

Pinstripe suits became so popular that the then British Prime minister Winston Churchill was often seen wearing pinstripe suits throughout this tenure. One of the famous pinstripe suits of winston Churchill was the siren suit which the prime minister designed for himself and it is said that he wore that particular pinstripe suit while working the long nights of the world War II. There are portraits of Churchill in that suit and this suit fetched a whooping 50000 dollar bid when it was auctioned.

charcoal gray pinstripe suitsAs of now the pinstripe suits have become an integral part of the Western fashion. Nowadays you can see a lot of people casually wearing the pinstripe suits or any other pinstripe garment. Actually the pinstripe pattern has performed even better when it comes to casual garments. There is now almost all garments that come with pinstripe designs say from t-shirts to even swim shorts. Even though the appeal of the pinstripe suits still remain and thus it would be a good choice if you have one of these in your suit collection.

Coming back to the charcoal gray pinstripe suits they are one of the best if you are new to the pinstripe suit style. You can easily style the menscharcoal gray pinstripe suits for both formal and casual events making it one of the most versatile patterned garment that you own. Charcoal gray pinstripe suits will give the wearer a confident look and you can even style them for your office affairs. The styling of the pinstripe suits would differ when compared with that of the solid suits and here are some tips that might help you when you decide to go with this style.

The first thing that you will have to do while getting the charcoal gray pinstripe suits is to confirm that is indeed the particular suit. This might seem to be a silly tip but the number of people who confuse the pinstripes with chalk stripes are surprisingly high. Also there are more stripes like rope stripes and such which are also confused with the pinstripes. Thus it is important that you research the different stripes and the look of them before you make your purchase.

charcoal gray pinstripe suitsCharcoal gray pinstripe suits or any pinstripe suits in general will have a pattern which resembles a sequence of single threads on the garment while the chalk stripe suits will use many stripes in unison to create an effect that resembles a drawn chalk line on the garment. As for the width of the charcoal gray pinstripe suits it should be selected depending on your body type and height. While the chalk stripes are wider the pinstripes are relatively thin. If you are a tall and lean person then you can go with chalk stripe suits since they will emphasise the girth. But if you are a short and stout person then it would be a better choice for you to go with the charcoal gray pinstripe suits since the thin and long stripes can make you look taller and leaner. This is because of the fact that the narrow stripes will create an illusion which in turn elongated your body frame in the eyes of the viewer.

The fabric from which the charcoal gray pinstripe suits are made also affect the look of the suit. If you are looking for a business suit then our recommendation would be for you to go with the wool fabric. The wool suits will deliver a decent and sophisticated look that will match the serious atmosphere of the work related events. Other than this you can try out the variations in the charcoal gray wool pinstripe suits like the worsted wool charcoal gray pinstripe suits and flannel charcoal gray pinstripe suits.

But if you are living in a tropical country then the wool suits might feel suffocating especially to wear for the whole day. Thus it would be better for you to go with the lightweight alternative for these formal suits which is the cotton suits. These suits deliver a crisp look but can crease easily when compared with the wool suits. But the charcoal gray cotton pinstripe suits are breathable and can keep the wearer sweat free for the better part of the day.

charcoal gray pinstripe suitsThe formal charcoal gray pinstripe suits can be used for business meetings and important events but when you need a suit that you can wear to the semi formal and casual events especially the ones held in summer we would recommend you to go with the linen suits. These are light in weight and have better moisture wicking characteristics than that of the cotton suits. But the linen is rough to touch when bought new and softens only with use. Also the linen fabric tends to wrinkle much easily than the cotton fabric and thus if you are concerned about this aspect then we would recommend you to choose the blended linen charcoal gray pinstripe suits.

Silk charcoal gray pinstripe suits and velvet suits are luxurious options that will make the wearer look rich since the fabric inherently possess a sheen about them. All the above mentioned charcoal gray pinstripe suits might have a optimum price fixed for it and if you find it to be too high then you should consider going with the synthetic fabric charcoal gray pinstripe suits. Polyester suits and rayon suits will be cheaper in price but you will have to compromise on some qualities like the durability and the comfort of the wearer when it comes to the synthetic suits.

As for the styling of the charcoal gray pinstripe suits you should focus on the details that greatly contribute to the perfection of the look on the whole. For example the double breasted suits will give the wearer a serious look when compared with the single breasted charcoal gray pinstripe suits. But the single breasted charcoal gray pinstripe suits will be more versatile than the former since they can be styled with both formal and casual garments. Thus it will be a good choice when you consider the details involved before making the pick.

charcoal gray pinstripe suitsFor formal work related use you can choose to go with the single breasted 2 piece charcoal gray pinstripe suits look. But when you want to deliver a more sophisticated and authoritative look then you can choose to go with the 3 piece suits. This type of vested charcoal graypinstripe suit will be best for the important business meetings since it gives the wearer a strong and get it done kind of look.

As for styling the charcoal gray pinstripe suits here are some ideas that would help you to do it right. The combining garments that you pair with the charcoal gray pinstripe suit will determine the look of the suit and thus you will have to select them with care. For example when you need a simple look for a formal event then you can style the peak lapel suit with a white dress shirt and a standard colored tie. Other than the white dress shirt option you can also choose to go with other light ones like light blue dress shirt or pale pink dress shirt.

But when you want a little bolder and experimentative style then we would recommend you to pair the charcoal gray pinstripe suit with patterned shirts. While this gives the pinstripe suit a new look you should make sure to properly coordinate the outfit so that it does not look overbearing or too busy. As for the casual styling you can replace the dress shirt with a crew neck tshirt and the notch lapel suit will deliver a more relaxed look when compared to the peak lapel ones.

The most important factor that will distinguish your suit from the rest of the usual pinstripe suit is the fit of it. Make sure that you go with the properly cut ones that will accentuate your body type. For example the skinny fit suit and slim fit suit will look flattering on the tall and lean men while the classic fit charcoal gray pinstripe suits are best suited for the men who prefer a comfortable fit. Other than this you can also try out the big and tall charcoal Gray pinstripe suits if you are not satisfied with any of the above ones.