champagne suitsChampagne suits seems to be one of the trends that has caught everyone’s attention. The elegant shade is now everywhere starting from the handbags to even the phones. Thus it is natural that they come into the clothing but what is surprising is that they have become quite popular with the men. We call this a surprise since we already know that most men prefer to go with the dark colored styles like navy and grey while avoiding the lighter shades. Champagne resides on the lighter side of the color spectrum but still managed to capture the attention making it impressive. We here talk more about the mens champagne suits and how you can style them for different events.

Champagne as a color can be defined as the light yellow shade with a orangish mix to it. You might have already guessed the name origin – Yes, it is named after the beverage since it resembles it’s color. There are shades in champagne suits and depending on the look that you choose you can make your pick. Champagne is an elegant color that has a slight gold or brown undertone to it according to the shade of the garment that you choose. While styling the suit you can keep this mind and find coordinating styles that would give the outfit a better look.

champagne suitsSince champagne color suits are on the light color palette it would be best if you style them for the semi formal and casual occasions. If you are thinking of styling them for the formal occasions it would be best to go with the slightly darker tones that accentuate the gold undertone of the garment. Because of their elegant tone they can match well with occasions like dinner parties and weddings. Champagne suit wedding outfits have become one of the most popular choices among people looking for groom outfits. The light mens champagne suits would better suit the summer and spring events.

As we have mentioned before the champagne suits have a brown undertone to it and thus can sometimes be mistaken for beige suits or tan suits depending on the shade. But still the golden undertone is what makes the garment more interesting. Most people suggest you to ditch the brown shades of the garments for the formal or semi formal events since it is considered to be a country look. But the fashion has changed a great deal since the time when the rules were formed. Now brown also has become a desirable color that men are rocking even to the red carpet events. Thus with the right shade you can style the champagne suit outfits to almost any event be it formal or casual.

To help you with the styling we have compiled some champagne suit outfits for you since it relatively is a new style. Ideas might be gained for your own style when you go through these choices and also get to know the basics.

champagne suitsFirst picture the event for which you are getting the champagne suits. The vibe and nature of the event might give you most of the answers for the styling of your outfit. For example if the event is on the formal side and you want to look dressed up for it like consider it to be your wedding then you will definitely need to stand out from the crowd of suits. In that case you can choose to step up your style with the 3 piece suit. The vested style adds elegance to your outfit and you can also lose the jacket at some point of the celebration and still look great for the photos. Other than this you can also choose to go with the double breasted suits. A double breasted champagne suit mens paired with a white dress shirt and a red tie is a cool outfit for the groom. To finish off the look a pair of dark brown leather tassel loafers with charcoal socks would do the job.

While these are great choices for the formal events champagne suits look in place when they are styled for the semi formal and casual events. For example if you are the guest attending a summer wedding and want a cool outfit then we would suggest you to style the slimfit suit with a white and blue striped dress shirt and navy print pocket square. The brown undertone of the suit matches greatly with the brown shoes and thus stick with them while styling. For this champagne suit outfit a pair of dark brown suede tassel loafers would be a good match.

If you are a fan of contrasting looks that catches the eye of the viewer easily then the next outfit is for you. For this you can pair the 2 button style suit with a navy dress shirt and dark brown pocket square. To give a touch of stylish nonchalance add with the outfit a pair of black suede tassel loafers. If you are into simple styles then you can style the light champagne dress suit with a black crew neck t-shirt and then a pair of black leather derby shoes. While you go with these outfits it is best to leave out the shoes and show some ankle.

If you are a person who loves breezy and casual styles then we have recommendations followed up for you. Starting with the simplest style you can pull off we would suggest you to style the notch lapel suit with a white crew neck t-shirt and then finish off the look with a pair of white canvas low top sneakers. For a casual but more dressed up look you can add with the outfit a tan wool hat. You can also style the champagne suits as separates depending on your style. We of course know that mens champagne suit jackets would be easy to style but you can also try your hand with champagne suit vests and pants.