chalk pinstripe suitsStripes are obviously one the easiest patterns that men can pull off. These are also the patterns that we are most comfortable with. Most people’s patterned clothing journey starts with stripes. There are different types of stripes available in the market and they are found in almost all garments. Stripes are popular among both formal and casual wear. While a striped t-shirt can be worn with anything anywhere that might not be the case with the chalk pinstripe suits. Thus we have compiled some of the best chalk pinstripe suit outfit tips and styles we have come across so that it can make the endevor a little less intimidating for you.

Pinstripes and chalk stripes have been in mens wear for a long time now. The pinstripe suits started out a banker style with almost all the banks having their employees wear the pinstripe suits as their uniform. They even distinguished between their designs by altering smaller details in the suits like the width of the stripes and the distance between them. But before all this it is believed that the stripes were originally used by the mental institutions as uniforms for their patients. The stripes with this bad reputation of the was salvaged by the bankers when they adopted chalk pinstripe suit men as their own uniform. Apart from the bankers there was also a time when these suits were widely preferred by the delinquents and gangster. Even today the you can see a lot of pinstripe suit gangster styles available throughout the internet.

chalk pinstripe suitsBut this also did not last with the incidents that happened with 2008. The economy crashed and bankers were blamed for it. No one wanted to do anything with the mens chalk pinstripe suits and this was the time when an intelligent marketer decided to take the stripes to the casual clothing. While people hated pinstripes on suits it wasn’t the case with the casual garments. They became popular and soon stripes were everywhere starting from the tshirts to even the swim shorts.

In current situation stripes have become one of the most popular patterns in menswear and would continue to be so. Thus it is best to know the ways in which you can confidently pull off the chalk pinstripe suit outfits. As mentioned before this is an easy style but with some tweaks the resulting look might be a lot better.

The thing with the chalk pinstripe suits is that they tend to make a man look taller and slimmer because of the vertical lines. There are garments with horizontal lines but they are rare with suits. Thus the people who are short can utilize the pinstripe suits for a better look. Also styling the suit as a whole gives out a formal look but it can make you look much like a banker. If this isn’t the look that you want then we would suggest you to style the garment as separates. Chalk pinstripe suit jackets are the ones that are most popular when it comes to separates but you can also go with pinstripe suit pants or chalk pinstripe suit vests.

chalk pinstripe suitsThe color of the chalk pinstripe suits that you choose play a major role in the resulting look of the outfit. Therefore depending on how you are intending to use it choose the right color. Since pinstripe suits can be worn as work garments most men would prefer to go with the darker and monotonous colors. Navy pinstripe suits and charcoal grey pinstripe suits are the ones that are most recommended. But chalk stripes are considered to be more casual and thus can be reserved for the casual events. If you are getting an outfit that you can wear to summer events and parties then we would suggest you to go with light colored chalk stripe suits. Cream chalk stripe suits and tan chalk stripe suits are some of the best styles you should consider.

While we have covered the important points to be noted with the picking of the chalk pinstripe suits we can now move on to the styling. Here are some of the chalk pinstripe suit outfit styles that we consider are impressive. Go through them and find the one that suits you.

For a formal and “Suits” kind of sophisticated look you can style the navy double breasted pinstripe suit with a light blue dress shirt and a dark brown tie. To properly complement the outfit with appropriate coordinating chops you can add a navy print pocket square and a pair of dark brown leather monks with navy socks. The double breasted suit adds a kind of importance to the wearer while the single breasted suit is more versatile. While the double breasted pinstripe suit add more confidence to your look if you are getting the first suit then we would suggest you to go with single breasted style since they are less intensive.

If you are thinking of going with the smart casual styling of the chalk pinstripe suits then reducing the number of combining garments would do the trick. For example you can style the grey mens pinstripe dress suit with a simple white dress shirt and leave it at that. To further enhance the modernized look of the outfit you can add with it a pair of black leather loafers. On the other hand increasing the number of combining garments will have the opposite effect. Mens 3 piece suit offers an authoritative look and thus is recommended for the special occasions like weddings and important meetings.

For a more casual look you can style the charcoal grey chalk pinstripe suit dress with a black turtleneck and a pair of grey suede low top sneakers. For the separates look you can style the light grey chalk pinstripe suit blazer with a white crew neck t-shirt and a pair of black slimfit dress pants. As for costumes to casual parties you can try the chalk pinstripe zoot suit outfits.