chalk pinstripe suit Stripes are undoubtedly the most comfortable pattern that men can pull off. But most of them go with the pinstripes provided that it gives a subtle look and can also be worn to the formal events. But there is a recent trend that is being spotted often and this is an upgrade on the pinstripes. Chalk pinstripe suits are the ones that we are talking about and for people who have never heard of it (although that is very rare) we are here to help.

Imagine pinstripe suits. When you thicken the thin lines on these suits and then provide more space between it you get the pinstripe chalker suits. The stripes on these suits resemble the ones drawn with a chalk with mottled appearance and thus named such. Because of the thicker lines the chalk pinstripe suits look bolder and more eye catching when compared to the pinstripe suits. The mens chalk pinstripe suits are considered to be more of a banker type clothing and thus can be worked for a posh office setting given that your office has a conventional dress code. But this is the take on the recent status of the chalk pinstripe suits mens and the history of the pattern tells a different story.

The chalk pinstripe suits have achieved this formal status only recently and before that they were considered to be more informal. The mens chalk stripe suits were greatly popular among the middle class men especially in the 18th and 19th centuries. The chalk pinstripes were first used on the dress trousers that the men paired with the frock coats or the tail coats. This style of the half chalk pinstripe suits were worn for the less formal daytime events that were attended by the men. But with the start of the 20th century the chalk pinstripe suits were adopted by the businessmen and these were the people who changed the half striped suits to the full ones.

chalk pinstripe suits In the early 1900s the financial firms took an interest about the chalk stripes and soon it almost became the uniform of the top American and English banks. To avoid confusion it is also said that some banks had their own pattern of the stripes which varied in thickness, color or the spacing so that their employees can be distinguished from the others. Later the chalk pinstripe mens suits got adopted by the mafias earning it a shady reputation.

Today the chalk pinstripe suits have achieved the status of the being the business suits but there are still people who think that chalk stripes are too strong and thus stick with the pinstripes. But now and then we would advice you to try something that you have never worn before and thus push your limits. When you do this you will be surprised by how much you can pull off without even straining too much. Now if you are convinced about adding a chalk pinstripe suit to your wardrobe but need assistance on how to style it then here are some of our ideas.

There are different ways in which you can style the chalk pinstripe suits and you might find n number of suggestions in the web about the dos and don’ts. But we assure that it is not a very complicated job and once you actually try it for your own you will find that it is not very different than the plain navy suits that you wear on the daily basis. First of all it is important for you to decide on the event for which you are styling these suits. These aren’t like pinstripe suits and more of a power play. Thus it would be best if you reserve this strong look for the special occasions like summer parties and maybe even weddings.

For example if you are going with a traditional wedding setting and find the black tuxedo to be too cliché then black chalk pinstripe suits can come to your rescue. If it is one person who should look powerful on your wedding day then it is you. So when looking for a wedding attire browse through the styles available and then decide on the best chalk pinstripe suit that you can find out there.

chalk pinstripe suits The material of the chalk pinstripe suits also give it a different type of look. In the past people went with thick wool clothes since there was no proper insulating system in place. But with time the clothes became light and now you can get the suits in almost any fabric of your choice. But consider your comfort and the budget that you can afford to spend on it before you make the pick. Flannel chalk line pinstripe suits is the best choice for a formal office setting but we are talking about weddings and parties which does not come often. In that case do not hesitate too much to go all out with your clothing and also spend a little more on these lifetime events. Our bet is on chalk pinstripe satin suit or the chalk pinstripe velvet suits since these are the ones that are usually spotted on these occasions.

Want some examples? We are here to deliver. If you are dressing for a office day then you should go with a dark blue chalk pinstripe suit and then pair it with a light blue dress shirt and grey striped tie. A pair of black leather Oxford shoes will suffice to complete the ensemble. But if you want a look that would turn heads but is also on the classier side then we would recommend for you the chalk pinstripe mens 3 button suit that you can pair with chalk stripe vest, white dress shirt and grey striped tie. Match the dressy look with a pair of black leather Chelsea boots. But it you are looking for a gangster pinstripe Zoot suit type look then go bolder with chalk white pinstripe suit.