canary suitsIt is always exciting to learn new things especially when it comes to colors for us. Everyone knows the fact that menswear and colors have an awkward relationship. While we embrace anything that is close to black or neutral tones we obviously stay away from the bright colors. But recently this is changing and we cannot be more happy. To celebrate this we have a new recommendation for you which is the canary suits. Most of the men might have to Google the color since it is not the usual name we come across. This is the reason why you should definitely include this in your wardrobe collection since it seriously needs a breath of fresh air from the suffocating styles of navy and grey suits.

Canary as a color refers to the yellowish shade and the name comes from the bird of the same name. The wild canary bird comes in different colors like orange, white, red and more but the most common color is yellow. Canary yellow refers to the bright shade of yellow that comes with slight green undertone to it. We might have lost most of our readers on the mention of yellow and suits together in a sentence. But canary suits might be the summer suit that you are looking for and it sure does not hurt to try something new now and then.

canary suitsIf you are a person who follows the fashion trends closely then you might know that the bright colored suits are currently in trend and it is quite literally every where. For example the celebrities usually wear the bright colored suits for only selected events but now we can see them rocking them casually or even for the formal events like Oscars. Thus the bright colored suits like mens canary suits have become a common and easy style for the celebrities. This is just the start since most fashion trends and changes start from the celebrities.

Now if you are convinced about trying out the Canary suits then there are some things for you to note. Firstly make sure to choose the shade of the garment right since it is the one that makes or breaks the look. Do not hesitate to spend some time in researching about the best look that will suit you. Canary yellow mens suits are usually brighter in shade but there are also more subdued ones like golden canary suits. Thus go through the styles slowly to find the one that satisfies you.

The next thing that you will have to keep in mind is the reason why you are purchasing this suit. For example if you have gathered up the courage to wear it for a dressy formal event then we would like you to choose formal styles like yellow tuxedo suit or for a trendier choice yellow metallic tuxedo suit. This would give you a cool and dressed up look but make sure to rock the look with confidence since there will be many eyes on you.

canary suitsCanary yellow suits are suited for the special occasions where you don’t mind some attention. As we have mentioned before canary suits are not an usual style and thus you might draw more eyes on you which is a good news for some people. Weddings are one such events where drawing attention is appreciated but only with the groom. If you are the groom and decide to go with the summer wedding that has an outdoor venue then you should definitely go with the yellow wedding prom suits. The look should be memorable and instantly distinguished you from the crowd of suits. We would suggest you to go with designer choices but most people avoid it due to high prices. But choosing the right one by focusing on the quality is the key. For example Alberto nardoni suits come with great quality but with a reasonable price range. Thus spend some time in finding the right style that would suit both your fashion and budget.

If you are convinced about trying out the style then here are some ideas which might help you get going with the decision.

2021 NBA draft

If a person watched the event without any preamble then he/she would definitely think that it is some of kind of fashion event. The 2021 NBA draft had the viewers keening about the colorful outfits that the players rocked. If you need anymore convincing that bright colored suits are the trend at the moment then we need no other show to convince you. All the players introduced were spotted wearing a kaleidoscope of colorful suits and among them was the canary suit. The slimfit mens suit worn by a basketball prospect was paired with a white dress shirt and a pair of black leather loafers. This is a simple outfit that you can easily style for a classy summer event.

Armie Hammer in Rebecca

This is not the first time the colorful suits are taking over and you might already be aware of this if you love watching classic films. In the vintage film Rebecca you can see a lot of these bright colored outfits. In a scene where the lady is invited to a drive up to French Riviera, the man player by Armie Hammer is seen rocking a yellow jacket vested suit. He pairs the 3 piece 2 button style suit with a white dress shirt and red print tie. The yellow suit vest is V necked with 5 buttons.

Harry Styles

When talking about canary suits it is impossible not to mention Harry styles. The linen suit outfit that he wore to the BRIT awards after-party is one of the legendary styles worn till date. The Sign of the Times singer styled the mens yellow suit outfit with a purple polka dot shirt and a lot of rings. This is a bold look for people who are looking for a stunning outfit.