camouflage suitsEvery year there are new styles that pour into the fashion world which caters to the changing tastes of the people. While most go away after a period of time only a few stay for years adapting to the changing needs. One of such trends is the camouflage suits and the pattern has achieved a great feat in the men’s fashion. The camouflage pattern is both on formal and casual garments but predominantly on the latter. In this article we discuss the camouflage suits and some of the best ways in which you can style the garment.

Camouflage being one of the most prominent trends in both mens and women’s fashion is a greatest irony on the fashion department. Like most of the styles in mens fashion the camouflage was also originally developed for the military use which later was adopted by the civilians. The irony here is that the fashion was first introduced for the soldiers to blend in with the surroundings while they are in combat but this pattern which was designed to make the man inconspicuous has become one of the major trends in fashion. Nowadays the camouflage pattern makes the wearer easily recognisable since it attracts a lot of attention.

There are a lot of styles in the camouflage suits and you should choose the one that would best suit your style. Aa mentioned before the camouflage pattern is most used in casual garments and thus when it comes to camouflage suits they also are best used for casual uses. Thus when you style the camouflage suits you will have to carefully style it so that the pattern performs it’s best.

The camouflage suits are best recommended for casual events since the pattern makes the garment less formal. It might be too flashy or your outfit might look busy when you go with the whole camouflage suit but to get a simpler look it might be a great choice for you to style the camouflage suits as separates. By opting to go with the separates you can break down the look of the outfit and then pair it with simple combining garments. This type of ensemble will get you a balanced look making the outfit look more presentable. But before delving into the styling department let us know some of the history of the print and also how it managed to be become one of the prominent patterns in the fashion world.

The exact point at which the camouflage pattern entered into the fashion world is hard to find since the pattern has a complicated history. The main reason why the military garments enter into the civilian fashion is because of their utility and the rugged durability. This is the same for the great coats and peacoats which have become major styles that are even now preferred by the people. While this is a usual event the camouflage pattern do not have the any of the above reasons to become popular in civilian fashion. This makes the success of the pattern an interesting topic to discuss.

The camouflage pattern has invaded both the formal and casual world and this might be greatly attributed to the cultural symbolism and the aesthetic of the pattern. The Vietnam War was the time that the camouflage clothing first came into the spotlight. This was because of the fact that the Vietnam War gained a lot of attention all through the world especially American people because of the media. Also this particular war is popular till today since it was the reason of a number of protests and anti war activities. The military culture of America solidified with the Vietnam War and the soldiers who served there were given special respect. This illusion made the people consider all the elements related to the war to be cool and slick.

Because of this during the 1980s the military style became one of the most sought after ones by the American citizens. Thus when the hip hop and the rap style emerged in the 1990s the military fashion was everywhere. Soon the youngsters who wanted to dress sharp while on a budget frequented the military surplus stores and soon the camouflage fashion also came to be the mainstream.

While this was the case with America Asia was also influenced by the second world War, Korean War and several others making the military pattern easily enter the fashion world. The camouflage pattern is now everywhere starting from the clothing to the accessories like shoes and sneakers. If you are new to the camouflage pattern then it might be time that you get one of the camouflage suits so that you know what the hype is all about.

Now coming back to the camouflage suits there are certain tips that might help you style the garment more perfectly. The camouflage suits aren’t like your normal suits and thus might need some direction for getting the proper look. If you are not still convinced about the fashion then you can choose to start out slow with smaller styles like camouflage jackets.

Mens camouflage jackets are considered to be the easiest style that you can pull off when it comes to this pattern. The mens camouflage suit jacket is a little more formal style if you want to try something a little different than the casual camouflage jackets that have been constantly used by the menswear icons and also has become one of the prominent styles in streetwear.

There are a lot of styles in the camouflage suit jackets and casual camouflage jackets.For example the camouflage bomber jackets are one of the most popular styles used in the menswear. You can easily style the bomber camouflage jackets with the simple casual combining garments thus creating a classic dressed down and grounded look. But when you need a bold look then you can choose the camouflage anorak or camouflage long line jackets instead of the camouflage bomber jackets.

The major thing with the camouflage suit jacket or casual camouflage jackets is that they can be styled in different ways depending on your need especially the casual ones. Thus it is best to have a casual camouflage jackets in your collection since it is now being considered to be a wardrobe staple. The formal camouflage suit jacket can be worn with a black dress shirt and a standard colored solid pants or your favorite pair of jeans when you need a classy and dressed up look. But when you want a casual style then you can style the same camouflage suit jacket with a crew neck t-shirts and a pair of jeans thus giving you a cool and laid back look.

The next thing that we are discussing is the camouflage suit pants.Most of the time the men tend to avoid wearing patterned pants reasoning that the style will be hard to pull off. Even for the most subtle ones like pinstripe suit pants the men tend to be hesitant. But when it comes to camouflage suit pants or camouflage casual pants it might be possible that everyone have atleast one of these in their wardrobe.

The camouflage suit trousers might give you a formal style but the camouflage casual trousers were the one that got a lot of attention in the 1990s. This was because of the fact that the camouflage trousers became one of the prominent styles which was greatly adored by the boy bands at that particular part of time. While this camouflage suit trousers style was out of fashion for quite some time it seems to have returned to style in recent times.

The camouflage trousers might not be easy to style as like the camouflage jackets but this does not mean that it is an impossible one to include in your fashion. The camouflage suit trousers usually come in a slim and tailored fit making it a classic look to style. The camouflage trousers which were popular at the last century were mostly of baggy fit but we would recommend you to go with the tailored fit since it is more flattering. Also it might be best to avoid the camouflage suit pants that come with the embellishments like the extra zips and pockets unless you love the funky 90s boy band style.

When styling the camouflage suit trousers you will have a lot more freedom than the camouflage suit jackets. When you want a cool and simple style then go with the standard one by pairing the camouflage trousers with a simple crew neck tshirt. You can complete the look by adding with the outfit a pair of black and white canvas low top sneakers or white leather converse trainers.

The color of the camouflage suits is one of the most important thing that you will have to focus on when selecting the garment. The color of the garment determines the look of your outfit and thus make sure that you select it with care. The color of the camouflage suits should depend on the purpose for which you are getting the camouflage suits and the look that you aim to get from it.

For example when you want a simple look then it would be best to stick with the dark military colors on the camouflage suits. For example the black suits and the dark green camouflage suits are considered to be the most preferred ones. While you don’t have to do any blending with the surrounding these dark colored camouflage suits will give you a grounded look thus will not attract too much attention towards your outfit. These dark colored camouflage suits are the best choices for the men who are just thinking of trying out the style for the first time.

When you need a little more catchy style then you can choose to go with the lighter ones like the light brown camouflage suits or the tan camouflage suits. These were also used a large deal by the military but they are less popular than the dark colored camouflage suits. But if you are thinking of trying out something new then go with the brighter styles of camouflage suits. Nowadays there are a lot of styles in camouflage suits and the bright colored ones are now becoming a hit among the younger generation. There are also multi colored camouflage suits which give the wearer an unique look when it comes to styling the garment. But when you go with these bright colored camouflage suits make sure that you pair these suits with simple combining garments so that the camouflage suit would be the main piece of your outfit.

The fabric of the camouflage suits is also an important factor to note while selecting the garment. The camouflage suits are available in almost all fabrics and you can choose the one that would suit your need. For example when you need a nicely fitting garment then we would recommend you to choose the wool suits while when you need the same look with a lightweight fabric then the recommendation would be the cotton suits.

Being a casual style predominantly the camouflage suits are mostly used for the summer and spring events. Linen suits are the best when you are involved in physical activities during the summer season. Linen has the best moisture wicking characteristics thus making the person wear it all through the day without soaking in sweat. Other than these you also have the option of synthetic camouflage suits like polyester suits and rayon suits which come in a much cheaper price when compared with the natural fabric garments.

The fit of camouflage suits on the whole determines the look of your outfit. Go with slim fit suits or classic fit suits depending on your body type. The camouflage suits are now available in both online and offline stores but you will have to know your measurements when you purchase camouflage suits online.