We are back with the color suggestion for suits and this time it isn’t the usual colors. This is a color suggestion for people who are already sick of their navy and grey suits and are desperately in need of some color in their lives. For those people who really want to try out a new suit color other than the boring neutral shades we present for you – the butter suits.If you are intrigued then you are on the right path since it is an unusual style that might need a little more confidence to pull off. But it is also not an style to be intimidated with and anyone with an interest can pull it off easily. If you want to know more about these mens butter suits style then we would suggest you to read further.

Most would be wondering on why we are referring the style as butter suits instead of simply going with the usual term which is the yellow suits. Butter is indeed a color that is close to be accidently called yellow but it still is a shade of it which distinguishes it from the common name. For people who are interested butter usually refers to the pale yellow shade and is of course named after the eatable. But there are also other shades of butter which can be sometimes slightly deeper in shade. Depending on your taste and the event for which you are thinking to wear the suit it would be better to go through the shades and make your pick.

As for the shades if you are a person who is just starting with the style then we would suggest you to go with the natural pale yellow shades of the butter suits since they are easier to pull off. Also you won’t be much conscious about wearing the style all the time. But once you are comfortable with the style and want to go with the brighter shades then start slow by choosing the butter suit jackets or blazers first before progressing on to the full suit style. This way you would feel confident with the butter color suits.

Also it would be best to style the butter suits for the casual events since the color is not much on the formal books. The lighter colors are always categorised on the casual side and thus it would be best for you to stick with the same. Mens butter suits would be a great choice for the summer and spring events since the brighter shades looks good under the natural lighting. Thus while purchasing the butter suits mens it would be best to keep this in mind and choose appropriate fabrics. Cotton button closure suit would be a cool style if you are thinking of styling the suit jacket as separates to formal events in the future. But if you need a casual summer style then we would suggest you to go with linen suits.

If you are looking for inspiration to styling the butter suits then we would give you some of the celebrity yellow suit outfits that we loved seeing. Everyone of them looked great in these suits but you should know that these are people who often walk on red carpets and runways. Though their outfits might look great you might want to tone down the look a little when adapting it for yourself. But if you are styling it for a casual party or costume party then you can go ahead with same costumes as mentioned here. Now we will start with the celebrity suit looks and some of our suggestions to make the look more attainable.

Harry Styles

Anyone who has a slight interest in yellow suits or a fan of Harry styles then you could never not know about the iconic yellow suit look of Harry styles. For the Brit awards event he attended Harry styles was spotted in a 3 piece suit that he paired with a purple polka dot dress shirt. The peak lapel suit was completed with a pair of white monk strap shoes and of course a lot of flashy rings. Harry styles is known to be gender fluid with his fashion choices and this outfit is also the one listed under the women’s style in Marc Jacob’s collection but the star does not seem to mind and in fact elegantly pulled off the style.

If you are loving the style but want to tone down the look so that all the eyes won’t be trained on you all the time it is best to go with tan double breasted suits. Tan is much subdued shade and would not attract too much attention. If you are going with the vintage look then we would suggest you to choose mens yellow 6 button suit vests for the 3 piece suit style since it was popular in the earlier times.


If you already haven’t heard about BTS then you might need brushing up of your knowledge about the recent music trends. BTS is currently the largest boy band in the world and V is the vocal member in the group. The handsome man is known to rock some of the bold looks with ease and he did not disappoint with his yellow suit look.

In the mirror selfie that the singer shared on Weversehe was seen sporting a three piece yellow suit. This was a great look when it comes to formal events since he perfectly styled the suit with a dark blue dress shirt and a dark pink tie. A Gucci brooch was the perfect accessory to complete the look.

If you are attending a fashionable formal event then you could consider going with mens butter dinner suit complete with the same styling. But if you want a more subdued look then 3 piece off white suit or tan double breasted suit would do the job.