burgundy slim fit suitBurgundy slim fit suits seem to be one of the hottest fashion trends among men. This is an impressive feat to achieve for a color since menswear do not allow colors (real colors) into their trend list. The most exciting we would get out of it would be the light grey suits or the light blue suits. Thus a color especially a shade of red entering into the list is a commendable feat but we have to admit that the menswear is progressing. We are expecting more and more people to be accepting of colors in their outfit without feeling apologetic to the viewers. Burgundy slim fit suits seem to be the start of all this and we are excited. Here is everything you need to know about the trend and how you can jump on it too.

For people who are hearing about this for the first time burgundy is the darker shade of red that is close to wine red. This dark tinge is mostly responsible for its instance acceptance into the menswear market but nevertheless it is till a better choice than grey and navy suits. The advantage with the mens burgundy slim fit suits is that they aren’t too flashy and thus can be versatile if you want them to be. Thus the burgundy slim fit suits when styled right can get you through both the formal and casual events. This is one of the reasons why you should not hesitate before adding the burgundy suit men’s slimfit to your suits collection.

burgundy slim fit suitSince burgundy slim fit suit is a new style there might be confusions regarding the styling aspect. The most important tip that we would like to give the people who are trying out the style for the first time would be to keep the combining garments simple and let the suit shine. As mentioned before burgundy suit slimfit style is a new addition to menswear and thus has the potential of being the style statement on its own. Thus go with simple combining garments and let the suit shine.

Another important thing to know about the mens burgundy suit trend is that the celebrities are loving it. There have been repeated instances when the stars have been spotted in the burgundy suits and this is the perfect place to look for inspiration. Remember that these are outfits put together by top fashion designers and thus taking a style point or two from it can definitely help you up the fashion game.

Tom Brady

burgundy slim fit suitIf you are looking for an outfit that you can choose as the one that you can wear to your wedding then it should be the one that Tom Brady wore for 2019 Met gala celebrating camp. It is usual for the celebrities to stun us with their outfit choices for the Met Gala but there are also people who opt for the basics.

Tom Brady looked every bit elegant in the velvet suit that he paired with a white dress shirt, black bow tie and a pair of black tuxedo pants. He completed the look with a pair of black leather Oxford shoes. This is a standard outfit that would never fail you for any formal events you attend. If you have got an invitation to a formal events where you have to dress to impress then choose Tom Brady’s burgundy slimfit suit outfit. Other than this you can also think of adding burgundy suit vest mens since three piece style is a most common recommendation for burgundy suit wedding outfits.

Topher Grace & Aml Ameen

burgundy slim fit suitIf you have got past the awkward phase with the burgundy suits and have become quite comfortable with it then it is time for you to wear them for your office day. Most offices have relaxed their dress codes a great deal and adding some color to the usual monotonous days wouldn’t hurt. If you are convinced already then you should take a look at the Topher Grace’s outfit that he wore for a talk show event.

The soft color combo of the burgundy slim fit suit outfit that he rocked is a cool way to start off the day. For the event he was seen wearing a well fitted burgundy suit that he paired with a white dress shirt and a mid grey tie. He finished off the look with a pair of navy blue socks and grey suede lace ups. The ambiguous style that combines both formal and casual looks is a great way to go on about your office day without too much pressure.

On the other hand if you are attending an event then you can slightly tweak the look like Aml Ameen did. He was seen wearing a similar style to Topher Grace but what made the outfit superior is the floral burgundy tie and the well polished black leather formal shoes. You can see how the outfit transforms here with simple changes.

Dominic Cooper & Dev Patel

If you are a fan of the tonal styles then you should definitely check out the outfits of both these stars. While Dev Patel went with the formal style of styling the burgundy slimfit suit coat with a burgundy dress shirt Dominic Cooper went with a more casual styling. The latter’s style was savvier and one that you could easily pull off for a date night. He styled the textured double breasted burgundy suit classicfit with a burgundy crew neck t-shirt. The stylish outfit was pulled together with a pair of light grey suede formal shoes and white socks. Whichever is your style you can choose one among them.

Sam Rockwell

If you are fan of the casual styling of the suits then you should look to Sam Rockwell’s outfit. He was seen rocking a linen suit with a brown printed silk shirt that we wore casually with top two buttons open. If you are attending a bachelor party then this is an outfit that you should consider.