brown suitsBored with the usual suit colors? Want to get something that won’t be immediately ignored? Brown suits are the suggestion from us today because why not? Brown is a color that has been greatly underused in menswear considering it satisfies almost all the requirements to be one of the men’s favoritecolors. It is dark, mostly neutral and also can be subtle. But for a long time brown suits have been considered to be country type and thus people have been ignoring it for formal use like styling it for work and such. But recently there is a resurgence in the popularity of the mens brown suits and thus we are here to share with you some tips that might help you style the garment better.

For people who will have to wear suits regularly brown suits might come as a breath of fresh air since navy suits and charcoal suits might turn suffocating after some time. Most of the time people do not come of these standard suit colors since most colors are not allowed by the office dress codes and some we think simply aren’t appropriate. But with brown suits you can keep that worry aside since they are a dark and subtle style that would get you through the regular office day. Thus you don’t have to worry too much about the versatility of the brown suits since they deliver better.

brown suitsIf you are convinced about going with the brown suit style then there is one thing that we want you to get it right. There are various shades in brown and do not restrict yourself to one shade. Take time to explore the shades in brown dress suits and then decide on the one that would be best for the event you are thinking to style it for. You already know that the dark colors of suits are considered to be formal while the lighter shades to be more casual. For example if you are looking for a formal suit that you can occasionally wear to office then you should try going with the chocolate brown suits. You can make the style work for both formal and casual events thus making it the style that we would recommend for the people who are trying the look for the first time. But if you are getting it for casual use then you can choose to go with the light brown suitssince they are one of the styles that is currently in trend. Both dark brown suits and light brown suits have an appeal about them which will help you up your fashion game. But it would be best to stay away from the mid brown colors which come with a orangish shade to them. You might have seen celebrities rocking these suits in the runways and they might have looked absolutely delectable on camera but in real life it would give a clownish look which is best to be avoided unless you are dressing for a costume event or such.

brown suitsAs for the styling of the brown suits you can choose to go with any style depending on your need. If you are new to the brown suit style then you might be wondering about the color combinations and more. Thus it is best to get to know the basics but if you don’t have the time to patiently learn through the color wheels and complementary shades then we would suggest you to take the shortcut by going through style inspirations in the web. Wewere very serious when we said that the brown suits are surging in popularity and our celebrities constantly rocking the brown suit outfits to the fancy events is proof enough. Here we have compiled some of the celebrity brown suit outfits that have impressed us in the past. You can learn a lot from these styles if you have decided to go with the brown suit style.

Bradley Cooper

The award winning 45 old actor has always been up to date with his style choices and for the premiere of his film “A star is born” the actor did not disappoint. He pulled off one of the coolest looks of the brown suit outfit and we are indeed impressed. If you are a person who have just convinced yourself to try out the brown suit style then you can think of going with Bradley’s slimfit suit look.

brown suitsThe Hangover star was seen wearing an immaculate brown suit that came with Italian detailing. He went with the simple outfit look by styling the tweed suit with a white dress shirt, navy tie and a pair of dark brown dress shoes. The wide lapels on the suit provided an Italian touch to the suit along with the double stacked side pockets. He went for simple accessories like a wristwear while leaving the suit to be the main focus. If you are thinking of styling the brown suit to your office this is a perfect style. If there is an important event involved you can go with 3 piece suit style by adding a dark brown suit vest to the mix.

Ryan Gosling

The La La Land star clearly has developed a liking to the brown suits and it shows. For multiple occasions the star was seen rocking the brown suit in different styles. For example he attended a cinematography event while being dressed in a linen suit which he paired with a printed dress shirt. This would be a cool look for people who are looking for a casual and breezy summer vacation outfit. You can also style the brown suit as separates by pairing the brown suit jacket mens with other garments.

Recently the brown suits are accepted for the formal events too but choose dark shades of brown dinner sets and for flashier choices velvet suits. Also the fit of the brown suits should be on point for the outfit to be perfect.