bright blue suitsNavy suits and charcoal gray suits are nothing wrong to go by but when it comes to special occasions they can be boring and too formal. For these types of events it would be a better choice to go with brighter colored suits which makes it more interesting. Depending on the nature of the event you can choose the shade of the blue suits since men are considered to be the most usual styles for the men. In this article we discuss the bright blue suits and some of the best ways in which you can style the suits.

Bright blue suits have become popular in the recent times since the men have started to become more open towards the bolder styles of the suits. The dark blue suits are the usual options and every other men would have one of those hanging in their wardrobe. Thus if you are a person who likes to try out new styles then it would be a better option for you to choose the bright blue suits. When we talk about bright blue suits most of the men would think it as a seasonal wear and the occasional suit wearers would avoid getting them. But the bright blue suits would serve you all through the year especially when you know to style it right. Here are some things that you should know about the bright blue suits that would help you perfectly style it.

bright blue suitsAmong all the styles and colors of suits that are available in the market we recommend you to go with the bright blue suits since blue is a color that can be easily dressed up or down depending on your need. Also this is the most versatile color that you can get when it comes to menswear. Blue suits can be suitable for any type of events be it formal or casual and there are few events where the blue suits would look out of place. Thus the bright blue suits though not being of the similar shade to the Navy suits have the inherent appeal of the blue suits and thus can serve in many ways when compared to the other colored suits.

The Navy blue suits are on the level to easily replace the position of the black suits in the recent times given their versatility. But this also means that about 9 in 10 men are going to be seen wearing the same Navy blue suit which can easily seen as a boring choice. Thus when you need a stylish but blended in look without straying much away from the basics then bright blue suits would be a perfect choice. The stylish bright blue suits would be a great addition when you want to build a sharp wardrobe and would be a impactful investment for a sartorially elite men. As for the styling of the bright blue suits here are some ideas that we think will help you to effortlessly style the bright blue suits.

bright blue suitsThe small details like the color of the shirt or tshirt that you pair with the bright blue suit, the type of lapels on the suit jacket or the number of buttons on it might seem like inconsequential ones but when carefully selected they all combine to give the person a cool and collected look. For example the color of the dress shirt or the tshirt should depend on the nature of the event you are attending and the styling of the suit should also be done in accordance with the event. For example if you are attending a formal dinner event or an award event then it would be a great choice to select a dress shirt over a tshirt so that your look stays classy and elegant.

As for the color of the dress shirt to be paired with the bright blue shirt you can go with the light colored ones like the white dress shirts or the light blue dress shirts when you need a simple and elegant style. For example a peak lapel suit paired with a light blue dress shirt and a polka dot Navy blue tie would be a suitable choice even for a formal business meeting. As for the footwear you can choose to pair the outfit with black patent leather oxford shoes. But when you want a little more sophisticated and richer look then you can choose to go with the dark colored dress shirts. For example a shawl lapel suit paired with a Navy silk dress shirt or a black satin dress shirt without the tie would be a eye catching style. You can complete the outfit by adding with it a pair of bright blue velvet loafers.

bright blue suitsAs mentioned before the bright blue suits are considered to be a little less formal than the Navy suits and thus if you are new to the style then we would recommend you to start out slow by styling the garment for the semi formal and casual events. Notch lapel suit paired with a white button down shirt is a cool look when you are attending a summer wedding or a beach party. Also summer is the best time to try the style out for the first time since the bright shade would not stand out too much thus not attracting much attention.

For summer use go with lightweight ones like the cotton suits or the linen suits. But when you need a formal look then it would be a better choice to go with the wool suits. If you are thinking of getting the suits for special occasions then you can go with a silk suits or velvet suits. As for the fit the bright blue suits go with perfectly fitting ones since they garner much attention. Slim fit suits and classic fit suits are the ones that are most preferred by men.