brick suitsAre you looking for a new colored suit that would get you out of the navy suits and charcoal suits? Brick suits are our recommendation for today and we think it would be a perfect style to refresh your wardrobe a bit from the boring looks. Another advantage with the brick suits is that the color is not too bright and thus even the amateurs who are trying out the colored suit for the first time would not feel too self conscious while going with the mens brick suits.In this article we would like you to get to know more about the brick suits and how to style them for a revamped wardrobe.

For people who are looking at the brick color for the first time – this is a shade of red and there are also mixes of green and blue in it. Some might even view it as a shade of orange with it a tiny of red in it. It all depends on how you view it but overall it is a cool color that you can try with the suits. Brick color suits are indeed a brighter colored suit style when compared to the navy suits and charcoal suits but they are also less brighter than the red suits and fuchsia suits. Thus you can consider the brick suits to be one in the middle and can be puller off better by most people.

When styling the brick suits it would be better to go with simple combining garments since the suit in itself is capable of being the main style. Spend some time in finding the colors that would pair well with the brick suits and find combining garments in those colors so that the look would be complementary. Here are some of the brick suit outfit styles that we think are worth copying. Go through these styles and find the one that speaks to you.

Brick and white

brick suitsWe already know that white is a color that tend to pair well with almost any colors and brick is not an exception. If you are starting out with the brick suit style for the first time then we would recommend you to choose the brick suit with white combining garments style. For a smart casual look that could get you through the semi formal and casual events we would suggest you to style the brick single breasted suit with a white dress shirt and a white pocket square. If you are thinking of the perfect way to finish off this style then we would recommend you to keep it simple with a pair of black leather loafers. Since it is relatively a bright color the brick suit mens are recommended for the summer and spring events. If you are attending a summer wedding and it is pretty casual with the dress code then you can choose to style the brick linen cotton suit with a white dress shirt or a white crew neck t-shirt according to your taste. To make the look even more casual and trendy you can add with the outfit a pair of the white leather low top sneakers. On the other hand if you are the groom and want to go with the brick suit style then go for a more dressy choice like red brick tuxedo suit.This would provide you with a perfect grooms men suit outfit for the summer outdoor weddings and such. For people who are ditching the formal red tuxedo option red brick wedding suits are becoming a common option.

Brick and black

If you are a person who is more on the darker side then you would like to go with the styling of brick suit with black combining garments. For a subtle style that is also stylish then we would suggest you to style the slimfit suit or a turtleneck suit and then add a pair of black leather loafers to perfectly complement your outfit. If the weather is chilly then throwing on a black long overcoat would add style points to your outfit.

brick suitsOn the other hand if the event you are attending is fancy and you want to look stylishly dressed up for the same then we would suggest you to style the double breasted suit mens with a black silk dress shirt and a pair of black leather dress shoes. The double breasted suit gives out a cooler and more powerful look when compared to the single breasted styles. For a casual and trendy look that can get you through the weekend party you can style the 2 button red color suit with a black crew neck t-shirt. Throw on accessories like silver chains and a black baseball cap to make the outfit more trendy. A pair of white and black low top sneakers would give you the perfect way to effortlessly complete the look.

You can also go with patterned suits to create a more interesting look. If you want a savvy style that could get you through any formal event where you are excited to dress up then we would suggest you to go with the 3 piece suits. For this outfit you can style the plaid mens brick color suit with a white dress shirt, black vest and a black tie. To perfectly finish off this ensemble of brick suit outfit you can add with it a pair of black leather dress shoes and a black and white pocket square.

Brick suit and tonal combining garments

There are people who prefer tonal looks to the contrasting look. If you are one among these people then styling the red brick suit with a light red dress shirt. Add a pair of burgundy leather loafers and a rose gold watch to finish off this red brick suit outfit. For a stylishly laid back casual ensemble you can style the mens brick suit with a red floral print long sleeve shirt and then finish off the look with white leather low top sneakers.