blue suits mensIf you want to name us one style that we often take for granted then there would be no other answer than blue suit mens. We can already see people disagreeing with this since sometimes all we see throughout the work week are blue suits. We of course agree that the navy blue suits have become the norm of every office dress codes but remember that it is only one shade of blue. Actually this is the problem – we just found one shade of blue that works for us and never looked back. Blue is one of the most versatile colors and we haven’t even scratched the surface of its potential. In this article we like to talk more about blue suits men and some of the best ways in which you can add blue to your wardrobe.

As we have mentioned before there are s lot more shades in mens blue suits except the navy blue suits and thus it is important that you start widen the horizon and find new styles. Blue is one of the colors that men tend to be comfortable wearing and thus it is best to Utilize it to the fullest. Also blue is easier to style since the color pairs well with almost all colors. You just have to pick one of the styles that you think would suit you and then style the outfit for the event appropriately. We are not exaggerating when we say that blue suit mens has your back for any type of events. Getting to know the basics is the most important thing with the blue suits.

blue suits mensIn our previous monologue or should be say rant about the favouritism towards navy blue suits it is possible that you might have gained an idea that we are against navy blue suits. It is quite the opposite of that – we love navy blue suit mens mostly because we cannot live without it and also because it is the most versatile shade you can find. Navy Blue suits save us from the daily anxiety of choosing the work suits and we are forever thankful. But our argument is that there is something called a life outside of work and you don’t have to necessarily bring the navy blue suits there too.

If you have been a person who sneaks the navy blue suits for the parties and have opted to change for the better then the transition might be hard. In that case we would recommend you to choose the mens dark blue suits. These aren’t too different from the navy suits but still it is an improvement. Mens midnight blue suits would be a cool look and you can even style them for your office.

blue suits mensOnce you have gotten out of the dark blue suit phase know that you have a world of options to explore with the blue suits mens. You just have to pick the right ones that will get you through these events while also upping your style game. If you are looking for inspiration then you don’t have to look further than our celebrities. For a long time black suits seemed to be the unspoken dress code rule for the formal events like Oscars and such. But the fashion game has shifted now and we are seeing more colors on the red carpets. But when the celebrities want to seem mellow and subtle they turn to blue suits mens. As a result we have a lot of designers styled celebrity blue suit styles for our use. We have compiled some of them and we would like you to go through these styles to gain an idea about the styling.

Chris Hemsworth

We would like to start with the thunder God himself and the blue suit outfit that he wore to Jimmy Kimmel Live in Los Angeles CA. The Thor actor always goes with simple and elegant styles and this was one of these moments. The striking blue single breasted suit that he paired with a white dress shirt and a graphic print tie gave the outfit a cool but eye catching look. Whenever we go with suits we tend to change up the whole look but adding some of your personalised style would be a good choice. Take a hint from Chris since he always retains the multitude of accessories for the suit outfit.

Zac Efron

Next in line for our blue suit outfit style is Zac Efron. For the “Extremely wicked, shockingly evil and vile” European premiere in London the star was seen rocking a navy blue windowpane suit with a white dress shirt and a gold tie that made the whole outfit pop. With the shock of perfectly styled platinum hair and a pair of dark brown leather shoes he was the right example of properly rocking the navy suit style.

For people who have been obsessed with the navy blue suits this is a good lesson since you can atleast try to add patterned to the outfit and make it more interesting. While the pinstripe blue suits mens offer a subtle look you can choose plaid blue suits and chalk stripe blue suits mens for a bolder style.

Harry Styles

Once you have gotten used to the blue suits then you can move on the bolder styles of it. We cannot talk about bold styles without mentioning Harry styles at least once. The singer seems to have broken every usual rules with the normalised standards. For the 2019 Rock and Roll Hall of Hame Induction ceremony that was conducted in New York the singer was seen wearing a bright velvet suit that paired with a white tank top. If you are looking for bold looks then you can choose blue statement vested suit. If you think that you aren’t ready still then you can choose to style it as separates by starting with blue suit jacket outfit. You can style the mens blue suit jacket with almost any styles thus making it an important style to have in the collection.