blazers for menYou want to look all dressed up for an event, but you don’t really want to go with the suits. So what option do you have? There is a middle of the road option which can save you for the event without the help of the suits and we are here to talk more about it. Blazers for men is a style that is becoming increasingly popular in the recent times especially among the younger generation of men. The versatility of the blazers along with the flexibility of the styling that it offers makes it a common option among most men. To know more about the styling options of the blazers for men read the article further.

There is no way for a person to not know about blazers but there are some technicalities that you should know. For example what makes makes a blazer different from a sports coat? Most would say that both are one and the same since the structure of the both the garments are almost similar. But usually the sport coats are made of a heavier and thicker garment while the blazers are made with sophisticated fabrics. While the sport coats are recommended for the formal events the sport coats are often used for the outdoor uses like golfing and such. Simply put blazers for men is a dressier garment when compared to sport coats.

blazers for menWith blazers you have the added advantage of styling it with different garments. You are not restricted to the same style like with the suits and you can let the imagination run free. Thus blazers for men remain to be one of the favorites of men who like to experiment with the style. Also because of its styling with various garments you can easily dress up or dress down the outfit thus helping you Utilize the garment to the highest degree.

While choosing mens blazers there are different things that you will have to keep in mind. The reason why you are purchasing the garment plays an important role in deciding the style and thus make sure that you keep it mind always. For example let us start with the fabric of the mens blazers jackets. People who buy the blazers for formal use like to occasionally style them for office and such must go with the simple choices of wool mens blazers. There are options in it like flannel and worsted wool thus you can make your pick.

blazers for menBut if you live in a place where the climate is slightly hotter then you should try to go with the light weight blazers. Some of the examples include cotton blazers and linen mens blazers. They would keep you cool throughout the day even when the temperatures are hot. While these are the common styles you will have to go with something different if you are purchasing the garment for a special occasion. For example if you are purchasing the suit for your wedding then you should choose the one that would instantly showcase that you are the star of the event. In that case we would suggest you to go with mens blazers velvet or tuxedo velour blazer suits. The sheen of the material makes the garment more interesting.

Other than the fabrics there are many more details to note. Take time to learn about it more and then make your choice carefully while being aware of the choices at your disposal. Now if you are quite new to the blazer styling and want some inspiration to carry on with then we would suggest you to take a look at some of the celebrity mens blazer outfits so that you gain an idea about the combinations.

Andrew Garfield

For his blockbuster film The Social Network the star was seen sporting a liquid jet black blazer which he paired with a light grey dress shirt, matching tie and brown dress pants. You can also change up the look a little according to your taste. While styling the blazers it would be better if you make some kind of connection to your tie and the pants. For example if you style the black blazer with a white dress shirt and brown pants then it would be a better choice to go with a blue and brown striped tie. This gives an illusion of well rounded outfit and you don’t have to struggle too much with making the combination work.

Jude Law

In his film Alfie, Jude Law is seen rocking the classic style of the navy mens 2 button blazer. He pairs it with a light pink dress shirt, black tie and a pair of black dress pants. This is a classic look excluding the light pink dress shirt and is a cool style to wear to even your office. If you want your look to be more interesting then you can choose to go with 1 button black lapel blazer navy but this style is suitable more for the special occasions. For a more subtle look you can style the navy blazers for men with a white dress shirt, mid blue tie and a pair of light grey dress pants.

Leonardo DiCaprio

Our beloved Jack looked great in the blazer outfit that he wore for his film The Aviator. If you want a classy style then you should go with his style of linen classicfit natural blazer style. In this film he is seen rocking a navy double breasted blazer for men with a white dress shirt, red striped tie and a pair of beige dress pants. To finish off this look in style you can add with it a pair of burgundy leather formal shoes. If the event you are attending is more formal and more important then you can go with tuxedo dinner jacket blazer or such. Mens blazer casual outfits are also possible to achieve with the blazer. You just have to find the right style among the styles available. Check out the mens blazers sale in the offline or online shops and then make your choice.