black and pink suitThere is a common misconception that pink is a color that is reserved for girls and thus most of the men tend to avoid getting pink garments. This is especially true when it comes to formal garments and you will find very few men who are ready to try out pink suits without much hesitation. But if you observe the recent trends you will notice the shift in which increasing number of men are stepping out of the comfort zones and are open to try out new colors. Pink is a versatile color that men should not avoid. Proper styling will make the garment look perfect and here are some ideas in which you can make it work. In this article we discuss the black and pink suits combination and some of the best ways in which you can style the outfit.

Pink was not always the feminine color and was once more preferred by men. Pink is a derivative of red which is considered to be a masculine color that symbolizes passion. Thus it will be a good choice to include pink in your wardrobe. As for the styling of the pink suits let us go through some history of pink in the clothing industry so that you can understand the style more.

black and pink suitYou may have noted that most of the gender revealing events designate blue for boys and pink for girls. While this starts out as a fun practice it continues to be the brand of the children even when they grow up. While this designation seems to be in practice forever it is a relief to know that it is a relatively new practice. Till the 19th century the toddlers were dressed in gender neutral clothing which were mostly of white for a certain age. It is even hard to tell apart the gender of the children in the paintings of the early times. Once they reach a certain age the distinction in clothing came into practice and even then there is no record of designated colors. Pink and blue were used interchangeably among the children. Only in the latter part of the 1800d the color distinction between the gender became apparent. Even then it was not an universal rule as it is now since it changed with regions. For example France seemed to have preferred pink for girls while in the Midwest United States pink was more preferred by men. Even a infants publication has referred in their article that taking into account all the arguments and diversity of opinion they recognize the general rule to be blue for girls since it is a delicate color and pink for boys since it is a strong shade.

Keeping apart the reasoning we can observe that the trend was not a constant one and was only adopted recently. While these color discrepancies was going on the clothing manufacturers spotted an opportunity and latched on to it. While there were no designated color the parents with a boy and then a girl child used hand down clothing of the older child for the younger one. But when the gender specific clothing came into practice the clothing business also picked up making them new profit with parents purchasing a whole new wardrobe for the new child. Thus the the seemingly universal rule of pink for girls and blue for boys seems to be an unreasonable one and with the fashion world undergoing new changes with time it is now the right time to try out something new.

black and pink suitThe black and pink suit is a great idea for people who are starting out. Though we mentioned before that pink is a versatile color it is still a fact that pink lies on the flashier side when compared to blue and this might discourage a lot of subtly dressing men. Thus we maintain that black and pink suit style is the best way to start out the new style. Black is considered to be the staple and there is no way in which a man does not possess black garments in his wardrobe. Thus if you are worried about the flashy look of the pink suits then you can add black with it so that you can ground the look of the outfit.

There are a lot of ways in which you can style the black and pink suit style and here we have compiled some ideas that we think might help you in the process. For men who are new to the pink suit style and are used to the dark garments then we would suggest you to start with the simple look of first styling the pink shirt with a black suit. This black suit and pink shirt combination is a fool proof choice that you can even style as your work wear. While styling this black and pink suit combination make sure that you go with the light pink dress shirt that complements your black suit. Other than this you can also start out small with pink pocket squares or pink ties to get used to the color.

black and pink suitOnce you are comfortable with the color you can progress on to the black and pink blazer style. This is actually a much popular style when compared with the black and pink suit style. You can style the pink blazer with the black combining garments to obtain a balanced look. The black shirt and black pants provide the perfect blank canvas that projects the look of the pink blazer. For example you can style the black and pink blazer style with a pink blazer paired with black dress pants and black long sleeve shirt. You can complete this elegant look by adding with the outfit a pair of black leather loafers. For a little more formal look you can go with the black and pink suit jacket style by pairing the pink suit jacket with a white striped dress shirt, red polka dot tie and black dress pants. You can complete the look with a pair of brown leather brogues.

This black and pink suit combination though being an unusual one gives the wearer an elegant look that will turn heads. All you will have to do is carry the style perfectly with confidence. If you are styling the outfit for special occasions like award events then we would suggest you to go with a slightly fancier look of the black and pink suits. For a formal yet stylish look you can go with the pink velvet tuxedo suit and then pair it with a white dress shirt, black velvet bow tie and black tuxedo pants. This is a perfect style that will make you look sophisticated for the event. You can complete the look with a pair of black patent leather formal shoes.

black and pink suitWeddings are one of the events where we tend to dress up. Black and pink suits are a great choice for grooms who would like to try out a new look on their special day. When it comes to formal weddings then you might not have much choice other than to go with the dark colored tuxedos or suits. But you can still add pink as the accent color by incorporating it in small amounts like the ties or the boutonniere. But if you are opting to go with a semi formal or casual wedding then you might have more options to choose from for your wedding attire.

Black and pick suits are a great choice for summer weddings. As we mentioned before pink being a bright shade will stand out too much in the dull seasons of winter and fall. But when it comes to summer and spring the color works out perfectly. Thus you can go with the black and pink wedding suit styles for the groom attire. Another advantage with using black and pink suits as the wedding attire is that most of your guests will be in usual styles like the black suits or the Navy suits and thus the black and pink suit will attract the most attention and retain it on you for your special day. This is one of the reasons why the black and pink suits are not encouraged for people who are attending the wedding as guests.

black and pink suitFor a simple yet effective look you can opt to go with the 3 piece suit style. This men's pink vested suit style when combined with a standard combining garment like white dress shirt can give the wearer a neat look. You can either go with the pink best for go with the black vest to create a contrasting black and pink suit combination. Other than this you also have the option of going with the double breasted black and pink suit style for the wedding since the garment offers you with a stylish and sophisticated look.

Other than weddings prom is another event where you can easily style the black and pink suit. There are a lot of shades in pink and you can select the one that would suit your taste the best. When you need a subtle yet stylish looking outfit then you can go with the pink suits that have more of a red shade to it. And when you need a cool look then go with the ones that have a dominant blue shade to it. Choosing the right shade plays a major role in deciding the look of the outfit.

When you need a formal look for the prom then we would suggest you to go with pairing the pink suit with the white shirt and black tie. But when you need a little more modern look then you can opt for the black and pink prom suit look of pairing the pink suit with a black crew neck T-shirt. You can complete the look with a pair of black leather Chelsea boots. When you need a still more bold look then you can opt to go with the black and hot pink suit style. Choose the prom black and pink suit that would give you a stylish look and you can also discuss the outfit with your date. Matching outfits are best to be avoided but you can still opt to go with matching the accent shades.

black and pink suitThere are many details that are to be noted while selecting the black and pink suit outfit. These details are small but will still influence the look of the pink and black suit. For example if you are thinking of styling the black and pink suit for both formal and casual events then you can opt to go with single breasted black and pink suits. The single breasted style is easier to style with both formal and casual garments when compared to the double breasted suit style.

As for the type of lapels on the suit jacket when you need a formal look you can style the peak lapel suits. while the notch lapel suits are considered to be a more casual pick. Shawl lapel black and pink suits are the ones that are recommended for the special occasions like weddings. As for the number of buttons the common style is to go with 2 button suits. If you are a short person then you can choose single button black and pink suits and for tall men 3 button suits are recommended.

Apart from the usual plain style you can choose something different by trying out patterns. Black and pink pinstripe suits and plaid black and elvis pink suit are good choices for casual style but when you need a rich look then you can choose the pink shiny Paisley suit or the silk black and pink suits. Slim fit black and pink suits are best for tall and lean men while you can go with classic fit suits for a little more comfortable pick.