black and blue suitAre you starting with your first job? Looking to stock your wardrobe with the formal suits? Ready to take the step into the formal suit world? You have a lot of options available but the ones that are most recommended when it comes to formal suits are the black and blue suits.Both are standard style of the suits and give out a nice look for the event you are attending. Both colors are versatile and thus you can style them for any type of events. Thus if you are getting the first suit then you can choose mens black and blue suits since it would benefit you the most. In this article we would explain more about the black and blue suits and the styling.

Both black and blue pair well and thus would provide with a nice outfit. If you are thinking of getting one of the two suits then we would suggest you to go with the mens blue suits. Black suits have been the standard style for a long time now but recently the black suits have lost its reputation. Black suits of course come in handy for the weddings and such formal events but it is not best to wear them for office. Thus if you are getting your first suit then we would suggest you to choose blue suits since currently they are considered to be more versatile than the black suits.

black and blue suitThere are shades in blue suits and you can choose the one that best completes your need. Navy suits and midnight blue suits are the ones that are most recommended for the formal use. But if you want to choose a more casual style that would work for the summer events then it would be better choice to go with the light blue suitsor even the brighter shades. Once you choose the blue suit that you want you can then progress on to the styling. Blue is a color that pairs well with almost all colorsand thus styling is not a hard job.

Black when paired with blue provides a nice look that grounds the whole outfit. Depending on the styling you can make the black and blue suit outfit work for both formal and casual events. All you have to do is consider the type of event and then choose the right style thatsuits you. Here are some of the black and blue suit outfits that might give you an idea of how to start with the styling.

We will start with the most formal and easiest style that anyone can pull off. For this you can style the navy blue suit with a white dress shirt and black tie. To formally complete the black and navy blue suit outfit we would suggest you to go with the black leather dress shoes. This is the standard look that could even get you through the most formal dress codes in work. If you consider the look to be too cliché then we would suggest you to try changing the color of your dress shirt. Pale blue dress shirts and light pink dress shirts would be good and creative alternatives to the white dress shirts. Going with these choices would give a new twist to the black dress and blue suit outfits.

black and blue suitUsually people would go with the dark suit with light colored shirt but when you need a different kind of look you can choose to go with the blue suit with dark colored shirt. For a stylish and contemporary look you can style the dark blue suit with a black dress shirt. This would not pass for your regular office day but if you are attending a party type of event with your colleagues this is the easiest way to revamp your blue suit. To finish off this cool outfit you can add a pair of black horsebit loafers. You can add a black tie to this black and blue suit mens outfitbut we would suggest you to leave out the tie. Styling the blue suit with the black silk dress shirt that has the top two buttons open is the dressiest style for the parties.

If you want to take it up a notch then you can go with the flashiest looks. Wool suits would be the usual look that is preferred but if want to put in more effort for the outfit then velvet suit would be a better look. The velvet fabric would provide with a cooler look and make your outfit look dressier. A velvet blue dinner suit jacket paired with a white tuxedo shirt, black bow tie and a pair of black tuxedo pants is the perfect black and blue formal suit you are looking for.

If you are choosing a style to wear to the formal wedding and you are the groom then this would be a good look. The above mentioned outfit would be a great choice if you are looking for black and blue wedding suit. But if it is a formal wedding scene then the guests will also be turning up in tuxedos. In that case if you want to distinguish the look from the guests and stand out on your special day then we would suggest you to choose 3 piece suit look. People usually choose go with the matching vest but if you want a more interesting look then we can choose a more contrasting look.

Black suit blue vest would be a cool look for the formal church weddings where people are still fixed to go with the black suits for wedding. But if you decide to go with a more different look then you can go with the blue suits. If you want to go with a stylish and trendy look then you can choose to go with the black and blue floral suits. While going with patterns make sure to keep things simple so that the look doesn’t turn shabby.