When it comes to suits most of us go with the obvious choices of the two button suits. The number of buttons on the suit jacket might look like a small detail but in reality it influences the look of your outfit to a great deal. The two button suits have become a staple in every man's wardrobe and it gets the most attention. But if you want a different look that suits your body type better then you can choose to go with the 1 single button suits. In this article we discuss the single button suits and some of the best ways in which you can style the garment.

As mentioned before two button suits are the most popular and thus you might own or even spotted a single button suit jacket. But you might have seen the celebrities rock the look effortlessly and if they can why not you? If you are interested and want to know more there here are the differences between the single button suits and other suits. Go through the different choices and choose the single which would suit your body type.

One Cover Button Mens Navy skinny Slim narrow Style Suit The single button suits have been in style for a long time now. They became a main trend in the 1930s and became highly popular in the 1960s. But the 1 button suits were considered to be a more casual option when compared to the other styles. Thus most people opted to wear the single button suits for the formal events but as lounge jackets and dinner jackets. The single button suit jackets were considered to be the modern man's choice of stylish look.

The number of buttons on the suit jacket influence the fit of the suit. The suit should fit you properly with the flattering drape and silhouette. The single button suits because of the single button have a deep neck which makes the eyes travel down. Also they come with the wide lapels which also make the viewers look down and this consequently make the wearer look taller and slimmer. Usually the narrow lapels tend to give the illusion of broader chest and thus would not be suitable for people with substantial build. Thus if you are a short and broad person then we would recommend you to go with the single button mens suits.

If you are convinced about buying yourself a single button suit then you might be wondering on where to be wearing these suits. Two button suits will always dominate the menswear market and thus you will have to dress more carefully. For example when it comes to styling the mens single button suits as workwearthen you can go with the styling it for a regular office day. Since the 1 button jacket suit is more casual than the 2 button or the 3 button suits it is best to avoid wearing them for the special meetings and presentations.

Capri-Red vested With Bow Tie Single Button Mens Suit When styling the single button suit for the work you should concentrate on the details. For a formal and sophisticated look you can choose to go with styling the 1 button peak lapel suit with a white dress shirt and a tie. Because of the lower button stance of the single button suits the necktie will be showing a lot more than with the 2 button or the 3 button suits. Thus if you can leave out the tie option then it is better. Go with a smart casual look of styling the Slim Fit Suits with a white dress shirt and a white pocket square. Complete the look by adding with the outfit a pair of black leather Oxford shoes. As for the color choose to go with the classic color choices which would help you blend in like the navy single button suits or charcoal suits.

If you are looking for an outfit that you can impress your girl with on your date night then you can choose to go with the single button suits. But make sure to go with dark colors just not black like the Burgundy single button suits or the dark green single button suits. Also go with the right fit since you might not need to slack off with your outfit style. For example if you are a tall and lean person then close to go with the 1 button skinny mens suit.The single button skinny suit fits the wearer like a second skin thus giving out a flattering look for you.

Other than this the single button look is best suited for the red tuxedos and dinner jackets. While the single button suits are considered to be casual than the two button suits, the single button mens tuxedo is considered to be more formal and stylish than the other styles. Thus when you attend events which requires you to go dressed in black tie attire it is recommended for you go with the 1 button tuxedo suit or the 1 button 3 piece suits.

One Button Silver Two Piece Slim Fit Mens Suit When you want to look dressed up for the event and do not mind being the center of attraction then you can choose to go with the shawl lapel . This is the best choice when you are choosing your groom outfit for the wedding and such. But when you want a more formal and standard look then you can choose to go with the peak lapel suits 1 button wool fabric suit. The tuxedos are not available with the notch lapel since they are not compatible and thus it is best to avoid the style.

As for the 1 button suit with vest style it gives you a more classy and sophisticated look than the 2 button suits. If you are not a very tuxedo type person then you can simply go with the 1 button designer suits or grooms men suits for the groom attire. If you want a more flashy look then go with mens sharkskin 1 button suits.